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46 Thoughts to “COVID-19: Stock Market Panic! Rapid Spread in S. Korea! Is America Ready?”

  1. cheffy101

    Things are about to go sideways in a big way! Stock up RIGHT NOW before everyone else wakes up… Good luck! πŸ€

    1. joecatable

      @mainmotto Damn skippy!

    2. cheffy101

      Nothing but FIRE♨️Videos Best of luck to you…

    3. Scott Chrisman

      @Adam Who’s is going to come kick you out? If you can’t get to work, they aren’t going to be able to come kick you out.

    4. Adam

      @Scott Chrisman I suppose we all hope that’s correct.

  2. Nonja Ninja

    Audio is really echo-y.

    1. TheBlackB0X

      Acoustics of the room πŸ˜›

  3. ComplexBlackness

    A few hours ago, A new case just popped up in Riverside county in California.

    1. SmashLike

      ComplexBlackness I live in riverside county!

    2. ComplexBlackness

      @SmashLike I’m in LA County

    3. cheffy101

      Any links to news story?

    4. ComplexBlackness

      @cheffy101 Riverside County Resident Evacuated From Cruise Ship Tests Positive for Coronavirus

    5. Todd Hendricks

      how many freamer / ILLEGALS walk over the norder from unknown locations UNCHECKED
      as it was at ellis island manditory isolation and medical exams.

  4. L Collection

    Stay safe , dear hardworking soul .

  5. Peyote Pete

    Wait until the panic sets in here! When they start locking down cities in America it will be total anarchy! Time to stock up on the 4 B’s, Bullets Band-Aids Beans & Beer!

    1. Daniel Campbell

      Whisky anyone? Rum? I like em all, though none to save us from what’s to come ✌

    2. Reagan L.

      And N95 masks…

    3. Heavy

      They want the virus to spread. Don’t count on Gov. Stock up on supplies for a few months. If you hear a hint of local outbreak, hunker down!

  6. steely dan

    I have spent over 3 Grand in the last month or so buying food and supplies. I can’t believe it!!!

    1. James69

      Hell, Give me some of that. At least I’ll put it to good use. STRIP CLUB HERE I COME! πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

    2. Terry Stroble

      @TheAmazingJimmy Because most people are too stupid to do anything themselves. They think they need the expensive freeze dried crap in a pre proportioned bucket…lol

    3. breckandy

      That’s a lotta beans

    4. Chic Noir29

      SMH 500.00 is enough for one person.

    5. Pray Plan Prepare

      steely dan with floods, fires and the crazy virus people wouldn’t laugh when the shortages and hyperinflation come.

  7. Liam McCarthy

    I was hoping I was wrong a week ago, stay safe everyone!

  8. joseph call

    Unfortunately, now is not the time to start prepping .. ITS TIME TO FINISH… Then again, only God will keep us safe. So we may prep and use our preps until God tells us our time is up.

    1. Terry Stroble

      @Steve O It’s only a waste of money if you are an idiot.You always need food. Just use it before it goes bad. Eat the oldest first. It ain’t rocket science.

    2. Terry Stroble

      @LMIMSsoi You mean you weren’t bright enough to use the stuff before it went bad?lol

    3. Chic Noir29

      Terry Stroble I was thinking the same thing.

    4. joseph call

      @Terry Stroble there’s a restaurant term..


  9. MV1

    The developed countries around the world will be able to contain the virus somewhat, but third world countries will not! Africa, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and others are in trouble. Combine that with Ebola in Africa, MERS in the Middle East, the swarms of Locusts in east Africa, Pakistan, and other parts of Middle East, it looks to be very bad for those people. It will bring are economy to a halt, shortages of everything including food here, time to prepare for this possible breakdown in society unfortunately. Then the Wars will begin for basic resources around the world. Good luck everybody!!

    1. Majic C

      They won’t be no ward for resources there will be good to buy jyst people will not have money to buy it – the government’s will have to step in

  10. Jeremy Menning

    The people in that plane certainly breathed the same air. All that air is recycled over and over and over.

    1. Kirikenz

      Funny thing about that… The air is filtered on commercial flights, but the regulations requiring a certain number of “air changes” per hour were relaxed significantly when smoking was banned on airplanes. Now the air looks cleaner, but carcinogens aside, it’s not πŸ™

      Not sure about these planes since they were actually retrofitted cargo planes. I don’t imagine cargo requires filtered air.

  11. Cat Daddy

    Demcad looks thin in white

  12. Garro

    Are Americans ready??? NO! Preppers are ready and have always been ready in America but the vast majority of people are NPCs. NPCs will be killing each other over empty shelves as everything will be cleaned out once the looming announcement is made that it has broken out in the US.

  13. A Spit of Mud

    Commies lie. It’s what they do.

  14. Joshua

    The kung flu is kicking everyone’s…a**

    1. James69

      Yes, We talkin about Kung Flu Fightingggg Huh!

    2. James69

      Yes, we talkin about Kung Flu Fightingggg Huh! 😲😲😲And it moving fast as lightingggg Huh! 😡😡😡

  15. bob west

    if SHTF doesn’t happen before the elections, it will after the elections. The atmosphere is setting in for it. Get prepare now.

  16. zionism48

    Even if the Corona virus turns out not to be a pandemic it’s just a matter of time before there is one.

  17. Space Catboy

    the KGB is putting out that the virus was created by america—–what else is new

  18. James kirby

    Sounds like some people in our government are trying to infect the people of the U.S.A.

  19. arrock14

    I am a family practitioner in Florida, Today I tried to order about 500 masks from my medical supplier to continue to care for my patient population. They told me they are only selling to hospitals under orders from federal regulators. How am I suppose to care for sick patients if I can’t follow universal precautions. So am thinking that if things get bad in my area am closing my clinic. Federal government already picking winners and losers.

  20. breckandy

    If Bernie gets in, all the big companies are leaving as many have already.

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