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U.S. Stock Market Shut Down Due to Software Glitch as Investors Panic!


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" ^ DJI: Summary for Dow Jones Industrial Standard- Yahoo! Finance"
^ dji.
" NYSE shut down for virtually 4 hrs by technological glitch|Reuters".

" Singapore stock exchange down due to software program problem – BBC Information".

" Trading halted on NYSE flooring".

" UK trader billed for control adding to 2010 flash collision".

" Apple investors see $69B disappear|America's Markets".

" The Fed is Stressed Concerning Greece and China Even if the White House Isn't|Foreign Policy".

" 9 Reasons that China's Economic climate Will Collision! – YouTube".

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32 Thoughts to “U.S. Stock Market Shut Down Due to Software Glitch as Investors Panic!”

  1. Marie Joy

    Anyone, not prepared, will starve.

  2. silvertopaz72

    David, thank you for all you have done for so many.

    1. The Money GPS

      @silvertopaz72 I’m just doing what I must.

  3. Theone12360

    hello bro! 🙂 long time no speak

  4. Silver ByTheOz

    Very good video!!!

    1. The Money GPS

      @Silver ByTheOz Thank you!

  5. joe king

    another good reason to have some money in you own possession.  Cash, gold, silver, bitcoin, bitgold, something!  Out of the system!

    1. MrGchiasson

      Good advice. Painfully, 95% of the population won’t do it until a ‘SHTF” happened ‘yesterday’.

    2. The Money GPS

      @joe king Exactly.

    3. Macs Headroom

      @MrGchiasson driving the price thru the roof!

  6. Michael-Paul Marasse

    Thanks David

  7. The Bill Show

    This may be one of the very best videos from you I’ve seen. I hardly ever comment,but almost always thumbs up because your info is so good. I’ve learned so much from you in the past year or so………. Thank you!!

    1. The Money GPS

      @Bill Mich Thank you for the kind words. I’m here to bring the truth and thankfully it’s spreading.

  8. Tom Bell

    Great work, thanks for your time on this presentation David

    1. The Money GPS

      @Tom Bell You’re welcome. I’m glad I have people who are watching!

  9. Nevermore Antiques

    Bumping ya up! haha

  10. Jackthewolf

    As always, great video! Thanks

    1. The Money GPS

      @Jackthewolf Thanks for watching!

  11. tiabiamama

    I always listen to your videos while I may pass over some from other subscriptions I have. Always pertinent, always concise.

    1. The Money GPS

      @tiabiamama Excellent to hear that. Thank you.

  12. J o A n d Y

    Good stuff as always! Been hearing pretty much all your vids since i found about you through sgt report. Keep up the great work.

    1. The Money GPS

      @J o A n d Y Thank you for letting me know where you found me. SGT is a great guy behind the scenes as well from the times we’ve spoken.

  13. O'Brien's DIY

    Thanks David

  14. 5starrater1

    Thanks David

  15. Moo Lah

    Thank u David for sharing this information.

    1. The Money GPS

      @Moo Lah It’s my duty to bring out the truth.

  16. Famous Right

    Thanks David.

  17. Silver The Anitidote

    great vid, many thanks keep going

    1. The Money GPS

      @loz h Will do. Thank you!

  18. Jetblast02

    Between you and Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog, you guys explain this mess in simple English. Thank you

  19. Lucke Black

    Thank you for your time and information which you share with us.

  20. Michael Smith

    Your information is always right on point. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. By all means keep the truth coming, we need all of the truth we can get…

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