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5 Thoughts to “Martin Armstrong – The Stock Market Panic, Gold and Silver”

  1. Jos Tow

    Socialism is what everyone wants, they dont want to see 1% of the population with all the wealth.You are full of it,the people have no vote and no information, just propaganda that capitalism works, and people like you that confuse them.People like you would let people die in the street. You need to look at the Neverlands. Our Government is corrupt..

    1. Brother Carlton

      I don’t want socialism so you are wrong by saying “everyone” wants it. Study the history of socialism and you’ll see death and destruction everywhere. Socialism is theft by the state. Nobody should be forced to give up what they rightly earned. Socialism and Communism are essentially the same. The free enterprise system has given every nation the highest standard of living. Don’t envy the rich. Jesus said the poor you will always have with you. Today we do not have real capitalism but crony capitalism.

  2. DaveBraga

    Those that benefit greatly from socialism (get way more than they contribute) like it. This includes welfare recipients and overcompensated public service employees.

    1. Adrian Tyler

      DaveBraga In the UK most public servants are not overpaid. Because they do not need to be efficent there are too many of them, too many layers of management.

  3. telesforo estrada

    Dollar/Currency Reset? What organization is in charge of this? What date is this scheduled for?
    There are many earth shattering claims made here. Are they truth, or are these claims CLICK BAIT?

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