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Trump Bubble Bursts, Stock Market Panic Dow Crash Target Analysis


The Dow crashed by 4.6% on Monday, closing down 1175 factors at 24,345, the largest one day factors decrease in the Dow's stock market background, wiping out Every One Of the gains for 2018 in just a couple of trading days. With bullish belief currently resorting to Fear of what could comply with now that the Trump Bubble has finally ruptured! Especially offered the reality that the stock exchange was falling under the close which suggests a continuation of the liquidate when Wall surface Street opens later on today (Tuesday) … Please sustain our Youtube Network to permit us to make brand-new videos –

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Trump Bubble Bursts, Stock Exchange Panic Dow 1175 Factor Accident Analysis

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6 Thoughts to “Trump Bubble Bursts, Stock Market Panic Dow Crash Target Analysis”

  1. Patriot Spring

    It’s a mini bubble. In any case, why not blame Obama? You all keep claiming this is Obama’s economy. Hypocrites.

  2. Crispy Chicken

    Please take my advice take all your money out of the bank now just leave enough in there to pay some bills

  3. Crispy Chicken

    Don’t forget the Savings and Loan. You cannot trust a bank or the government to back your notes

  4. AlexEpoch

    You posted an article on your website recently from a different author who pointed out that defaults are rising in So Cal. I checked Zillow and it looks like a lot of defaults have been popping up in Northern California, too, lately. With interest rates inching up, do you think we could see housing dip again soon?

  5. Jean Josse

    Any update to this forecast now that DOW is approaching your target of 23k end of Q1?

  6. jobyca

    Hi Nadeem..many you think the correction is over?

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