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Stock Market Correction, Is it Time to Panic? Market Minutes for May 13 2019


Current volatility has financiers worried that a securities market improvement impends so I resolve the concern, is it time to panic? Then I offer my once a week market analysis, do a Market Check searching for trading chances and also take a look at the profession of the week on WKHS.

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6 Thoughts to “Stock Market Correction, Is it Time to Panic? Market Minutes for May 13 2019”

  1. Pete Eddy

    I don’t really get analysis independent if the news? The direction seems to be directly tied to the news cycle?

    1. Stockscores

      How people judge information is based on their mood. Negative news in an upward trend often has little effect. Now we are seeing the confidence of the buyers shaken which is allowing negative news to get more traction. If the market holds this break of the upward trend line today, expect a further drift lower until that psychology can change. The Bulls are hanging on by their finger nails right now.

  2. Kreteman 777

    Now what?

    1. Stockscores

      Market currently below the daily upward trend line, if we close like this then I expect more weakness until there is something positive on China – US trade. Caution warranted with longs right now, if we close weak I will do an update video to explain further.

    2. Angel Gutierrez

      Stockscores I will wait until the next market crash and put in a few grand into Tesla and Apple. I think the stock market is quite overpriced right now. Tech giants are now worth more than ever, even though they aren’t braking records anymore.

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