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20 Thoughts to “REALIST NEWS – If silver crashes with the stock market do not panic!”

  1. canadianfortruth

    what the hell .hope all is well .nice to see you back ,happy holidays


    Yeahhhhh, you’re back!


    Keep your silver no matter what happens.

  4. TODnMI

    yeh…..what they said……missed ya

  5. Jason

    I bet the SLV and physical price would permanatly decouple, big time.

  6. siszam

    When silver goes down I buy more.

  7. Zalahblue

    And: Cafferty Faucher LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit against JPMorgan and HSBC Alleging Manipulation of Silver Bar Financial Products.

  8. weelgunny

    You are right on target! Good stuff!!

  9. uranian23

    @burnindownthehouse it’s the fed buying. POMO. check out charles bidermann’s latest interview on youtube. also remember that the stock market went up a lot in weimar germany in nominal terms.

  10. slobomotion

    I am continuing to quietly accumulate silver, and I do have about 8 grand in credit card debt, first time ever, and I am doing okay selling off broken gold jewelry and other stuff I no longer need, and scrap silver is practically free around here, and I hope to pay off this year’s debts with it. At the very least, it is pretty stuff, useful objects and coins and ingots, never did go wrong with PMs but limited. Uprated you and tweeted. xo

  11. slobomotion

    @heidisweep Hi, Heidi! We must recall, silver when used in industry cannot be recouped, as can be gold and other metals. There is only so much there, and cannot people see how leveraged this situation is? If you want scrap silver and also copper, let me know, it is so cheap here. The objects are pretty and useful, anyway. I always did okay with PMs, but never more than 10 per cent. of my portfolio. Betting I can pay down my credit card debt with silver soon, keeping payments up meanwhile.

  12. slobomotion

    @heidisweep It just stands to reason. This is a cheaper metal, and very useful. She will never go wrong with her 54 ounces. I used to buy a few gold coins but mostly ingots, and they always stood me proud. Again, let me know if you want any scrap items, they are decorative and useful. Copper bedwarmers for a mere 50 euros plus postage, these are lovely decorations and actually work, they last for generations! I just got a new set of silverware and hope to pay off my new debt thusly.

  13. PeakedEarth

    And this happens every year in January. I would be ready to buy in January. Good luck in the new year. Miss your videos. 🙂

  14. slobomotion

    @heidisweep I have to be careful, some is stainless steel, but there is a lot of actual silver and copper here, and they are very pretty and useful items, some cookware you have to pay a ton of money for in a proper supply store, but these are often sold second hand here. It’s like art, just buy what you love. Even the postage costs have been readjusted here. I try to take digital photos, email them, and just double the prices, it is very transparent. xo

  15. jsnip4

    @intounknown I really don’t know but you can read things he writes sometimes on his website “Halfpasthuman”.

  16. 92stone

    We got web bot hits going off all over the place..where the hell is Cliff

  17. Aaron

    nice analysis man!!

  18. Joseph Lange

    Great video, by the way it’s “koo SIN nitch.

  19. kevin joseph

    7 years later

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