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TIME to STOP SELLING STOCK! Panic Selling During Stock Market Volatility NEVER Ends Well



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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44 Thoughts to “TIME to STOP SELLING STOCK! Panic Selling During Stock Market Volatility NEVER Ends Well”

  1. Financial Investor

    First – I’d agree, depending on your gains remaining – it may not make sense to sell.
    If you do sell to take a profit make sure you have a plan, to move equity into valued/down positions.

    1. Greg Kamei

      Good point! I sold EXR b/c it triggered one of my sell criteria. And, I had a better use for that capital. Should be able to double the dividends I was earning from it.

  2. All Good

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you. πŸ‘

    1. Independent Investor

      No problem my good friend! Thank you! All the best, Ryan

    2. All Good

      @Independent Investor 😊😊😊

  3. Independent Investor

    This defensive tool is one I use all the time whenever I feel myself getting a little caught up in the volatility in the stock market. Everyone wants to preach doom and gloom when the market volatility kicks in. I would suggest you take the opposite approach. Hold your portfolio and focus on other aspects of the financial picture that will render you successful over the longer term. Never give in to short term gratification at the expense of your long term goals. Leave you comments below.

    1. All Good

      Words of wisdom!!!

  4. Jeff Koski

    Love it!!! One of my newest additions to my Materials slice is REMX, Rare Earth Strategic Metals.

    1. Independent Investor

      Thanks Jeff, always appreciate you and your support of the message, trust me it doesn’t go unnoticed! Thanks again, hopefully your finding the information useful and putting it to good use! All the best, Ryan

  5. Don Quijote sin mancha

    I lost all the profits already… should I sell before getting worst?

    1. Don Quijote sin mancha

      @hadouken 😁

    2. Don Quijote sin mancha

      I know!

    3. Don Quijote sin mancha

      That’s why I allways recommend invest only the excedents of your income…. don’t put the mortgage money into stocks

    4. Independent Investor

      Stay strong my friend! Don’t focus on this 1 singular aspect, instead try to focus on the thousands of other things that will help you get stronger in the market! All the best, Ryan

    5. Don Quijote sin mancha

      @Independent Investor I will follow your advice. Thanks Ryan

  6. David Mathis

    Great Message, you can’t loose money in the stock market without selling .

    1. Independent Investor

      Man its easy to say but it’s harder to teach! Thanks for your long support of the Channel! All the best, Ryan

  7. Greg Kamei

    Nice application of Maslow’s hierarchy in this context. I appreciate that you have physical & mental well-being at the top of the chart. I ask myself what is the best use of capital to maximize those things.

    1. Independent Investor

      Such a smart comment. I just don’t want the conversation to get so caught up in the “wealth building” conversation that we lose track of the fact that “money” itself is extremely shallow. The scary rhetorical question I would ask people is “would you be happy if you lost all your money?” Obviously it would be tough, but it keeps things in perspective in my opinion and reminds us that investing is in fact a luxury. So treat it as such. Thanks for your insights my friend, I’m always expecting them! Best to you, Ryan

  8. Style1

    You should do a video on selecting bonds

    1. Independent Investor

      Will do. However, selecting my Vanguard ETF’s is a fairly simple process of identifying what exposure to short, intermediate and long term bonds I should have based on my risk tolerance. This gives me a very accurate benchmark of where I should be in term of my dollar amount to invest in each…fairly easy, hope this helps, Ryan

  9. junfan11

    Interesting…. when the retailers put stuff on sale people rush to the stores,but when the market is on sale people run πŸƒ from the market…πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

    1. Independent Investor

      Well said! LOL go figure…! Thanks for supporting the message! Ryan

  10. Matt P

    I’m buying while it goes up down and sideways. Idgaf

    I’m not selling for 20+ years so who cares about little ups and downs before then?

    1. Independent Investor

      No kidding. I wish I could teach this to the masses, you are wise beyond your years my friend, well said! All the best, Ryan

    2. Matt P

      Independent Investor thanks man! It’s because of videos like yours that I learned what I know in regards to finances. So I sincerely thank you! πŸ™‚

  11. Nelson Lee

    Great timing for a video like this Ryan. I see high quality stocks on sell right now.

    1. Independent Investor

      Getting interesting. Me too. I do believe some values are there to be had! All the best, Ryan

  12. Dave R

    I recently bought vanguard high yield corporate bonds VWEAX in my 401k and later found out they are junk bonds which could be highly risky.Do you think Vanguard Interm-Term bond index VBIMX a better buy?Dont have much choices.Thanks for the great info!

    1. Independent Investor

      Yes I do. This will help solidify your decision. All the best, Dave. Be well, Ryan

    2. Dave R

      Thanks for your help!

  13. hadouken

    This is nothing. If anyone is panicking here, imagine a real dip. This is not even getting most stock’s P/E back to normal. This isn’t even a deal yet.

    1. Independent Investor

      Agree with this. Appreciate you offering your thoughts on the market and support of the channel! All the best, Ryan

  14. Eric Weeber

    Blue light specials….always buying…. dividends galore.

    1. Independent Investor

      I like this philosophy. It just sounds like building an investment portfolio is higher on your priority list than most people. I like this approach and it’s refreshing to hear folks out there treat it with as much attention as us. All the best, Ryan

    2. Eric Weeber

      @Independent Investor I’ve been doing this awhile….it isnt my first rodeo….. I remember stocks like Pepsi and Coke for instance being in the high teens and 20s. I remember buying into Duke energy at 17 a share. I love dividends and will continue to invest as long as I can. I generally only ever sell if a company is either cutting or slashing dividends and have seen some do this but for the most part my core holdings have been raising dividends or at least not doing what I. Mentioned above. I use bond funds just as BND, LQD, SHY to provide some balance to my portfolios.This is a game I enjoy and while others may be nervous, I take change with a grain of salt. I like good companies and have been collecting them for awhile. I didn’t mention the second reason I will sometimes sell for, obscene profit. For instance and I wont talk numbers…much but I was buying Nvidia at 22 a share and even had a drip set up…I did sell those at 248 a share. I started investing with hardly any money so I can understand new investors and how they feel about down days and being in the red….I was there once….keep up the great work you do Ryan….love it.

  15. Stephen Jedlicki

    What are the thoughts on BNDW?

  16. var1328

    Am issuing a red alert – time to panic. Everybody run outside and shoot your guns wildly in the air – IT’S PANIC TIME!!!!

    1. Myles Gray

      Buy gold, it’s the only safe place! Banks will fail, stocks to zero! 😱 πŸ˜†

  17. Big Game James

    Oh, to sell or not to sell, that’s the question. Nice video, Ryan. I agree that panic selling usually doesn’t turn out well. Trapped buyers are better off just riding it out. But…it does seem a bit “different” than your recent “flight to safety” video. Are both videos complimentary or is there an adjustment?

  18. Chewie 13

    I concur, learned it through experience.

  19. Kole Kramer

    The comment in the live stream about not taking a dip because they still had the same amount of shares was awesome!

  20. Myles Gray

    Dollar cost average on the way down. It seems like a waste of money at the time but in the long run it pays of big! I did this 2008-2010 and most of those positions doubled within 5 years.

    1. Independent Investor

      Myles Gray love this comment! This is how you need to think ind the stock market to win, all the best Myles, Ryan

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