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UPDATE: China Stock Market Margin Calls Trigger Panic Sell-Off




UPDATE: Margin Telephone Calls Trigger Panic Sell-Off in China Stock Market

Landmass shares suffered a few of their biggest drops in years the other day, as investors disposed supplies indiscriminately to meet margin phone calls.

Heaven chip CSI300 Index fell 7.9 per cent to 4,336.19 – its most significant decrease in seven years – as well as the Shanghai Compound index shed 7.4 per cent, or 334.14 factors, to close at 4,192.87.

However the worst damages remained in Shenzhen, where the city's benchmark index fell 7.87 percent, or 213.7 points, to 2,502.9, formally entering bearish market region after a fall of more than 20 per cent from a June 12 high.

In the previous two weeks, 14 trillion yuan (HK$ 17.4 trillion) has been wiped off the worth of mainland stocks – some 20 per cent of mainland market capitalisation and also 3 times the value of Apple, the firm with the world's biggest market cap.

Talking at a rundown the other day, China Securities Regulatory Payment spokesperson Zhang Xiaojun hinted that the main federal government would certainly not be intervening to staunch the outflow of funds. "China's recurring reforms, adequate liquidity in the marketplace, as well as a shift from bank deposits into the capital markets amongst home financial savings, will certainly continue to underpin a vibrant stock market, even after a few big improvements on the market recently," Zhang claimed.

Nearly 80 per cent of index constituent participants fell the other day, with virtually 2,000 of the about 2,800 provided business in Shanghai and also Shenzhen dropping by their 10 per cent everyday limitation.

A semi-annual audit of listed companies, consisting of financial institutions and broker agent homes, implied companies that trade the markets had actually had to unload stocks to return cash to their balance sheets, compounding the total sell-off, stated Anne Stevenson-Yang, founder of J Resources Study.

In spite of a fortnight of hefty marketing, both Shanghai and Shenzhen are still posting healthy and balanced gains up until now this year. Shanghai is up 29.6 percent year to date and Shenzhen is up 78.6 percent.

Exceptional margin lendings totalled 2.2 trillion yuan on Wednesday as margin calls forced investors to cut 61.5 billion yuan in take advantage of in the first fifty percent of the week as shares dropped, information showed.

Among minority companies to publish a gain for the day, broker agent titan Guotai Junan Securities rose 44 percent to 28.30 yuan on its first trading day in Shanghai.

Landmass internet users repainted a pessimistic picture of the mainland market's prospects in uploading on Weibo micro-blogs.

" I plead you [the stock market] ahead back to life," said starlet Wang Lin.

Xiao Lei, a money blogger, said: "China's stock exchange can't stand assaults from short vendors like George Soros and Muddy Waters, as there is practically no market-based regulative oversight."

In Hong Kong an extra orderly sell-off saw the Hang Seng shut down 1.78 percent, or 481.88 points, to 26,663.87, its biggest one-day autumn in nearly a month. The H-share index of landmass companies dropped 2.82 percent, or 379.71 factors, to 13,088.19.

Regional markets also fell, taking their cue from Wall surface Road amidst issues over dragged out talks in between Greece as well as its creditors. Japan's Nikkei 225 slipped 0.31 percent to 20,706.15 and also Australia's ASX 200 went down 1.54 per cent to 5,545.9.

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8 Thoughts to “UPDATE: China Stock Market Margin Calls Trigger Panic Sell-Off”

  1. Patti Simmons

    Not good
    This is not good

  2. MrGchiasson

    “Margin calls”…a repeat of the 1929 American stock market crash…
    China might have to shut down the stock market to stop the slide.
    American stock market will probably react to this on Monday..You watch…the American and European markets will open with a large drop…possibly hundreds of points.

    1. MrGchiasson

      @neanam m I think it’s a good guess… I’m reopening my futures’ acct. and want to ‘surf the trends’…But, who knows…the gov’t could dump a few Trillion dollars on them and float the cesspool markets for awhile.’s all manipulated until they lose china on Friday.

  3. VerifiedNews

    China must have raised margin equity levels. Any info on that?

    1. Shakaama

      @VerifiedNews No. It wasn’t that margin levels were raised, it’s simply that there was a dearth of new investors that had been primarily in the housing markets, but after the slowing of the housing market, they sought new places to invest, and stocks seemed attractive, since the markets were gaining. Like I said… I don’t know, if it was this video or the other, there were some thousands of new investors in one month. I don’t know. Review both videos. It’s in there somewhere.

      In fact. I’m reading here, they’ve been trying to tighten margins since April.

      Wait, this is … hmmm some brokerages were … is this possible…. some brokerages were raising margin requirements while others were doing the exact opposite? This doesn’t make sense. They were aware of a potential bubble since…. Feb, and even said that the stock prices were being fueled by margin debt, yet continued to allow margin buying.

      That doesn’t make sense. Who would do such a thing?

      [ i’m being sarcastic, if you can’t tell. I know, I need to work on it. ]

  4. Honesty Counts

    Okay, China’s house market bubble is popping and now their stock market bubble is popping = NOT GOOD for the rest of the world.   Now Europe’s stock market is going to get hit hard on Monday and that is bad for Europe.  Looks like bad news all over the place.  At least our Canadian housing bubble is still booming, that’s the only good news so far.


    Greed is the word design for capitalist elite and now China embrace it with open arms….Good on you JP Morgan, sell short at income retirement funds in USA, financial collapse in Greece and now China.

  6. Hachi de Fibonacci

    China held the one child policy until 2013. Arabs stopped killing unwanted children in 600 as. The Chinese go on about the quality of the ppl when they are of not so good quality themselves. Animal torture, the Tibetan issue. I urge u to stop investing in China. It is imperative that u boycott China to force change. Stop trading with China.

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