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Robinhood APP – Lock in Day Trading Loss? with Stock Market PANIC SELL OFF!


Follow my development as I dive head initially right into investing, while trying not to shed it all !!

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Robinhood APPLICATION – Robinhood – Free Stock Trading
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Please note I am not a market expert. I am not responsible for any kind of trading losses that may be experienced by following my careless lead, as a matter of fact I suggest you don't follow my lead.:-RRB- Have a good time and delighted trading.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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27 Thoughts to “Robinhood APP – Lock in Day Trading Loss? with Stock Market PANIC SELL OFF!”

  1. Mathutie Operation

    Tommorow will be Great

  2. ZoodleInfo

    Hey. Folio. I’m holding big in AMD. I can’t find out why this position is running like it is.

    1. Andy Farr

      Up 6% Today… what you mean?

    2. Doctor Dividend

      Its a hot stock with the penny investor crowd

    3. Sammy P

      cyrpto currency mining require high performance gpu cards, keep holding it will go upto 15 ish soon

    4. ZoodleInfo

      I’m still holding a big piece of AMD… I never average down. But after ER I just went down and didn’t think about it holding in at 10.83

  3. John Lester Bumanglag

    I hate selling at a loss.

    I YOLOd on $CVNA. ER after hours today.

  4. Lepermessiahe3

    Check out pbyi puma pharm. not a penny got good news.

  5. Tom Diana

    Keep your F! It seems undervalued to me plus has a nice divy. Keep it for years and drip the divy.

  6. Tom Diana

    Keep your F! It seems undervalued to me plus has a nice divy. Keep it for years and drip the divy.

  7. One seed at a time


  8. One seed at a time

    TSL is the new AMAZON 1000 for share

  9. Paul Curlin

    Don’t sell $F yet. As everyone tells me, “It’s not a loss till you sell.” 🙂 It will go back up. I picked up a few shares today.

    1. Doctor Dividend

      Holding long

  10. Paul Curlin

    “Sock Market”? Sorry, had to mention it 🙂

    1. Doctor Dividend know the sock and bra market… 🙂 – change in progress, thank you sir

  11. JasonTheWorldisYours

    My best performing stock today was $SQ


  12. Neo Benito

    Panic selling is the hardest thing I’ve learned to overcome while investing.

  13. Neo Benito

    I’ve also been adding a lot of Ford when it drops below $11. I will continue to do so, unless something drastic happens.

  14. gumaro mendoza

    The speculation on $PSEC is extremely high. The dividend cut is expected because their Net Investment income is not able to cover the dividend.

    What are you planning to do with your shares?

    1. Doctor Dividend

      before I saw this comment I already did a video about PSEC and PHK….it should post at in a few mins!

    2. gumaro mendoza

      Robinhood Portfolio
      I been learning a lot from your channel, Keep up the good content.

  15. Samurai

    So… Robinhood Portfolio TSLA officialy reached 350. I think i won this argument

    1. Doctor Dividend

      Lol….so far….but remember the NBA finals last year….. it was at the end of 6 months or 1 yr? If it still holds at that time I will concede 🙂

    2. Samurai

      By the end of this year it would be 420-450. Especially after they will lunch model X. So … the question is How many CEOs Ford should fire ? 😀

    3. Samurai

      370….numbers never lie

  16. Barry G

    Hit the “all” button. Id like to see your over all return since inception.

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