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Chamber of Commerce CEO discusses stock market crash amidst coronavirus panic


Canadian Chamber of Commerce CEO and Head of state Perrin Beatty joins CPAC's Martin Stringer to discuss today's spiraling stock exchange among the recurring coronavirus pandemic scare.

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5 Thoughts to “Chamber of Commerce CEO discusses stock market crash amidst coronavirus panic”

  1. MisterTracks

    awesome video

  2. John Tempest

    We should make the best of this awful situation by decoupling our economy from China and domesticating our supply chains.

  3. Linda Hockham

    There you go again, implying Trump is incapable of grasping the potential severity of the situation. He also said he and Pence had multiple meetings with the experts AND has everyone necessary in place to be called on when needed. Trump, unlike our current government, has not dropped the ball on a single emergency since he took office. Perhaps it’s because a lot of the skills necessary for good project management were transferable. We might put those skills as a higher priority than speaking French.

    1. Mike Smith

      It seems that no political analyst these days can make a statement on anything without saying or implying ‘orange man bad’.

    2. Linda Hockham

      Mike Smith : CBC among others have spent the last 3 years, using cheap shots to undermine Trump. He has managed to take a stagnant economy and revitalized it with the support of a major voting block. Canada on the other hand, took a robust economy and is quickly suppressing all activity with a shrinking voter block. We are no longer in a position to act as critics of what will or will not work. Maybe we should be studying the model that is working, and adapting it to true Canadian values. It is getting embarrassing!

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