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Do Not Panic Sell! – Stock Market Crash May 2019


"The stock market is a gadget for transferring money from the impatient to the person." – Warren Buffett

Why you should not be selling your stocks in a panic because of the US-China trade negotiations taking a hefty toll on stock rates. Recently as well as the start of this week have been rough on us capitalists myself included, but something I'm not doing is locking in losses on my financial investments by marketing due to the fear of losing in this potential stock market crash.

View the video clip to learn my plans as well as what I believe is the most effective course of action to take in times such as these via my investing experience.

JP Morgan Possession Management Research –

Remember never run in a panic.

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** This is not direct financial investment guidance. Constantly do your own research study and call your financial advisor before acquiring a supply if not sure **.

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21 Thoughts to “Do Not Panic Sell! – Stock Market Crash May 2019”

  1. Store monkey

    The emotions and my portfolio took a beating today but I’m trying to stay strong this is my first crash experience

    1. Streamlined Investing

      Don’t worry buddy, we’re all going through it right now! Stay strong keep going with regular investments, just think right now your investments are buying you more shares for the same amount of money!

  2. Jonny Coombs

    Buying opportunity if you ask me! 📈📈

    1. Streamlined Investing

      That is definitely an optimistic outlook and could be a great way to look at this!

  3. Streamlined Investing

    Don’t forget to subscribe here for more stock analysis videos!

  4. J King

    China has just started. They can tighten their belt.
    The US is weak, we will fall
    The end is nigh

    1. Streamlined Investing

      Thanks for watching that was pretty funny to read lol

      I agree it has just started but the US is Chinas largest trading partner by far, double the size of the next trading partner.
      Stocks are going to take a hit but we’ve been through it a few times now with the drawn-out negotiations, if they sort something out we could be in for a huge upside!

  5. Sam Sam

    On my 3k account I’m down 10% 😔 Tesla my biggest loss 15%
    3 weeks into this.. if only I got involved now.. Bargains to grab..

    All my US Stocks down.. Lol

    1. Streamlined Investing

      Sam Sam brutal isn’t it mate, every time I invest in the market has a correction or a crash soon after 😂 how’s your funding circle doing??

    2. Sam Sam

      @Streamlined Investing..

      I sold and bought I am up 3%
      BOUGHT AO that’s giving me gains and Sirius Minerals that should spike my losses.. Its the US stocks
      TESLA SQUARE AMD CHEVRON PAYPAL that are letting the portfolio down..

    3. Streamlined Investing

      Sam Sam Well at least they’re all quite long term positions, chevron and PayPal should be fairly stable stocks even square is quite well established now. AMD seems to be quite volatile but they are gaining in market share and Tesla can go anyway for any reason 😂 I do think you’ve got some good picks though, AMD is one I’ve watched myself

  6. Mark Lambourne

    Great video. I have started off well today, up £13.60

    1. Streamlined Investing

      Mark Lambourne that’s great! Seeing it go up in the morning sets me up for the day lol I’m up about £10 so far today think FTSE 100 is up about 0.7% so far today, first time it’s been in the green for a while lol

    2. Mark Lambourne

      @Streamlined Investing What do you use to monitor your portfolio? I use the LSE website, but quite like the FT one.

    3. Streamlined Investing

      Mark Lambourne I’m using Simply Wall St at the moment I’m on the free trial, it’s a really good website just a little hesitant to spend out the £60 for it. I’ve not used the LSE one how is it?

    4. Mark Lambourne

      @Streamlined Investing LSE and FT allow you to add fee’s where as SWS does not so the figures are not actual. It shows a good overview of your portfolio though with some great stats.

      LSE looks better. But FT has alerts about your stock , like price rises above 200 day average, year high/low etc.

    5. Streamlined Investing

      Mark Lambourne Yeah fees is definitely a useful feature, I remember using FT actually that was a little while ago and I feel like you did the GUI could use some work. Have you seen any videos of anyone using M1 finance stock broker in the US? I really like the way that looks and I’d love something like that over here

  7. Intelligent Investor

    Thanks for this video, its hard not to follow your emotions whens the markets gets spiky as it has been lately.

    1. Streamlined Investing

      Intelligent Investor thanks for watching! That’s exactly it, as long as you can control your emotions you’re far more likely to invest wisely and make profit in the market!

  8. Mark Lambourne

    Whats the toll you are using at the start of this vid?

    1. Streamlined Investing

      Mark Lambourne
      Is the graphs, hope that helps 👍

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