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Markets Close On One Of Worst Quarters In History Amid COVID-19 Pandemic | NBC News NOW


Wall Street finished one of the most awful quarters in securities market history as the 3 major standards show the financial effect of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Markets Close On One Of Worst Quarters In History Amid COVID-19 Pandemic|NBC News NOW

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69 Thoughts to “Markets Close On One Of Worst Quarters In History Amid COVID-19 Pandemic | NBC News NOW”

  1. Aaron Christoffersen

    GURL! You have a mic don’t YELL!

    1. Patrick L

      it looked like she spits when she talks too

    2. justsaying

      thank you….she must not realize it. I have to turn this off from all that screaming.

    3. alus nova

      Lol!!! She’s just excited

    4. alus nova

      Alexcia Brycki ugh. Is that still a thing with you people?! The world isn’t flat. Coronavirus is real. Trump is not a talking Cheeto!!!!! Get over it!

    5. Flashy Paws

      “GURL! You have a mic don’t YELL!”
      she’s showing off her anchor skills. listening to everybody at the same time, keeping the conversation rolling like its on a teleprompter, keeping her guest on topic, keeping the length appropriate…
      and doing it all in way that nobody notices. like a pro. she’s a natural.

  2. Gaming Tonight

    Americans: Hunker down. You are heading for a doozie of a depression. Yea, that’s right, not a recession, a depression! Millions out of work, 10,000s losing the roofs over their head, much more crime. It won’t be pretty!

    1. josh daniel

      Petition signed by AFL-CIO laborer’s union.
      1. Redistribution of wealth
      2. Infrastructure projects
      3. Increase employment rating
      4. Mandatory shift to clean energy and sustainable development

      -vertical farms: can create food, beverages, medicine, raw materials
      -synthetic meat from stem cells
      -renewable biofuel from algae: can be used for preexisting vehicles, aircraft, heating units, purify human waste
      -low rate capsule hotels
      -automation and fixed incomes

    2. Andre

      josh daniel The incomes are fixed alright.

    3. TheWin200000

      @xxlxpman we already are, though it’s mostly first timers buying them now.

    4. The Truth about Africa hurts

      josh daniel wow are you ignorant

    5. Roudter

      Nope. Isn’t going down like that.

  3. TheKyubiisaan

    Americans: man this is the worst!
    Dow: you’ll see

    1. mo

      Good – Planning to buy LOW LOW LOW very soon

    2. Luis Gonzalez

      MAGA? 😅

    3. Shmaryahu Yahchanan

      Lol 😄

    4. downhillskier7

      Trump bragging again, people should wake up Don the con sold you out

  4. Kaeben

    $1200 won’t help people pay their bills. It’s a sop.

    1. Jhon Famo

      @josh daniel thorium reactors should not be overlooked..
      the problem is a profit driven model over a safety model. the problem is with nuclear energy is that the first thing we did with the science IS WEAPONIZE it. check out kirk sorensons thorium reactor doc here on youtube and learn that thorium was cast aside BECAUSE it was difficult to use in, converted to, weapons.peace on earth. time for humankind to work together for sake of the masses imo

    2. Jhon Famo

      @josh daniel thats just it. automation was made ToFREE UP mans hands..not to encumber them only to complicate life. im not very spiritual but i remember the 7 deadly sins and greed is related closely to the other sins in a way that, other sins are not to each other. greed is awful. its totally false and leads us destructive patterns. i just want a real level playing field. i do not want to make the wealthy less wealthy, i just want more for the regular family. they have to live here to. i have to work on my issues everday because im greedy to. just not so much im willing to impoverish others. makes no sense ecnomically

    3. josh daniel

      @Alex G we’re spoiled rotten

    4. josh daniel

      @Jhon Famo I really don’t like being greedy.

    5. Jhon Famo

      @josh daniel lol neither do i.. i guess im greedy for my request. lol. josh your so clever a regular clint eastwood. i dont l know how old you are or what demographic you come from but you should know: poorer people need a raise.. your sound byte 😗

  5. The Bastard Gift

    I’m certain we are headed into a dark tunnel called Depression.

    1. Crito Philippatos

      @Nick Serritella Everything isn’t a crazy Russiagate conspiracy theory! If OPEC+ looks like two oil racketeers undercutting each other then that’s probably what’s really happening. Being government run oil rackets, like Pemex in Mexico, they literally can’t go bankrupt, regardless of supply and demand. Frackers here in the USA on the other hand…

    2. The Bastard Gift

      Cymoon RBACpro, being dropped to one’s knees brings a clarity in insight does it not?

    3. rosajohnson805

      Worser than Great Depression, period!

    4. Joshua Naylor

      They have pills for that.

    5. Angel 1973

      @Cymoon RBACpro read Revelations and stay in the word!

  6. Shifty McGee462

    Whatever. Down one day, up the next with the promise of a bailout. The stock market is socially accepted gambling, nothing more.

    1. Matthew C

      Shifty McGee462 very true statement

    2. J Davis

      They’ve effectively already been bailing them out to the tune of about 40 billion dollars every day since September when the oil price crumbled.

    3. jakemf1

      Shifty McGee462 spot on

    4. Andre

      Shifty McGee462 Exactly!

  7. L Middleton

    What pushed them lower? Is this a real question?

  8. Yasin Osman

    Quarter 1: This is horrible !!

    Quarter 2: allow us to introduce ourselves🗿

    1. Gossipersbegone Y

      Quarter 3: Hold my stocks

    2. North Eastern Roberts

      Quarter five …am I invisible to you?

    3. Mark Burch

      @North Eastern Roberts lol.

  9. putsome basilonit

    “The Dow with the highest it’s ever been”
    Jimmy Dore-“let’s see what the Dow is doing on a chart here”
    Zanniness ensues.

  10. Chuck Thomas

    over 3 million out of work and they are worried about oil prices..

    1. Mario avenger

      They still have a job. Why would they be worried about anyone else?

  11. Adam Flores

    Quarter 1: Worst on record

    Quarter 2: Hold my beer

    1. 3star2nr

      Quarter 4: buy a gun and one bullet…

    2. B Dahl

      @3star2nr That’s all i need to shoot a deer and put 6 months of meet in the freezer for my family.

    3. 3star2nr

      @B Dahl the next pandemic will be coming from white tail deer.

      Thats according to Dr Michael osterholm he predicted the coronavirus years before and wrote about it in his book.

    4. B Dahl

      @3star2nr Yep, And the worlds flat. Why don’t you go prove it.

  12. Luz Renteria

    In other words the rich will buy on the cheap and make another 2.5 billions or more on their 257 million investment. Pretty sure the politicians will come out wealthier after the bail out.

    1. B Dahl

      AT least Pelosi’s friends.

  13. Jesse Collins

    First there was the great depression. This is the dark depression

    1. John Bennett

      End Times

    2. Blac Black

      A deep n dark depression spreading across the nation, but the repugs will deem it a pre-existing condition for the next administration n cut off any needed assistance/aid for the most needy due to the debt/deficits caused by trump n THEIR misguided policies since 2017…if you think they’re gonna fix the economy, the healthcare insurance crisis AND deal with the aftermath of this pandemic(and any OTHER national/natural disasters) next year, without it costing/hurting regular low n middle income people the MOST, then it’s already too late for your brain!? Don’t bother with a second thought or opinion, it’s fkn terminal at this point.😏 Republicans always campaign on kitchen table,main street n social ills platforms but as soon as they can get in power they turn right around n give tax cuts to their wealthiest donors n contributors, usually start a war, n wreck the economy at the expense of the very people who voted for them! IT’S an old cycle n old news. Get over it! The “depression” will be diagnosed as major!😥⬅

  14. Alex G

    The federal reserve note is backed by nothing, a debt printed IOU, and we have to pay debt with debt? Wake up people we are all slaves to the Federal Reserve. No debt can ever be repaid with more debt.

    1. Wayne Wu

      This isnt going to stop as it is the easiest way to psuedo stimulate the economy. However, as you probably have realized the pattern that every 10 year the market gets a correction. That is the result of bandaged market. When patching bandaid dont work no more, things will get cereal. Unless we replace the fed res with more brilliant minded with unorthodox thinking individuals, its gonna stay this way for decades.

    2. Daryl Leckt

      the income tax seized from my wages today to pay for a debt created by Reagan republicans in 1980 are very real

    3. Gary Lovelace Jr.

      Your right Alex the dollar is backed by consumer confidence. Its metrics are treasury bonds and bills, unemployment rate, and the consumer price index.

    4. Mario avenger

      I been saying this for a while.

    5. Mario avenger

      Most people think this is free money. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. A voice So bright

    RIP to small mom and pop businesses

  16. monkeymanxxl

    Even God was tired of hearing trump say how much he loves money!

    1. rosajohnson805


  17. Chris M

    Don’t worry everyone, remember what Donald Trump and his supporters said: Coronavirus is a “Democratic hoax.” These Trump supporters also know that Climate Change is a “hoax” as well! That’s right folks: science matters, but only when it doesn’t affect you politically. I learned that from Trump supporters!

  18. Mr. Pritchard

    Oh you guys changed your tune from yesterday when you were talking about how health insurance stocks were so good…

  19. William Simkulet

    Turns out when you ignore a pandemic for 2 months, things don’t do so well. Go figure.
    It’s almost like systematic incompetence has a tangible economic cost.

    1. Mark Burch

      Almost huh?

  20. Chuck D

    Worst stock market in American history , record unemployment and job losses. Total failure on the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks Trump.

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