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Virtually 3 weeks ago, the international stock exchange came under a sea of red; a result of the recurring Covid-19 Pandemic and the current oil cost battle.

Since then, the United States markets closed practically 30% listed below the all-time high, which many media electrical outlets has actually termed this as a "BEARISHNESS".

So what now?

Should you get? Market? Sell and also buy back later on?

I've prepared an IMMEDIATE WEBINAR to offer you all the VITAL INFO you should understand to benefit from this massive securities market accident …

… and how to leave of it with no remorses– only deeper pockets.

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These are vital methods for supply investors and investors who intend to improve their investment as well as trading performance.

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41 Thoughts to “STOCK MARKET CRASH 2020! WHAT NOW?”

  1. geekamails

    Never seen mr. Adam Khoo with so much energy.. You are the real man sir. Thank you for educating us.

  2. Peter Green

    It will turn into an economic crisis if it lasts a long time and people lose their jobs.

    China is not to be trusted with its figures.

    1. L

      the western medias have trained you well for the past years with all the negative news, well trained peter, well trained.

    2. Timothy Pham

      I do agree that this can very well become an economic crisis if this drags on, so can’t say this isn’t an economic crisis.

    3. j Castillo

      you can’t trust chinese government.

    4. Chino Chino

      @j Castillo And you trust the US Government?! Really? Pathetic! I don’t trust no government, they’re all a bunch of crooks!! But a racists crook, that’s even worst!

    5. Leigh Duxbury

      Exactly, China is a communist country, I don’t believe their economic figures.

  3. sanmuk sureka

    Thank you Adam. Your words n ofcourse the presentation has given us loads of hope, in this big fall.

    This has changed the whole view

  4. Seymour Rivers

    That was Soooo good, I like stock market porn 😉

  5. Ion Grigoras

    Gangsta short common sense intro ! Well done Adam . I think the same , this bear will turn bullish in a few months, not in a year or two.

  6. Maxwell S

    I agree with you, but some feel that the market was overpriced and a crash was due, and now the selling is extremely aggressive. We don’t know how far it will fall – maybe 50%, maybe more, maybe less.

    1. Trent Brady

      Maxwell S spot on
      Anyone with half a brain has been waiting for the crash for months and if this is based on a virus we have more to come 👍 ( buyers market coming up )

    2. donkeys ball

      @Real Truth not only that, this guy is now drenched in liquid sugar. he is going to get sugar rush and realise that stock market was about to crash anyway, corona aids or whatever…spaghetti monster.

    3. Cam Dot Bike

      It could drop another 50% people should be careful listen to advise like this, it seems he is just guessing and doesn’t know what he is talking about. Also, the whole ‘its different this time’. It’s never different, markets boom and bust, economic cycles happen and people get caught inside bubbles. It will rebound, but that may be a bull trap, maybe the bubble has burst. Play these markets with caution and be prepared to lose it all.

  7. Karen Foo

    I was so anxious that the cap will pop up and then hit your face. 😂

    1. nilam bhagat


    2. CarrenChristine Naranjo

      Hello Karen Foo. Just incase you dont know JESUS CHRIST loves you so much. be a blessing, and continue to be a blessing to others. you are loved and victory is your portion in Christ.

    3. Karen Foo

      @CarrenChristine Naranjo Blessings to you too.

  8. Josh Blade

    You, uh, held that coke bottle in the wrong spot there bud.

  9. Aaron Matthew

    That was awesome!! Your absolutely right! And I got a good laugh out of it!

  10. Oliver Reiche

    You are missing the liquidity issue that has been ongoing since september 2019. This will end up bad, however, we get the bounce before the next leg down

  11. Life Vision

    can’t stop laughing on the coke scene 😂 People are gonna explode release from the cages 😂😂😂

  12. Ostap1974

    I’m sure everyone who has been forced into unemplyment for few months will run and buy some coke and menthos.

  13. J M

    I thought that was a promo for an adult film.

  14. Alvin Lau

    Every crisis is different and what I find most people doing is drawing similarities with SARs and projecting a V-shape rebound. If it were that simple, then everyone would have been millionaires. This current crisis is different – SARs never hit the West that hard. The SARs period did not have a background of excess liquidity. SARs then did not see supply chain getting globalized with China as the world’s factory. Now, we have the mother of all crisis – health crisis, oil shock, liquidity and funding issues and demand shock and supply shock feeding on each other in a negative feedback loop – the world is plunging into a recession because we have both economic and financial deleveraging amidst an excess of liquidity from central bank’s QE, inflating prior excesses. This is all your oil shock, GFC, Asian financial crisis all rolled into one. A recession bear market is very different and many people have not seen cycles nor traded through one to understand what a Bear market is. Buy the dips at your peril. Making a comparison using China as an example is just not right – China is a closed market and controlled. Now that the Fed and various central banks have thrown in the kitchen sink, it smells of panic and when all the fiscal stimulus gets thrown into the mix and cannot arrest the downside, we are just heading for a 50% decline from peak. V-shape after that? The supposed pent up demand is not going to pan out – not when people start losing jobs and we have a recession.

    1. philly chee

      Alvin Lau love it. all the dumb moneys are expecting this will recover back to old high like any recent crises.. you know what that means. It’s the elephant in the room.

    2. Chris Lee

      If its not gg to be V shaped, it’s gg to be _/. Yes, a basin.

    3. Cam Dot Bike

      Here comes the bull trap.

    4. Victor

      Recessions dont last forever. If you buy now and hold 10 years, you’re bound to minimally double your investment

    5. mike arasta

      Takes long time to gain consumer confidence back.

  15. Son of Satan

    Nice video and it was funny when you said: ‘Chu too tree munchs’ 😂

  16. Alida’s Fireflies

    I think he likes McDonald’s and Starbucks ALOT.

    1. tuan nguyen

      Alida’s Fireflies no I think he give us hint that he like coke . 😁🥤buy buy 😂

    2. Clay & Chelsea

      He ain’t buying coca cola stock .lol

    3. Matthew Cruikshank

      There just good markets to buy in if you study such as airlines

    4. Hassan

      @Matthew Cruikshank which airlines company do you think?

    5. Super Alpaca

      Tbh this guys is a bit cute, he is too old to understand why it drop so much, the power of internet and the GDP related stuff ( I am not very sure but u can search it on google, related to warren baffet)… and vacin havent found, china can control the coronavirus, but the city will not operate like it used to yet. it will normally take 12 to 18 months before it can be found. HE IS LIKE 40 year old but talk like a kid, kinda cute

  17. Polaris Shillong

    Always love the way you explain seemingly extensively complex dynamics of various spheres of life in the simplest terms and anecdotes!!! I too look forward to the time when business is back to normal and when people are spending profusely again!
    With lots of respect – PoireiKS (POE Vietnam 2018 alumni), Shillong.

  18. Bartram Moller

    The coronavirus has really affected the stock market! Fortunately, the smart traders have been seizing this opportunity to make lots of profits.

  19. Andrew Lowry

    This is a long term crisis. That means people are going to loose their jobs and any financial stability depending on their job roles. Those jobs may not return right away. Our social security nets will become overloaded along with our medical facilities. This is a way different circumstance.

  20. ecashmarketing

    when you love a marketing video, you know something is doing right.

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