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AskProfWolff: COVID-19 and the Stock Market


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A patron asks: "Just how much of the coronavirus responsible for markets breaking down, is it rightfully obtaining the blame or is the infection a scapegoat for various other elements?"

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82 Thoughts to “AskProfWolff: COVID-19 and the Stock Market”

  1. Naomi Talking Money

    I just got off the phone with my 68 year old mother in Wisconsin. She has fever and a cough. There are now two confirmed cases in Dane county Wisconsin where she lives & she was not given a test!

    1. Helen Garrett

      Is your mother getting care or is she sick at home alone? our country has no plan for our older family members. I’m lucky, I live alone but a neighbor called and she volunteered to look for a thermometer for me. I have no symptoms but in this case it is good to have some idea what your temperature is. I hope she is o.k.!

    2. anthony jekanyika

      @V G Jesus will be with you. I pray that you all get health quickly. Please don’t get the gun you still have 60 more years in the tank :). But I pray you stay strong and don’t forget to talk about how you are feeling. Please don’t think about harming yourself trust me there is help coming. From Zimbabwe

    3. Del Seibold

      I hope she fares well my friend. Good luck

    4. The Four Horsemen

      I am sorry to hear that. I hope for the best. Stay safe.

    5. Frederic Bastiat

      Teller her she has it and stay away.

  2. sandman1347

    You forgot the fact that Trump shut down the White House National Security Council’s entire global health security unit in 2018…

    1. Tzwiki RiTzwikirairaai

      @John Smith LOL!

    2. John Smith

      @Tzwiki RiTzwikirairaai – Very 2001 of you.

    3. L N

      William Taylor – Also the gig economy is at risk under this scenario.

    4. Brent Travis

      Please watch atlas shrugged!

    5. tom tesoro

      TRUMP NOW, WILL give ALL a CHEQUE.. ie socialism from Trump.. BUT ‘socialism’ IS the ‘persona non grata’ in the USA.. & BERNIE’s ‘socialism’ condemned by ALL stupid BIDEN voters..

  3. Dan Buman

    This man speaks TRUTH.

  4. vegn_brit

    I’m currently living in Italy, where the whole country is in lock down and the other night we had a top scientist on TV slamming successive governments that have cut back the health care system in Italy. The virus is finally giving a voice to real experts who are finally explaining to the public just what’s been happening over the last 20 years of cut backs to public services.

    1. Neal Sanger

      Too dumb to understand economics. Sad.

    2. Frederic Bastiat

      @Neal Sanger Here are a few things Govt should have stockpiled for future crises.

    3. Frederic Bastiat

      @Neal Sanger You have been defused. No longer willing nor able to say anying.
      For Govt to “help” it must plunder. Helping sounds soft and cuddly. If you ignore the plunderring part.

    4. Neal Sanger

      @Frederic Bastiat govt programs are more efficient than Private industry bc there is no extraction of profit. Just lookat the % of GDP spent between US and Canada and the public health stats of both countries. There is no brain in your head.

    5. Frederic Bastiat

      @Neal Sanger Stupid. Govt health care/ insurance scams are simply designed for redistribution of wealth. Not care, nor costs.
      “” the 10 per cent of Canadian families with the lowest incomes will pay an average of about $477 for public health care, while families among the top 10 per cent of income earners in Canada will pay $37,180.”.

      Govt insurance does not reduce spending!
      “Looking back over the last decade, we estimate that the cost of public health-care insurance for the average Canadian family grew 1.6 times faster than the average income between 2005 and 2015.””
      Outrunning incomes is not sustainable.
      The object is redistribution and buying the votes of the poorer by plundering the richer.

      Here is a graph of Canadian healthcare spending rising since 1975. As a share of the economy.

  5. nonchalantd

    clear, accurate, and comprehensive analysis

    1. John Wheaton

      Thank You Dr. Wolff

    2. Peter Ålund

      Thats been somewhat debunked hasnt it?

  6. Paul Charles

    Public health crises expose the failings of capitalism as the poor suffer much more intensely purely based on money!!
    Consequently USA will probably suffer more from this epidemic than anywhere else on earth!

    1. Christopher G

      Petitio Principii
      Thank you. Italy has nationalized health care and is doing a terrible job. The one sided information provided on this channel is borderline dangerous.

    2. Tzwiki RiTzwikirairaai

      OMW – suffering’s not good and needs to be replaced with Justice.

    3. Chris M

      @Christopher G ya that’s bullshit. attributing ability to handle public health crises to whether or not there is entrepreneurship is laughable. public investment requires pooling of resources of a community, both financial and intellectual. antithetical to capitalism, where hoarding of money and resources is encouraged.

    4. Fortunado999

      Petitio Principii china is state-capitalism (alot like in the US but more obvious) you worthless bootlicking pig.

    5. Brent Travis

      Please watch atlas shrugged !

  7. Zzz

    You know test and curing are free in China, I’m shocked a developed country as US doesn’t care about people living there.

    1. Shiw Wee

      @tom tesoro Laissez faire can be good too. It’s just that sometime we need some regulation from the part of the government. There are things which market cannot solve, that is when the government should step in. There are also things which both market and government cannot meddle with e.g marriage. That it is up to the society to find a solution to it.

    2. societalwisdom

      tom tesoro, let us not confuse arguments or advocacy for reality. The US is not laissez faire capitalist. It wouldn’t even be necessary to draw a comparison to places such as Hong Kong or Singapore since the US isn’t even nearly as laissez faire capitalist as Nordic-Scandinavian countries. US markets and industries are significantly regulated.

    3. Yulia S

      One important part of ‘developed’ country is it is developed, a past tense, meaning it has lost its drive for renewal, almost right after ww2. Around ww1, the birtish capitalist elites (not jews, by the way, in fact jews are not the real benefactor of the deep state either, contrary to popular belief, in fact they make for a perfect distraction and blame, and decent proxy, which over 70 years ago funded the rise of Nazi Germany) escaped to America and successfully took over the entire government after the unfortunate passing of president Roosevelt. After the destruction of Soviet Union, economic development through war becomes incredibly difficult, and now cia trained terrorist are no longer willing to be controlled, albeit a decent asset if well directed.

    4. Yulia S

      A proper army, in number of millions with professional soldiers, genuine decent politician (in my mother tongue, there are two distinct word for jokesters in power and proper high ranking Bauru who knows how to utilize the resource of a giant community). Stop deluding over protest or freedom of speech. But that is too much life especially by today’s standard. America need to go through what is comparable to the Chinese civil war to get a chance of rebirth. Since I am not an American, what happens is not my concern.

    5. Vincent

      Welcome to America.

  8. Kevin Tewey

    Professor wolf talks for nine minutes and gives you a two hour college lecture

    the others talk for 1:51 hours and give you from four seconds to 4:59 minutes of “information”

  9. Koala Koala

    Capitalism will fall within the next couple years, and it’s our responsibility to not let it rise again

    1. Billy OldMan

      ​@Song Park How about you keep all the profit of your labor and shoot everyone in the face who tells you to hand it over. Then you’ll get to decide where it gets spent or reinvested, plus you get to dictate your own working conditions.

    2. marty mart

      I had already made major plans to leave the country this year/I was two months shy of doing so/ but as soon as it humanly possible I will be on a plane out of here

    3. Militant Anarchist

      I hope.

    4. Militant Anarchist

      @Billy OldMan I like that idea.

    5. EclecticSceptic

      Capitalism doesn’t fall. The people fall. Capitalism will not end until people decide they want it to end and they make that happen. When capitalism falters, the ruling class muster whatever means at their disposal to maintain control – fascism is always the gun under the table. It takes a progressive movement to push society in the opposite direction.

  10. F Mat

    Too expensive to have prepared for this event, but never asking who will pay for the military $1 trillion budget…..and he even gave them $84 billion that they didn’t even ask for. !!!!

    1. Frederic Bastiat

      $745 Defense out of $4.8 Trillion budget is under 16%. Stupid.

    2. tom tesoro

      ASK ‘WHY?” why has not all governments PLANNED FOR this type of EPIDEMIC (Spanish flu like) when Huge economic $$$$ have been handed to the 1%? WHY has not ALL governments extended medical specialists within their hospital systems to be ready for such a contingency? ( yes spend the money.. ) p.s. As recent as last few months IN NSW ( Australia) the state government had asked the hospital sector to find ” $250 MILLION in savings.. ” YES, SAVINGS!

    3. Frederic Bastiat

      @tom tesoro Govts do not have money, stupid. Progressives spent it.

    4. Frederic Bastiat

      @tom tesoro Progressives spent it all, stupid.

  11. John Smith

    “Failure of the capitalist system to protect it’s own citizens.” This is a point that needs some thinking upon.

    1. tom tesoro

      @vegn_brit THE RICH HAVE SECURED their contingency plans.. ie gold, cash, silver.. and a cash out of shoes some time ago.. like Zuckerberg $1 billion cash out of his shares..

    2. tom tesoro

      @larry marler the ‘system’ WILL save itself once again, with a huge ‘ dump’ of the unemployed, underemployed, poor, homeless.. etc.. and with a neo-liberal ideology they will be left to rot! BUT soon fate this resuscitation once again at OUR EXPENSE.. the system will never be the same again.. SOMEONE MUST pay for the $trillions.. ?? tax rises? consumption tax rises? OR social welfare reductions? SOMETHIN gotta give.. ! capitalism’ S dooms day, might be averted for a while BUT it will happen.. ! IF TRIUMP can give socialist ‘cheques’ to ALL people will ask thew obvious question.. !

    3. tom tesoro

      @John Smith IF YOU do not know.. well!

    4. John Smith

      @tom tesoro – Yes so much for your crank outrage then. You’d be asked to leave my class for making it all about yourself.

    5. bayleybomber

      @John Smith you have been reported

  12. Gehres Weed

    Thanks Professor! Spot on.
    It seems that these globalists fanatic Capitalists have created such an “advanced” economy that it can’t even handle a bad cold.

    1. bls5160

      And that’s all it is a bad cold, mild flu or bronchitis, everyone gets better after a week or two except people already in poor health. Look at all the people who never eat anything healthy at all, living on junk food with lowered immune system to begin with. That’s why it’s important to eat healthy everyday and keep your immune system at a high level. I eat grapefruit and oranges, lemon juice water and plenty of salads and raw vegetables. I will never let anyone give me a poisonous vaccine.

  13. Matthew Condie

    Capitalism is the mother of all viruses.

    1. Frederic Bastiat

      @mrbag60 Under Capitalism those with the favorite corporations get rich. Generally those preferered by the middle and lower classes.
      McDonalds, Walmart, Fords.
      Not the grass fed Filet mignon dinner house, Nordstroms and Bentley.

    2. Frederic Bastiat

      @Harold Morozko Profits attract more greedy investors expanding production, employing.
      Losses the opposite. Stupid.



    4. Frederic Bastiat

      @ROBERT STOKES ? When I needed labor, I offered a wage enought to attract it. Did you mean “work for free”?

    5. Matthew Condie

      @ROBERT STOKES capitalism is slavery for working people.

  14. Benjamin Rao

    Keep up the good work Dr. Wolff, we NEED YOU more than ever

  15. Josh Knorr

    Watching talking heads on MSM is hilarious. They say oh no what about the markets!? Oh yeah, the human cost is tragic, but what about the markets!!!!??

    1. tom tesoro

      ‘hilarious?” NO, depressing… IGNORANT… ‘markets” ! Oh gee.. the markets? yes, THEY CASUED this, WE PAY! BUT.. the markets MUST be protected again, by a bailout.. (OH, SHH! it is a CORONA bailout ok? NOT a market bailout.. OK? ) Once again , the majority fooled into giving their ‘suffering lives’ to the MARKETS!

    2. tom tesoro

      @bustos1959 One has to ask.. IF THE VOTERS BELIEVE THE MSM in USA.. and TRUMP should they THEN NOT SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING SO STUPID? hey, USA.. IT is TIME you woke up! ‘yes, you, stupid.. WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN.. ‘

    3. apacheslim

      Frederic Bastiat

      China is the source of the pandemic and it’s under control now. If the usa was the source it would still be spreading.

    4. Frederic Bastiat

      @tom tesoro Market forces are simply the result of supply and demand between buyers and sellers.
      Affecting price and quantiry.
      Yes, these forces exist.

    5. tom tesoro

      @Frederic Bastiat YOU are one of the ‘sheep’ who keeps hoping that your heroes the political elite will save you.. YOUR STUPIDITY is only superseded by your lack of collective empathy.. STUPID! ( Your day will come.. )

  16. allonesame

    The market will not take care of regular people.

  17. French Frys

    Professor Wolf *please* quarantine yourself and stay alive. We can *NOT* lose your voice. Gods speed and stay healthy!

    1. J Berco

      @French Frys Frys is fries not Frys you hate filled American waSSp

    2. J Berco

      His ugly fat son is as disgusting as him

    3. Mhi kl

      This corona virus is easily stopped, FF. 
      Check out Xylitol, a sugar alcohol that will starve the coronavirus when spayed into ears, eyes, up the nose and used to brush the teeth.
      Bend over the bathtub with a dollar store spray bottle containing 2TSP Xylitol powder/granules + a quarter tsp salt as a buffer. The top of the head needs to be as low to the floor of the tub as possible. Spray into nostrils to completely fill the sinus cavities. Spray into all head openings~eyes, ears, mouth, nose. Use an eye-cup filled with xylitol to wash the eyes and while the eye cup is over the eye, suck in to draw the xylitol into eye cavities.
      Doing this every four hours will protect against this virus and will starve the virus and protect against this and every kind of virus.
      Google and do your research. This information is easily found.
      I have posted this comment elsewhere, trying to get the info out in the open.
      Namaste and care,

  18. Ace1000ks1975

    This collapse is going to be very deep indeed.

    1. John Smith

      @Ace1000ks1975 – Ha, now that’s creative, especially the all caps, very 2002 of you! Here’s a proper response: You go girl!

    2. Ace1000ks1975

      @John Smith so troll?

    3. John Smith

      @Ace1000ks1975 – Muted, child.

    4. Ace1000ks1975

      @John Smith so?

  19. The National Razor

    But letting people take care of a pandemic would be Socialism!

  20. boo Jay

    If Bernie Sanders had become president in 2016, this could have been avoided.

    1. George Powell

      Exactly, and we’re about to do it all over again because the DNC and pals have and will rig elections until the party collapses. Voting Green again too.

    2. G6 LG

      Are u even listen to the video?

    3. movingpicutres99

      boo Jay Any Democrat or even William Weld would have followed Obama’s example.

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