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COVID-19 – Effects on E-commerce, stock market, and more. ft. Jason Wong & Melisa Vong


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49 Thoughts to “COVID-19 – Effects on E-commerce, stock market, and more. ft. Jason Wong & Melisa Vong”

  1. Softer Side

    I’m watching an ad that’s saying that dropshipping is useless… The irony

    1. Mario Meza

      I think they’re posting those ads so less people would go into dropshipping lowering the competition.

    2. Alex 46

      dtopshipping us for dumb dumbs…

    3. Alex 46

      brobocops yeah 😅😅

    4. Ms. Chelle G

      It’s called algorithm not irony.

  2. Mohammad Razzaghnoori

    I think you’re the first YouTuber ever that I clicked the bell button on their page to get notified of their latest posts. After watching a gazillion e-commerce videos it’s much easier to tell the difference between real content and bs. You’re definitely one of the few real ones. Thanks.

  3. Spiritual Raed

    Can’t you just ship from the USA and then everything is all good for dropshipping

    1. Jacob Salgado

      Bewoke yup that’s what I’m doing

    2. Jacob Salgado

      Bewoke except worldwide shipping

    3. Spiritual Raed

      Jacob Salgado wym

    4. SpaceGod

      The problem is that people are paranoid and won’t risk order anything at all

  4. Gabriel

    3:46 The market plummeting is not due to the Corona virus. It was only triggered by it. The market (not just stocks) has been very overpriced for a couple of years anyway. We’re due for a correction, and it has yet to start
    Cool cat

    1. Sebastian Ghiorghiu

      I completely agree with you, the corona virus isn’t that big of a deal because of the low mortality rate, people are just scared and it defiantly triggered not caused the market to correct. Thank you.

    2. Alex Alexandru

      @Sebastian Ghiorghiu ești sigur? Stau în Italia și lucrurile nu sunt chiar asa. Doar azi au murit 475 de persoane, ieri 350. Cu că-ți or sa fie mai mulți infectați, cu atât numărul deceselor creste

    3. Blake Ramsey

      @Sebastian Ghiorghiu An almost 4% mortality rate is not low, thats very high for a highly contagious virus

    4. Bad Boys Hub

      Why do you think the entire market was overpriced?

  5. li mark

    “The market does not take your money, your fear does”- Tony Robbins. Now it’s only right to not liquidate for people who are holding some stocks in hand, and for people to buy stocks at a extremely low price if you are thinking to start.

    1. J C

      li mark I want to start top on stocks but imma student. Any good you tubers that are legit u would recommend?

    2. Lovena Jesika

      Bitcoin stays bearish as a new “Black Monday” scenario gets underway across global markets

  6. Ed Sunderland

    Sabastian, thank you so much for this thoughtful video speaking with movers in the drop shipping and Amazon space in this virus fog we are in. You didn’t have to do it, but this kind of action brings a lot of respect to you. Thanks again.🙂

    1. Lovena Jesika

      Bitcoin stays bearish as a new “Black Monday” scenario gets underway across global markets

  7. Lla HULA

    2:46 “ …to eat vegetables…”
    Me: *a whole bar of chocolate just put in my mouth*

    1. sqeltx

      Lmao same i was eating chocolate while i was watching and he said to eat vegetables

  8. jake gordon

    wouldnt agree. with people being sent home and bored with nothing to do online visits will increase by 30% meaning more sales. good vid thou

    1. AutoMotiveNO

      @Nuno Correia What if the product is produced within the US and sold within the US.

    2. donracks

      The uncertainty, Increased ad cost, really slow shipping and people have less money. 30% increase in visits won’t make up for that. Unless you already have a stable somewhat successful ecom store, you should probably put your store on pause and save your money tbh. The negatives outweigh the positives rn

    3. AutoMotiveNO

      donracks why is there increased ad cost now?

    4. Milletimisev

      @Nuno Correia 3 weeks in and the numbers tell a different story than jake gordon’s theory. Even the e-commerce sector in general – so not speaking of just dropshipping – has shown a decrease in sales. Stay safe and I hope you all get good through covid-19.

    5. AutoMotiveNO

      Milletimisev valid point. Source?

  9. Kevv Palma

    What kind of side hustles would you recommend ?

    1. Nick Tefft

      only fans

  10. Guy Guy

    The US stopping transmission of goods from Europe is totally false. People are unable to travel between Europe and the US but there has been no restrictions on trade as of yet

  11. Ian van Niekerk

    I died at the random edit of the cat during this serious convo 😂

    1. Lovena Jesika

      Ian van Niekerk Bitcoin stays bearish as a new “Black Monday” scenario gets underway across global markets

  12. DAB Smooth Beats

    At this time my sales are exploding more than ever. People are at home with nothing else to do but spend their money online. It really depends on what you sell. If you’re selling useless crap, you will lose. The key is to appeal to what people need at this vulnerable time.

    1. Holo

      What do you sell?

    2. Janine Wiseman

      @Roughnecks eCom Understood. Thanks for your feedback. Greatly appreciated. No, it’s not a private label but our own natural health products. We grow all our proprietary blends on our own farms. Made in Canada and licensed by Health Canada. Our reorder rate for all 4 our of products is 86%. We are currently selling through a few affiliates from the UK. Currently, our affiliates are selling 200 orders per week. Shipped worldwide. Our payout to affiliates (our top ones) is USD $ 50.00 per sale but are wanting to sell 1000 orders per week. Now, one of our affiliates mentioned the demand from customers in China. So, let’s see what the next phase will be. Our goal is to sell in volume to the US market as we grew our manufacturing production on our farms to 20,000 bottles per month. We also manufacture a high blood pressure, high blood sugar (type 2 diabetes) and a depression anxiety natural remedies. Our affiliate platform is Shareasale so we are looking to partner with a marketing/sales partner that is able to scale in return for USD $ 50.00 per sale. Cookie never expires and with a high reorder rate, zero chargebacks/returns, you would earn commissions per sale on all reorders as well. Let’ see.

    3. Janine Wiseman

      @Holo Our company grows and manufactures professional-grade nutritional remedies for lowering high blood pressure, high blood sugar (type 2 diabetes), depression/anxiety and a natural liquid mineral supplement to strengthen the immune system which protects against the flu/cold virus.

    4. Holo

      @Janine Wiseman sounds like a lot of work went into doing that, i hope you get the boost your sales need! 🙂

    5. donracks

      Let’s agree to disagree

  13. Mikko M

    “welcome to the internet” lol

  14. jojotheweirdone

    20 years from now this will randomly get recommended to people and they’re going to be all confused lol

    1. Iza Leonie

      jojotheweirdone true!!! Hello future people, hope the world is a better place! 👀🙏🏼

  15. Ensec

    right when i was about to try my luck too lmao. it’s a sign from the heavens!

  16. Zain Abbas

    Rich people say dont follow herd mentality. Herd mentality says dont start a business during a pandemic/epidemic or a recession. Now is the best time. That’s it.

  17. Zaid Saifi

    The Kind of Content you have produced for the past few months has been done exceptionally well, I used to Skip your videos in my sub box just like every other Dropshipper out there that only provide Ground level Surface info bullshit from 2016. You have seriously transcended yourself massively and hope you continue to do so. Stay Safe Sebastian

  18. Sage 1

    The ecom part starts at 5:43

  19. Jewe1

    6:34 just a casual switch from intense bad topics to cat licking it’s paw knowing it will be last one standing

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