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The Stock Market is On Sale! Panic Or Buy? By Adam Khoo


The concern of Coronavirus (Covid 19) spreading around the globe as well as the economic stagnation has actually caused the fastest improvement in stock market history, The S&P 500 is down 16% over the last 7 trading days and also numerous stocks are selling at undervalued levels.

Is it time to start buying supplies and make use of low prices or is there more downside ahead?

These are vital supply investing, stock trading, foreign exchange trading as well as options trading skills that will assist individuals to beat the securities market and also to create consistent profits to develop their wide range.

Adam Khoo is a specialist stock and also foreign exchange trader as well as the best-selling author of 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and "Make money from the Panic".

He is the four-time victor of the 'Many Preferred Financial Educator' Honor and also 'A Lot Of Preferred Investment Audio Speaker Honor' in Singapore.

Hundreds of trainees have actually profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of supply investing (worth investing), stock trading, options trading and also Foreign exchange trading.

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24 Thoughts to “The Stock Market is On Sale! Panic Or Buy? By Adam Khoo”

  1. xplodnow

    Yasssss! I was waiting all day for this after the crash

  2. How to Trade

    NIcely explained, we manage porfolios & now we had kept free cash in our clients account that benifit will get now by buying at cheap prices.

  3. Damian Wong

    This video gives viewers so much VALUE for free. Adam deserves more subscribers.

    1. Sven Jorgenson

      I hope you read my comment then.

  4. Royal Eagle

    Thank you Adam for your amazing advices! It’s a pleasure watching your videos and being reassure. You are the best

  5. Jacobsen1987

    I like you because you keep it simple, without panic. Investing in its core is a simple task but we tend to complicate more than is neccessary.

  6. דיטקט חקירות

    I wonder why that video don’t published before today rally’s. This way you are never wrong

  7. Sloth Father

    When you buy puts, what time period do you buy them for and what fraction of your stock position do you buy them for? Thanks.

  8. Duc Nguyen

    Lol this drop scared the **it out of me.

  9. RandomRT

    This may be on sale, but I will wait for the clearance 😎

    1. lowNpartner AdvocSolicitors

      do you already bought the clearance? when?

  10. Emily - Mindfully Trading

    That was a very interesting video with lots of great information, thank you! 🙂

  11. Chris Williamson

    The Depression, I mean “fire sale”, is coming.

  12. Jack Jiang

    wonderful information, very meaningful at this panic moment! thanks so much!

  13. Living La Vida Luca

    It’s a great video but we haven’t hit peak fear yet ! More pain to come probably starting with tomorrow (monday 16th) !

  14. thats it

    The world is in a Pre-recession and we are going to a global recession to depression too fast. A lot of people dying and people now out of work. War is still going on.

    1. 1LIFEtoWIN

      thats it in America most people are at work and healthy. We are definitely enter a global recession but not depression

    2. Think and grow up

      That’s it. I think this panic has created a recession. I mean what is a recession. It’s people out of work, less spending, less travelling and it’s all happening now. During the last recession it took people by surprise. The stock markets been going up and up, whether this virus was planned or not as an experiment or not, it worked. Creating panic and a recession.

  15. 05it238

    I thought the same and now I am stuck with all my money in the stock market!

  16. Narin Sriratanaviriyakul

    Obviously no one can time the market, If I can go back at the time you were talking, I would sell all my stocks and bought more puts.

  17. Healthyliving

    you know this is his religion when he says ” may the market be with you.” haha

  18. Daniel Holts1

    Great video
    No skipping, well explained, introduced the valuable informations and a great strategy
    Thanks, bless yo

  19. MLB CITY

    thank you so much for all you help to so many of us that want to make the right move with your great help.How you do you know the true price of the companies where do you find that inf?
    what do you think about swing trading style, do you recommend that ?

  20. Fatih Altın

    This guy literally explains the madness in the market. Incredible !

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