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Morgan Stanley lays out 3 possible COVID-19 scenarios for the market


Morgan Stanley is considering in on the economic influence of the coronavirus break out, describing the 3 possible scenarios investors ought to get ready for. Yahoo Finance's Jen Rogers, Brian Cheung and also Miles Udland talk about on The Final Round.
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31 Thoughts to “Morgan Stanley lays out 3 possible COVID-19 scenarios for the market”

  1. signalfire6

    These projections of ‘it’ll all be over by April’ will be seen as … quaint… in another year.

    1. Joker

      Chris Kapinga it’s just starting in the USA tho, right?

    2. gaogle censors

      @Chris Kapinga you believe stats from China LOL. Dont have kids

    3. Chris Kapinga

      @gaogle censors Yes, I believe the numbers from Johns Hopkins. The graphs also follow natural epidemiological patterns. (I have a degree in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences).

    4. alexander leo

      Chris Kapinga so what’s your opinion on how it will act in the rest of the world

    5. Chris Kapinga

      That’s not to say that all the lost lives aren’t tragic or that we shouldn’t empathise with the people affected. But everyone is still way more likely to die from a common flu than this new scary virus.

  2. Damian Wong

    We’re just getting started.

  3. IHATE M

    Its all 3 of Them right now.. not just 1…

  4. Fantastical History


  5. Jane B

    Did you see the helicopter money pumped in at last minute. 900 to 300 what a munition of market!!!!

  6. Joseph Gibbs


  7. Mozzy_Frenchy

    Yang gang lmao

  8. Wooddog Shiba Inu

    Recession is a question of when, not if.

    1. david arms

      Pure genius

  9. Robert Lee

    Feds can cut 1% but that won’t encourage me to fly to LA to go to Disneyland, watch a movie or go ball game

    1. imeldo marcos

      Disneyland is a no2, six flags.
      The main idea is how long will this last ? Sars lasted 8 months.
      The virus is a bioweapon, chinese scientists seem to point out it originated from the wuhan lab.

    2. robb

      You’re right, and this could be a real turning point for many people’s perspective on their own personal consumerism. ie; take something away from me for awhile then I begin to question whether I even needed it in the first place – updating to a new cell phone as an example

  10. R

    Definitely a bunch of Yahoos

  11. Zephyrion

    Will peak in May lol what

  12. Blacknight cnc.

    I would not be surprised that this virus will be here for more than a year, sorry to say, bull market for virus, more bear market for the stock market. please be safe everyone!

  13. Frank Lord

    Dow Jones cuts in half is very realistic.

  14. W W

    Running a trillion dollar deficit in 2019 when the economy was booming, so how much do we go in the red now?

  15. Just Add Silver

    The stock market is going to make 1929 look like candy land by the end of 2020.

    1. Steven Housman

      Just Add Silver to me

    2. david arms

      Change your name to
      Doom & gloom

  16. nsk s

    0.75 cut and 18000 may be bottom . vaccine comes rebound to 25000

  17. Angus M

    When anyone uses the the word “like” in every sentence, they lose credibility. It makes them sound amateurish.

    1. Richard Wilde

      That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  18. Lifehacks

    I want some helicopter money…. Actually I’ll take anything

  19. Corona Pyrrhus

    Corporations are the real enemies here! It is because of these corporations who have shipped away American manufacturing, destroying the American Middle Class, in favor of cheap slave labor in China. Now look at how vulnerable we are! And it’s because of these corporations like Walmart and Target! Corporations are the enemies of the American people!!

  20. AfricanManikin

    Ummm 5:36… did she exclaim “GANG GANG”?? 🤣🤣🤣

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