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COVID-19 wipes out over US$ 16 tril. from global stock markets in just 52 days


세계증시 시총 52일 만에 1경9천조 증발 … 한국GDP의 10배

International stock market losses have topped 16 trillion U.S. bucks in simply 52 days given that fears over the coronavirus grasped the world.
Kim Hyo-sun records.
The coronavirus outbreak has wiped more than 16 trillion U.S. bucks off the worldwide stock exchange.
According to information launched by Bloomberg, … COVID-19 has eliminated virtually 16-point-7 trillion bucks in 86 countries as of March 12th.
This is a monstrous 18-point-7 percent drop, from 89 trillion to 72-point-5 trillion bucks in just 52 days.
That number is virtually 10 times the GDP of South Korea.
Of the nations, … over 30 countries saw more than a 20 percent decline, … with Russia as well as Australia losing more than 30 percent.
The South Korean stock exchange, … which remained in 28th area in regards to decrease, … dropped 22-point-1 percent.
Throughout the very same period, the UNITED STATE as well as UK markets shed 18-point-8 and 26-point-1 percent, respectively.
On the other hand, China, … where COVID-19 stemmed, … saw a reasonably moderate decline of 4-point-2 percent.
Italy, which is now experiencing a rapid spread of the virus, has saw a decline of more than 25 percent.
Worldwide stock exchange are currently on the verge of entering a bearish phase.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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30 Thoughts to “COVID-19 wipes out over US$ 16 tril. from global stock markets in just 52 days”

  1. FrightLightning


  2. HatRack

    “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation”

    1. Counterpart2U

      Can’t help it when you’re born into servitude.

  3. sanujit roy

    It would cross 20 trillion

  4. Trent Hardiman

    Ooo my that’s a bear.

  5. corona Srilanka

    Beautiful news reader ☺☺☺

  6. Rex II ForSure

    Looks like the Fed got out their big bazooka and lowered interest rate to zero

  7. insaaanestuff


  8. Alastair

    China will be calling on the payment of the $6.7 trillion the US is indebted to them real soon!

    1. Roberto Lemus

      I wrote them a check already its in the mail.

    2. FerrisSOCAL

      Do you think they would let the US pay it off with cruise missiles, bombs and bullets? We have a lot, and I’m sure there are plenty of people that would stand in line for the chance to deliver them personally to the pandas for designing/producing and then using a bio weapon on the world.

    3. What's The Use People Don't Listen Anyway

      I wish they would hurry it up.

  9. W i l s o n

    This kinda news can give China haters severe chest pains

  10. hollapro

    The corona has already have mutated once and they have found second strain and this might get worse and recession is a certain as this virus will be around for a while. Sell stocks unless you are willing to take another 30-50% loss from now as the main engine of the economy the consumer will need to be locked down a lot more to contain the virus and you will the death piling on.

  11. Nicole McWilliams

    We all need to be taught her own small way of trying to help with keeping the planet healthy for as long as possible not bombs convenience of things let technology boom but let’s keep things simple and let both things mean and pay the same just without one you won’t have the other

  12. Zoon Geralt

    I guess it’s time for America to invade another Middle Eastern country soon.

    1. Red Power.红色的力量

      Zoon Geralt you know who is already in the bucket list. Iran

  13. 赵niania

    good news for me🤪🤪🤪🤪

  14. haha huhu

    Actually, there is a way to avoid this.
    Everybody just needs to keep their stocks. Dun buy or sell

    1. Hannodb1961

      It’s a great time for buying, though.

  15. Chun Yee

    Welcome home COVID 19!

  16. What's The Use People Don't Listen Anyway

    Jeff Bezos is said to have lost 8 billion. Poetic Justice for someone who’s multi-billion dollar company paid 0 federal taxes in 2018 and 2019.

  17. August Von Mackensen

    I’m not surprised by Australia, while Asian nations based their economy on manufacture and service, they built theirs on endlessly selling realestate to each other at ever increasing price, and selling assets to the China. Sad but true.

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      hi mr logan I admire the idea of an investment advisor, does emily have a means to reach her formally? I never knew how to go about hiring their services and in times like this? it becomes a neccessity and an obligation to any long term investor as correction is taking forever, a little advise from a professional can help.

    2. Logan Gray

      she is regulated, you can find her contact details and bio data on the web, she has a website and a license with crd number. we communicate easily via emails and calls, just google search her full name “Emily Rebecca Baker” you should find matching details of a financial consultant with goldman sachs

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      @Logan Gray I lost with robinhood, it is so drastic that I owe money due to high leveraging, I decided to abandon the account, how much is a right amount to start out with under Emily?? what I find from just searching her name online is incredible.

    4. Logan Gray

      incredible she is indeed, those who worked with her whom I also inquired from attested to her brilliance and availability when you need her. She lets you decide how much you want to start out with it must be worth her time though. I have over $150k invested now under her care.

  19. Joe Bloe

    “A whopping drop” – ( : he ha

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