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Whitney Tilson discusses why he is investing in the market now amid COVID-19 volatility


Whitney Tilson Realm Financial Research Owner as well as Chief Executive Officer reviews his market method and why he is continuing to invest in the securities market in the middle of coronavirus uncertainty and market volatility.

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24 Thoughts to “Whitney Tilson discusses why he is investing in the market now amid COVID-19 volatility”

  1. butterfflyess

    Are you for real? They will keep this covid noise up until they are satisfied with their cheap stock purchaes

    1. Leslie Love

      butterfflyess they want the little guys to catch the falling swords

  2. any

    When all turn into just paper.. he will know why there is risk.

  3. TheComicalCanadian

    nice content

  4. TheComicalCanadian

    amazing video keep it up bro

  5. aoeulhs

    Buy the low hamburgers with a strong stomach and bloody hands!

  6. Leslie Love

    This man must be in a position to loose all his money in the stock market and still be ok financially

    1. rob brahe

      No, he’s in a position in INVEST rather than TRADE. anyone who says “don’t try to catch a falling knife” is interesting in charting and trading, not investing. You look ahead a few quarters, crunch the numbers, see a big margin of safety because the discounted cash flow valuation is well above the current market price, you start putting $ to work.

    2. siemenssx1

      @rob brahe i have no idea what you are saying….

    3. James Blanton

      Investors are in the market for the long term e.g. one-year or more. Traders, depending on their strategies and asset classes being traded, are in the market anywhere from a few hours, days, a week, or just a few months.

    4. e james

      @siemenssx1 BYE LO……..SELL HI

  7. nsk s

    may go down to 15000 , may be even lower , bounces vaccine appears

  8. Philip Webb

    according to a business associate and financial consultant with Goldman Sachs Mrs Emily Rebecca Baker while uncertainty fills the air, one thing is for sure, that the stock market has depleted and will futher do so, best line of action I took was liquidating my funds and putting them into cryptocurrencies investments under her guidance. She is very experienced hence I took her word, I am up in profits up to $14% of my capital regardless of the dump in cryptos recently

    1. Queen Of Kings

      hi, how can I reach out to this Emily? I am looking for avenues to still make money amidst all happening due to covid 19 I hope she can help. How frequent do you make profits or withdrawals?

    2. Philip Webb

      I have been with her for 5 months. Withdrawal are now every 2 weeks, was monthly. You can also compound if you want.

    3. Philip Webb

      she is a regulated financial consultant and portfolio manager all her details are online, just google search her full name. Emily Rebecca Baker…all info you require to reach her is on the web

    4. rob brahe

      There are millions of experienced financial experts out there…

  9. Aaron8679

    Does this chick not know when to buy stocks?

  10. Alan Reichenbach

    Thumbs mean stock

  11. Kourtney Dixon

    This guy is smart.

  12. 1gerger1

    i agree, i have buying a TON of stock, for the last week, my favorite stocks are down 35%, ,,when all the is blows over, it will be a great return, keep the faith, and stay safe,,,,,,

    1. Bulsa

      1gerger1 favorite is?

  13. Maxx_thor Games

    recession is good for investment. we need a new economic model without shareholder as a the business driver

  14. Guy Stephenson

    It’s simple Buy low, sell high. No brainer. I’m optimistic we’ll pull out of this economic crash and my stocks will soar. Tilson’s views mirror mine.

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