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288 TIP. Current Stock Market Conditions – 2020 Crash – COVID19


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On today's program, Preston Pysh and also Stig Brodersen speak about the current market problems and how COVID-19 is affecting the Supply, Bond, & Commodities market.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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38 Thoughts to “288 TIP. Current Stock Market Conditions – 2020 Crash – COVID19”

  1. Tom

    awesome video keep up the great content

    1. fireflyers7800

      Did you listen to it? its over an hour long and youtube claims its been up for 17 mins.

    2. tdan89

      @fireflyers7800 maybe he listened to it on other i think is among the last platforms where this podcast is uploaded

    3. That British Vlogger

      @tdan89 he is a bot

  2. daniel wymer

    PUTs don’t have unlimited risk. The only unlimited risk is if you sell a call and you don’t have the underlying…

  3. Michael None

    Great two opinion podcast with valuable concepts discussed

  4. Michael Epstein

    Interesting discussion, I definitely find myself aligned with Stig’s approach. I still wholeheartedly feel a long term value approach is STILL the best way to go. Buying companies that have sound balance sheets and provide products or services that will be in demand no matter the state of the economy. When I think about a business, I think about at least 10 years, and by that point Covid19 will certainly be in our rear view mirrors. To address Preston’s thoughts about currency, large companies will always be able to position themselves in the monetary vehicles that offer the greatest buying power, and on a much larger scale than an individual investor might do. As the market is busy crashing, businesses with very strong positions will continue to function just fine, and I feel the key is to keep buying, but to buy in small quantities as timing the market is all but impossible. As Buffet has said, invest through thick and thin, and especially through thin.

    With regard to timing the status of the medical situation surrounding Covid19, it will be all but impossible, pandemics occur in waves (Spanish Flu as an example) and the speed that this virus is capable of affecting large clusters of people means the demand on medical services is going to be very unpredictable. I also don’t believe it will be resolved in months, I believe it will be over a year, perhaps 2 years… who knows?

  5. Sam Zaky

    That is a robbery 43% capital gain in Denmark!!

    1. Dave z

      45% in Australia lol

    2. Sam Zaky

      @Dave z why ?!! do the animals there get salaries from the government? lol

  6. Martin Smith

    Best arguments I’ve heard why FIAT currency has shock coming beyond anything we’ve seen before and why CRYPTO could come out of remnants of this meltdown, whether that’s BITCOIN or not in long term, guess we’ll see. Compelling arguments I feel from Preston why no exposure in main markets at this time is the only sensible position.

  7. Luis Arizaga

    I’m from Argentina and I’m seeing myself living before coming to Europe exactly trying to do what you say… preserve the buying power, nothing else. Complicated situation… lol I hope you are wrong lol but you certainly know more than me. Nice podcast.

  8. Choose Life

    hyperinflation takes some time to set up. But when it happens…

    1. James West

      Hyperinflation is usually caused by relative currency devaluation. Is there another currency you trust more than the dollar?

    2. James West

      Relative = against other currencies just to clarify my position!

    3. Anthony Ruvalcaba

      @James West I don’t trust any currency tbh…

    4. Choose Life

      @James West the dollar is surely the safe heaven for now. i tend to see things brent williams’ way about dollar demand. But it is another bubble in the end and at some point when credit can no longer be extended, it’ll deflate

    5. James West

      @Choose Life Brent williams way?

  9. Choose Life

    deflation then inflation …

  10. MrMustachehead

    So valuable, Thankyou!

  11. KD Gaming

    I have plan to buy oil, thats something that will always have value

  12. Tonttoe

    I’m 19 and don’t know anything on financial literacy, someone help 🙁

    1. Lakshanth Reddy

      Watch Preston’s full investing courses… U ll get a lot of insight there

    2. Steven Bourget

    3. Anthony Ruvalcaba

      School. CSI if you’re in Canada

    4. /

      Lakshanth Reddy thanks! Do you have some more stuff on short term stock trading?

  13. r080d

    Wow.. I just watched the first few videos of this podcast.. and the change in investing paradigm is real.

  14. Rof Lhard

    The end for this current Fiat monetary system. Global public debt to GDP to exceed 200%. High taxes and high rents to come.

  15. Tob Ias

    What do you think about taking a credit to buy real estate? This position would profit from inflation.

  16. Sam K

    Why not by gold or resources instead of crypto? Shouldn’t assets hedge better against inflation than crypto?

  17. Sourena Sahraian

    I don’t get it , I have known Preston as an ardent advocate of value investing , picking stocks based on their intrinsic value , where is the intrinsic value in Bitcoin , what is the utility in bitcoin?

    1. imgrado

      There is none. I guess he’s hoping it replaces fiat in the crisis, but even then replaces it how? Where? It’s not ever going to be in every store or restaurant. It’s too slow.

    2. Sourena Sahraian

      @imgrado I can’t see any point in it either , too slow and too volatile to be used as a form of currency or store of value , here is an idea , you are worried that the FIAT tanks due to massive inflation, why not take advantage of negative interests rates and the initial price drops and invest in real state , if FIAT tanks , people would flock into real state property .

    3. /

      imgrado a digital currency backed by gold would be great

  18. wolfflow

    I was 95% cash and I’m still only taking bunts until im really ready to step up to the plate and swing for some home runs

  19. wolfflow

    My motto: The truth is in the middle

  20. Abundance Living

    Gold’s persistence im hyperinflation questionable. In the short term, oil price can also drop as we see in the history. It is hard to say…there are still a lot of uncertainty in the short term on how the US would slowly lose or reduce its power and what the journey looks like…

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