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Sree Iyer on Has US turned the corner on COVID-19


The recoiling of the US Stock exchange appears to indicate that the spread of the Coronavirus is under control, really feels Sree Iyer. Exactly how will Trump proceed versus China? Here is a surprising forecast.
#SreeIyer #Coronavirus #Covid 19.

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22 Thoughts to “Sree Iyer on Has US turned the corner on COVID-19”

  1. ishant 7

    2008 on steroids


    USA Highest number of death in 24 hours in the world – 2000

  3. Tom

    awesome content dude

  4. Narayan Thiagarajan

    Heard that coffins used to cremate dead bodies in China have increased exponentially during last month compared to their deaths reported.

  5. Lakshmanan Jagannathan

    I expect Europe to retaliate and chinese begin to group against their rogue regime

  6. Suman Kundu

    Hong Kong is also where Xi Jinpping’s rival ziang zemen’s associate has most wealth hidden . Its been said that the extredition law that triggers hong kong democracy protest was meant to get Ziang zemen’s associates .

  7. V M


    YouTube : Demonetised

  8. AB

    it’s 21 million cell phones that have gone silent-

    1. Tarun Simha

      thats 2.1 cores….are you serious? I doubt these numbers.

  9. Arvind Chitale

    Well, researched. Thanks. Shri.

  10. r ram

    India and other countries are caught in the X-fire

  11. Jaydeep Deshpande

    There is nothing positive to be talked about US right now. For a developed country their performance is pathetic

  12. Aman Sharma

    Hey shree bro ….we love your assessment !! All the best man

  13. Loxie Davie

    DAVID ICKE’S interview on LondonReal plainly exposes this Scamdemic that has been run on the entire world!! It is worth a listen for anyone wanted to get a better view of the Big Picture!!

  14. Mani Subramanian

    YES POSSIBLY , at any rate , USA will not tolerate or appease , a bigotry ORGANISATION , such as TABLIGHI JAMMAT , as was discreetly permitted and allowed to breed , that too in the NATIONAL CAPITAL , with BLESSINGS, SURE FROM AAP!

  15. Rajesh Johri

    Informative news

  16. Srinivas M

    Sir, You ara amazing 🙏


    Great Information

  18. Vivek Bharti

    I also feel that west and others would probably retaliate against China post this war.
    Countries especially India must be ready as China might use armies to divert attention.
    Y u need to develop new viruses, we still have lots of viruses in labs ( against which ppl no longer have immunity),which have potential to annihilate human race ( like small pax).

  19. Anantha Hassan Nagaraja

    Sir, what if China sell $ 1.1 tn US treasury bonds in this situation and what if currency war starts between china and USA

  20. R J

    This virus is spreading in places where international business happens, there were 1.2 million tourists for Mardi-Graz in New Orleans a city of only 300,000 people now Louisiana has the pandemic , Bay Area in California closed down Shelter in Place , social distancing 6ft apart, New York followed 6 days later, those 6 days result , Cal has 20,000 stricken by virus , NY has 70,000, 45 million tourist visit Cal every year, This pandamic scenario has been warned as early as 2005, in 2015 Bill Gates in his Ted talks had warned, it not If it will happen, its when, if it takes off in India, it will b chaos, the lack of hygiene coupled with dense population will devastate the country, no nation is in clear , it will come back & many believe its going to happen every year , Vaccination is the only way out , it will take 18 months until then, social distancing is the way out .

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