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Strategist talks market bottom, and volatility and earnings


Matt Orton, Portfolio Strategist at Carillon Tower Advisers, joins Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous, Brian Sozzi and also Heidi Chung to talk about how the marketplaces are being impacted by the coronavirus break out.
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18 Thoughts to “Strategist talks market bottom, and volatility and earnings”

  1. Tom

    amazing video keep it up

  2. Emperor'sNewClothes

    last year was flat, what do you think this year will be? Bankruptcies

    1. Marco Deo

      SP 500 was up 30% last year.

    2. yourgflikesit

      Just cause the index was up doesn’t mean that companies had growth. It comes from people’s greed and overinflating the price of shares.

  3. Emperor'sNewClothes

    16x times earnings on a global shut down?

    1. Emperor'sNewClothes

      or more than 16x?

    2. I Am you.

      The white shoe mafia boys are truly shining the floor……

  4. Richard Grover

    Considering the fact that in my fancy condo building on the golf course has about a dozen people who cannot pay rent I doubt we are in a bull rally.

    1. Age of Reason

      You have an apartment on a golf course? Learn English please.

  5. yourgflikesit

    Hey investors 👋 “Guzman y Gomez” here…

  6. Boyd Cord

    we’re going to let Wall Street steal 500 billion dollars of ours? That’s why the market is up…

  7. Open N Review

    This is a perfect bull trap! The FED is the only one buying and suckers think it’s a bull run. There will be a blood bath within weeks. The USA shut down and other countries will drive the stock down. The FED can’t print forever and inflation maybe even Hyper inflation will follow for Helicopter money in massive bail outs.

    1. Cogent Media

      if the fed buys they won’t sell meaning stocks won’t drop and if there are buyers stocks will artificially rise since less shares outstanding and less sellers

    2. Eric Manget

      @Cogent Media The FED isn’t buying. The investors getting FED money are still selling and playing the market.

  8. James Brown

    The reason the market will make a dermatic recovery is call pent up demand. hang on to your hat things are going to be flying.

    1. Eric Manget

      Except nobody has money

  9. Elizabeth O.

    Stocks soar as most of America are imprisoned in their homes forced to close their businesses and don’t know how they will pay to survive

  10. T - Squared

    I have some views about the bottom in my videos!!

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