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16 Thoughts to “After stock market plummets, coronavirus fears could also impact housing market”

  1. MisterTracks

    awesome content

  2. Stay Curious

    Rates are going to zero and the housing will revert to the mean (2014 prices). Don’t buy anything until 2021 or 2022.

    1. P The Mac

      Lol your dreaming buddy

    2. Nef Faraj

      That would be nice

    3. Kyle Johnson

      Buy all of it


    Forget buying house, buy supply and save money if u got quarantined.

    1. P The Mac

      AKEWSD 😂 stop living in fear that’s what they want you to feel what does virus have to do with your dream of buying a house ? This lame as virus will be gone not talked about in 4 weeks .

    2. Jaime Sandoval

      @P The Mac 4 weeks later ……….

    3. P The Mac

      Jaime Sandoval lol

    4. P The Mac

      Jaime Sandoval I just sold one of my houses for 860 k I listed it for 800 got 60 over La Crescenta ca . It closed when marisel law came out 2 weeks ago you make what you want out of your life not listen to the news and these stupid fucks putting all you guys in fear . The only thing I fear is GOD only thing I trust is a gun .

  4. Rui Carson

    Housing going up some say..
    House prices slump
    House losing 40% down
    No money to buy houses cars food…retailers empty shops
    No paper toilet no rice pasta no

    1. Cardinal Sin

      in 2025 the number of uk pensioners will be 4 per worker. the future money is with things like dementia care as because there will be so many in need (38% of uk population will be infirm by 2025) rates will be subjected to heavy competition. fees of £80-200 per hour will be normal. but dont foolishly volunteer your labour away for charities and councils. the period begins in 2022. peaking in 2028. just a mini bus driver could expect to earn over £1,600 per week because there is no one else to do it.

  5. Cardinal Sin

    with the population about to get really old by 4-1, now is the time to think about how to make money from the ageing population. by 2025 38% of the population will be infirm, labour prices can only go up. its important to remain stoic about the costs of your hourly fees, as the customers will have very little choice because there will be too many others willing to pay more. also, dont volunteer your labour away for charities, local authorities or councils etc.

  6. I am confederate

    slow construction ! hell no one is going to have money to buy houses already dryed in , its happing again.

  7. Jason Walter

    I’m a Realtor in Sacramento and we haven’t seen a significant impact to our real estate market as of yet. We will see what will happen because news and mortgage rates are changing drastically. I uploaded a YouTube video this morning about my predictions. Stay safe everyone!

  8. Joseph Guastella

    Anyone have toilet paper to trade my house is for sale

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