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Stock Market Crash Alert – We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet: Coronavirus / COVID-19 | Ethan Galstad


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Stocks dove 10% just today. It's getting wild …

Many thanks for enjoying my video clip! My name is Ethan as well as my goal is to assist enhance the world, one person at a time. I'm doing that by sharing the details and ideas that I think will improve the lives of others. Please take into consideration signing up for my channel and clicking the alert bell symbol, so you recognize when I upload new web content to my network.

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59 Thoughts to “Stock Market Crash Alert – We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet: Coronavirus / COVID-19 | Ethan Galstad”

  1. kenneth price

    I’ve been expecting something like this for years, I am thankful that I got ahead of the curve🌝

    1. unexplained events

      same here, but I am not as ready as I thought I would be

    2. GenXRanter

      @unexplained events Yep, always knew it in my gut my whole life too. I don’t feel ready either, but we’ve got something going for us, we’re already in the acceptance phase. Most people are going to BANG straight into the panic phase soon. Having a level head and cool temper is going to be one of the best preps we ever did.

    3. unexplained events

      @GenXRanter True I am as prepared as I can be right now, I am not looking forward to the mass panic

  2. shari duke

    Been watching you for 45 days, E. This is mentally and spiritually exhausting and it ain’t REALLY begun yet. You’re amazing.

    1. Marie Gabriel John 3:16

      🙏❤ Stay strong in Christ.

    2. ferlottes

      I feel the same : mentaly exhausted

    3. Raven Raven

      I’m feeling the same, grateful for Ethan.

  3. Shy M

    I knew the politicains would take it serious once their own got sick. Take care Ethan , some of us will make it some of us won’t but those that are part of the Galstad Family will know we gave it a really good try! I wish you and yours the best of health.

    1. Shy M

      @Seymour Crack I am so sorry, when they see what happens to America maybe they will wake up.

    2. Seymour Crack

      @Shy M Very unlikely. Despite all appearances to the contrary, the UK is one of the most ruthless countries out there. We’re just much better at hiding it than most.

    3. 0grazute123

      @Seymour Crack oh my god yes!!! Close schools and cobra are trending all over Twitter yet our PM comes out with saying we need to flatten the curve….. Buuuut we ain’t closing anything. It’s gonna be really bad here. I’m in London and it feels like a Russian roulette everyday. Good luck to us all!!!

    4. Sweet Acres Farm

      Well said!

    5. Ella Tome

      It’s surreal! 😩….I’m prepped thank goodness but I’m super worried about my grown kids and parents….my daughter up in Detroit is sick and her boyfriend too…😢

  4. A Berg

    Im in Norway. Our government did’nt act, they arrogantly spoke to the people that we were well prepared during the worst crisis in China. People who asked critical question in the beginning were ridiculed. Today Norway is shut down. But it’s to late. The virus is everywhere. We are not ready! We are missing equipment and tests. It’s almost impossible to get tested. People are in disbelief and in shock. Get ready everyone – this will get really bad! Stay safe and keep healthy!

    1. Naked Screaming Man

      Take care over there! I love Norway! But so sorry to hear your plight !! I have friends Rigge near Moss! We are much the same in the UK! It’s crazy we are not doing the same as other countries but guess we will be got by the gorus or the great depression… take care!

    2. Hair Razor Detox

      A Berg chill. The effect of economy will be far worse than virus.

  5. John Dziadek

    Still have idiots saying it’s just like the normal flu.

    1. N Spence

      It *will* be like the flu we know for the vast majority of us. The problem is that it hasn’t been communicated *from the beginning*, by those in charge, that it will be like *viral pneumonia* for the elderly, chronically ill, and the otherwise immunocompromised population who contract it. It should behoove ALL of us, especially the healthy, to self-isolate (as we can) and to take every precaution to prevent the spread if we MUST go out. We have a moral responsibility to protect the vulnerable among us, even before it’s mandated and even in places where there don’t seem to be any cases.

      For the life of me, I cannot figure out why those in power, and ultimately responsible when everything is said and done, are dragging their feet on this. Frustrating.

    2. GenXRanter

      Not so much idiots as they don’t have the mental fortitude to accept it and so stay in denial. These are the people you don’t want to be around with the light finally go on across the country.

    3. Hair Razor Detox

      John Dziadek it kinda is. It last longer but to %60 it is not much

    4. John Berry

      John Dziadek it’s bad where I work as an RN. Management is in lock step with the ” it’s just the flu” they do not even want to discuss the virility of this disease and the potential for a melt down! They are just trying to keep all the staff from bailing and staying home because these places are already dangerously short staffed!

    5. DRS_ au

      Yes, usually the younger generation who will have no problem coping with Covid-19.

  6. JimmyTH101

    I think we need a new definition of panic. Panic buying, for instance, is not when people start buying more essential things than stores can normally provide. That’s sensible buying. Panic is not when you respond to emergencies appropriately, ahead of time. Panic is when you are the last fifty percent of people in the U.S who think this is all a farce until six hours before the lockdown, and then you are in the mob of people stealing toilet paper out of each other’s grocery carts and punching people out over who gets the last canned tomatoes. That is panic, and we haven’t seen it yet.

    1. Miss optimist

      Those last minute procrastinators are or will be shopping with contagious people as well.

    2. K L

      JimmyTH101 yes people are overreacting and underreacting, what we need is Goldie Locks just right attitude. Stay calm and carry on.

    3. Herbert Eckhardt

      That is already a daily occurrence in Australia by now
      The police has to use tasers to put people down because they fight over 1 packet of toilet paper

    4. ThxGod It'sOver


    5. Battlefind

      It will happen here, with violence too. Scary. I got all of the hear already, and did it when nobody was in store.

  7. Sweet Acres Farm

    Please continue to keep doing what your doing! Your purpose is shining to me!

    1. Branden Bolt

      Me too – I’ve found my forever favourite YouTube channel …. And nobody compares to this guy Ethan – he’s fantastic.

    2. Kirah Questions

      Totally agree, thank you Ethan!

  8. SD Canyon Carver

    The fed injected 1.5 trillion dollars today and it’s still crashingYou just wait till Monday.. it’s going to 19k

    1. GenXRanter

      Makes you wonder who’s pocket that went into.

  9. Denyse Rhodes

    Sure hope my son realizes this very soon. I am fearful for him. I keep sending him your videos. I only have 1 son and worry for him n his family. Thank you for what u do. You have snow and it’s almost 70 here. Good luck in your preps

    1. Nevaeh Morgan

      Denyse, I too have one son. He doesn’t realize what is about to happen even after I told him. All I can do now is pray that he comes back home to safety.

    2. Beloved Sage


  10. Sweet Acres Farm

    The 4 horsemen are out of the Barn! Revelation Chapter 6. People will be forced to their knees due too no where else to go. Spirituality will grow expediently and you’ll be drawn either to the darkness or the Light! I pray you choose the Light while you can!

  11. Charles Vandenburgh

    Judgement Day. When major entertainment events are shut down , there is more to this “Virus” than the public is made known.

    1. Derek Hughes

      The system will literally collapse with the sheer weight of casualties, there will be many people dying who cant get medical treatment which will cause civil unrest. I don’t think they are hiding anything you just need to see the implications of what is unfolding in front of us.

    2. Ginny Williams


  12. Anthony C Brown

    New Rochelle, NY citizens are on a two-week containment. Do you have enough supplies at home to make it?

    1. Kirah Questions

      It’s time… coming to a city near you.

  13. Anthony C Brown

    It appears the stores (Target, Amazon, and others) can’t keep their inventory management systems current with actual stock. I have placed orders for food items where the online systems indicated the items are in-stock to receive notification an hour later that the item is not available. — My local Trader Joes moved the shopping cart cleaning wipes from outside to inside the store for fear it would be swiped. — Seen several frail elderly couples panic buying groceries (multiple carts) but are too weak to push ‘/ load their vehicle.

  14. E O

    And when next fall/winter comes, we are in for a massive comeback probably. It could be worse.

    1. Enoch Farage

      E O That’s exactly what happened with the Spanish flu and it’s really troubling me

    2. E O

      Enoch Farage yes. That has me worried too.

    3. Mister Deer

      @Enoch Farage you mean the part where it die out for a while and thân suddenly comeback mutate to kill million like some sort of last laugh

    4. Enoch Farage

      Mister Deer Yeah unfortunately,that’s exactly what I mean 😕

    5. Battlefind

      WILL be worse

  15. Countertop Prophecies

    I’m finally having some friends recognize the severity of this due to NBA season and other massive events like SXSW and Coachella being cancelled or postponed indefinitely. They didn’t believe it was an issue until it impacted them and that isn’t even close to losing loved ones. Unfortunately, in this scenario, ignorance isn’t bliss… it can take you out of the game entirely. This pandemic will make warriors of some and victims of others. Do what you can to not be one of the others. The Target near my place in the city has been out of toilet paper for over a week now… including a majority of pharmaceuticals. If the shelves stop getting refilled, it’s too late. Please don’t rely on the government to take care of you, this has proven a grave mistake in the US even within the last 15 years during isolated catastrophes. Stay up ya’ll, it’s likely to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  16. open mind

    I’m generation X, my foster parents grew up during the Great Depression & served in WWII…their mindset was always preparing “hope for the best prepare for the worst”…I get the feeling that I’m about to experience what they went through

  17. Branden Bolt

    Your the only man on YouTube, that is resonating with how I feel. Your like an angel, and you’ve found your purpose – please keep making YouTube videos, never stop. 🙂 .

    1. Raven Raven

      Branden bolt, I’m in total agreement

    2. Clandestine Merkaba

      Search “Peak Prosperity”

    3. GenXRanter

      Ethan’s video’s have a personal feel that have helped a lot of people, myself included.

  18. Olga I

    Your voice is calming me)) No matter the everyday horror..

  19. Bryan Yarrington

    If you have a few $100 bills laying around go ahead and trade them in for $1’s for when you run out of toilet paper because that’s what they will be worth next week. You can also use them to start fires to heat your homes..

  20. Thomas Turner

    Hang on it may get rough GOD BE WITH US ALL

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