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10 Thoughts to “Invest in Long Term Secular Trends During COVID-19 Crisis, Says UBS’s Kane”

  1. sparkle sparkles

    Good call by Kane

  2. Tom

    cool video keep it up bro

  3. dee sheppard

    The beautiful young Emily

    1. Joe Bloe

      Old DOG does new TRICKS Barf Bag RatGirl

    2. dee sheppard

      @Joe Bloe

      Is that your wife or girlfriend your refering about

  4. Joe Bloe

    FIRE FemNazi EMILY CHANG!!!!

  5. Joe Bloe

    Is Emily sick — or just getting OLD?

  6. mva

    Idk about you but Laura kane Gawdamn she’s good I like her

  7. W B

    BOTTOM??? BOTTOM??? This stimulus package is actually “disaster relief” for unemployment. Anybody going on cruises, long flights, movie theaters or baseball games?? NOPE
    Hard times ahead & most Stocks are gonna drop hard.

    1. wogboy82

      W B you think it’s too early to buy?

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