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Big blow to global stock market by COVID-19, India halts trading for 45 minutes


The international stock exchange proceeded its economic downturn on Friday in the middle of panic produced by the outbreak of the unique coronavirus.

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22 Thoughts to “Big blow to global stock market by COVID-19, India halts trading for 45 minutes”

  1. Mrs kelly

    Sensex was down by 3600 points by 9:25, halts trading for 45 mins. When retrading starts after 45 mins……BOOM……by magic sensex was up by almost 510 points. THIS IS WHAT I CALL RIGGED.

    1. Abhinandan DL


    2. Santosh Chaudhary

      Every major economy does this kind of rigging, they are all cheaters. India should also do the same thing to save it’s economy. We shouldn’t become victims of this biological warfare, we should protect our interest aggressively.

    3. Vikrant Singh

      Why will India pay for biological warfare from terrorist China , UN must sanction China and make them pay for all human deaths and global market loss . Did China also had SARS and MERS

    4. A J

      My mutual fund investments have gone down so low what should I do. Withdraw or keep it?😭😭

    5. leafonabreeze

      what bio warfare?? I took bath in -cholera- ganges today afternoon

  2. BMB Worldview Enjoyment

    Doomsday is coming

  3. Advocate of Free Open World

    Well turns out it’s way more widespread than thought. Canada pm on isolation. Trump could be in danger for a Corona positive Brazilian delegate

  4. Vipin Dev

    This is normal. It isn’t unusual for the market to fall in the face of such crisis. Don’t go on a shouting march about this. Have patience and give it time. Things will fall back on track.

    1. Abanti Sarkar

      Agree with you…. It is world crisis going on… Some people will even blame government for it.

  5. Rising Star, PRAVIN!!

    Poor India lockdown, bcz it’s level….

  6. Amortalman


  7. abhi manyu

    sensex was down 3600 points..
    now after circuit breaker, sensex recovered 3800 points ..
    world is getting crazier by the minute

  8. joe joe

    My younger days dollar traded 4 Rs= 1 USD

  9. Desert Horticulture

    It is recovering and will recover till next week, again will fall as the cities are quarantined

  10. Vikrant Singh

    This is world market crashing down but librandus sickulars muslims Ndtv will blame and curse modi ji . For them modi brought coronavirus and modi destroyed world market

  11. Raja Vishnuvardhana

    I’m going to Mars now every thing perfect there 🙋 Earth

    1. leafonabreeze

      please dig out the old rover and clean the solar panel when u reach

  12. Maks Bondyra

    When everyone sells, I buy, buy, buy!
    Every successful investor follows this rule.

  13. Tava Patton


  14. sanujit roy

    More coming on Monday

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