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33 Thoughts to “COVID-19, Real Estate, Stock Market & What’s Next?”

  1. Kellan James - Real Estate Investing for Cashflow

    First! Great to hear your opinion on all of this, Matt.

    1. The Hungarian Experiment

      did you get face masks yet?

    2. Kellan James - Real Estate Investing for Cashflow

      @The Hungarian Experiment Haha just hummus. So much hummus.

    3. Matt McKeever



    1. Matt McKeever


    1. Matt McKeever


  2. Kellan James - Real Estate Investing for Cashflow

    Also man – the whole video shot in one take. This really puts into perspective the massive growth of yourself as a YouTuber since Day 1 – night and day.

    1. Casey Burns Investing

      With two cameras you can give the illusion of one take without it being one take. Not saying this happened or โ€œexposingโ€ Matt, just a tip for your own channel ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Jeff Wybo

      Yes! Taking off!

    3. Kellan James - Real Estate Investing for Cashflow

      @Casey Burns Investing Totally, I’ll have to give that a try ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dylan McLauchlan

    People who can move fast will always do fine. Love seeing you drop a video so quickly. Going to be interesting to see people get used to more remote work/school/life solutions.

    1. Matt McKeever

      100% agree. Behaviour & consumption patterns will be changing

  4. Casey Burns Investing

    Owners and lenders will come out on top.

  5. Janelle Pearn

    thanks for this Matt. Having no ads really says a lot about how you truly care about your followers.

    1. Matt McKeever


  6. Salwa Anwarali

    Love this analysis and totally agree with you. When it comes to real estate investing, people are getting excited about mortgage rates dropping fast in this pandemonium and now everyone is jumping to buy. This simultaneous action is resulting in so many bidding wars, driving up the prices further. The prices were already going up so this particular situation was unavoidable but taking ACTION has never been more important. If anyone has been on the fence about getting in on the market, they should take this opportunity to jump in,because rental market is as hot as ever!!! Overall, property owners are in a great position and should continue to buy, fencers should get in now:)

    1. Sharing Lungs

      Would disagree on that. These financial measures are last ditch emergency efforts to save a failing economy. Job losses is what will take down a market especially one so over leveraged. This is the bag holder moment. Only people buying should be people with an extremely stable income/job and those with a lot of cash to survive a lengthy down turn.

  7. trev w

    Good job on the vid. Sensible perspective.

  8. Mido

    As always another great video. Loved the analysis with multiple scenarios, well thought out logic of thinking. Keep them coming

  9. DhowTo

    The algorithm notified me. You’re good! Good points made. Just waiting to see how everything works out regarding this situation.

  10. Renegade Nielsen

    Once Q1 financial statements come out…oh boy…hold your hats and buckle your seat belts!

  11. Kathy Demetillo

    I am in a super panic mode. I am single parent now (hubby is in France,for a business). This video calm me down. Thank you. But still need to be cautious. I cant wait to find a deal in the middle of this force majeure.

  12. AS 2212

    I thought Jihadi Jack was dead. Good podcast though.

  13. Yash Tilva

    I’m a big fan of you Matt. Keep doing the good work. Keep motivating! Thanks.

  14. Yash Tilva

    Speaking of Covid19 and second interest rate cut announced by BOC today, I already started seeing price jump in my neighborhood in Mount Hope Hamilton! Good for sellers.

    1. Kristian Wolf

      who wants to buy a house in this environment right now. There will be so much supply in the summer as people default on mortgages

    2. d1492ay

      What use is interest rates, when, people are losing jobs, or they see their friend/family losing jobs? The business closures are just starting.

  15. Sharing Lungs

    Your last point I disagree with you on. I think all those options work in a normal environment but during a recession people arenโ€™t buying homes and you will have to lower your price until you can find a buyer. This appears to be our gfc where getting a mortgage may be very difficult. At the very least you are looking at minimum wage earners as your worse case scenario so you have that bit of protection. Downtown Toronto condo investors who are cash flow negative donโ€™t, they need high earners or multiple people in one unit. Air bnb will probably be dead until winter, fall by the earliest. With a lot of events getting cancelled it leaves less reason for people to use the service. Stocks while may have been halted, only happen for brief periods and are super rare. Stocks are far greater option if you need to exit quickly. I think youโ€™re in a market that has less downside risk than say Toronto and downtown condos specifically.

  16. am_brick

    I know AirBnB have been affected more compared to buying/selling real estate. The market is still strong for buying and selling homes.

  17. KDD SEW

    dont know how the virus will affect the real estate. but you sure do not know how many young people under age of 35 been infected and died in China.

  18. Kristian Wolf

    How many of your tenants work in restaurants and rely on tips. So many industries just came to a halt and a huge percentage of renters are pay check to pay check. Lets see how many of your tenants default on next months rent.

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