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39 Thoughts to “CoVID-19 In South Korea and Italy Impacts The Stock Market”

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    1. Bryant Whittaker

      Tribulation pestilence famine economic collapse and war

  2. Spiritual D N A


  3. G. S. X.

    Now we should question whether they will control the fall of the economy to align with before or after the election.

    1. 76gameart

      They will hold off only if everything isn’t in place. But it’s coming. Men like me in the trucking industry will no 1st hand.

  4. Princess MicahYah Yahsharahla

    EU leaders are also sick with the virus to at the summit today

    1. VideoFiles99

      Whoa. I AM noticing that during these press releases, ALL of the world leaders are hacking and coughing

    2. rey lewis

      Destruction to pestilence and TMH said no more…its time

  5. iCuL8r


    1. iCuL8r

      @Peggy Wiley I’m convinced your statement is true and accurate. However, I also believe our government plays an important role in a lot of these underhanded demonic so-called happen stances.
      THEY HAVE WAYS TO DESTROY LARGE POPULATIONS in a very short period of time.
      The same book also reads…

    2. multigrooves

      @plazma el “follow” suit…

    3. plazma el

      @multigrooves thank you!

    4. multigrooves

      @plazma el you’re welcome, I’m glad you took it in the spirit in which it was intended.

    5. plazma el

      @multigrooves The Spirit of TMH is the Spirit of correction, indeed well intended.

  6. iCuL8r

    Our “CROOKED GOVERNMENT” probably put something in their water.

    1. Kitty Red

      I heard it came from bats. Chinese people eat a lot of weird foods.

    2. LionessTee D

      Asians and Europeans live/eat nasty for the most part

    3. Kitty Red

      @LionessTee D Facts

  7. reginald blaylock

    The world wide hell storm is here and this is just starting.


      Amen Praise Yashua

  8. Mahogany Blue

    U.S. knows this virus is out of control. They’re not even testing people unless they’ve been to China or have had direct contact with someone who has! Prepare and Stock up on essentials!

  9. Jeff Gray

    It’s Judgement time you can’t keep doing Evil to Yah Chosen People and not get Punished For it. You are going to Pay for it while you’re living and doing afterlife read 2 Esdras 7 v56 Apocrypha of King James Bible. Remember Just because we are his Chosen People don’t mean he will not Judge us also. We must get Back to his Law’s and commandments of the First 5 Books of Moses old Testament king James bible. If you love him read John 14 v21 king James bible we want to be good doing the Final Judgement Revelation 20 v12-15 king James bible.

  10. Yahcob78

    Well, this might be a time when suicides might start going up.

    1. Golden Girl

      Exactly white men can’t handle things like this

    2. Tracy Nelson

      @Golden Girl True. They are not built for hardship. We except the bootlicks can take nothing and make some thing out of it. The bootlicks live so high on the hog that they forgot how to survive.

    3. Yahcob78

      @Golden Girl cuz money is their God, gold, oil, and drugs.

    4. Yahcob78

      Genesis 25:23
      [23]And the lord told her, “The sons in your womb will become two nations. From the very beginning, the two nations will be rivals. One nation will be stronger than the other; and your older son will serve your younger son.” it’s obvious who is stronger,and not just physically.

    5. Yahcob78

      Cuz u know my man Denote Wildler was paid to throw that fight, 😆 just saying.

  11. david collins

    Thank God that virus didn’t hit africa.

    1. Lamont real messages

      Ignorance is bliss!! Be prayerful!!

    2. multigrooves

      It has….

  12. Jamie Black

    There’s a video of Iran’s health minister giving a speech, and being struck with a fever in the middle. Next day he confirmed he has the virus. Not sure if it’s real, I just don’t believe anything anymore. 😁 But if this is real, it’s getting pretty big.

  13. Wil Ford

    More like a plague instead of a virus

  14. William Edward Hackman

    So the Corona Virus is becoming an Outbreak in Japan, Italy and South Korea. I’m not sure why it hasn’t reached North Korea yet.

  15. Howard

    Stock up, stock up and stock up some more, because supplies will fall and prices will rise like crazy! Get what you can get like yesterday!

  16. Fredrick Price

    Wow the Corona virus is causing major problems around the world …..🙏🙏🙏

  17. Gabreya Bradley

    I’m telling you guys. This is playing out more like a Biblical Plague.

  18. Keen Rays

    God is Teaching the Neanderthals a lesson for what they did to Black Power People for 999,999,000 years for real, my friends.

  19. Stylish 101

    I think this 🌎 is finished , the economy should go ahead an collapse and America should finally be pronounced dead 💀 afterward !

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