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Has The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Really Caused The Markets To Fall?


Has the coronavirus (COVID-19) really create the marketplaces to fall? We have actually been asked this a fair bit over the last week and also we intended to share our viewpoint on the matter.

Supplies have dropped 15% in the previous 7 days as well as the greatest point that every person is stating is the offender is the Corona Infection. When you look at the marketplace, valuations are truly what issues. Individuals all too often these days have actually been buying high flying emotional momentum stocks versus anything that is worth based.

Again this is simply our opinion on the issue.
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8 Thoughts to “Has The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Really Caused The Markets To Fall?”

  1. BobD3777

    Excellent explanation.

    1. Learn From Us

      Thanks Bob!

  2. Vincent Reyes

    This is pumpkin poo
    Everyone thinks there expert but when comes to solving the problem
    There is no solution
    You can control what happens in life but could resolve it in time

    1. Learn From Us

      Hi Vincent. Thanks for watching and commenting. We never said we were experts rather we were just stating our opinion on the matter.

  3. Matt Jensen

    Great episode Paul and Don. Thank you!

    1. Learn From Us

      You’re welcome Matt!

  4. Seth and Beth - Wedding Photography

    Loved this! Great content Pablo!

    1. Learn From Us


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