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Morning Report 7 Apr 20: Global share markets surge as COVID-19 infection rates moderate


United States sharemarkets rose on Monday in response to data revealing a decrease in virus-related fatalities in New York City – considered as the US location for infection cases. All 30 parts of the Dow Jones increased. The S&P 500 financial index rose by 8.2% with innovation up 8.8% and utilities up 7.9%. The Dow Jones index rose by 1627 points or 7.7%, finishing simply off session highs. The S&P 500 index acquired 7.0% and the NASDAQ increased by 540 factors or 7.3%..

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6 Thoughts to “Morning Report 7 Apr 20: Global share markets surge as COVID-19 infection rates moderate”

  1. Master Hughes

    More pain lies ahead for financial markets. the companies are going to lose a fortune dont be suckered into buying .they will be short months of cash flow billions.

    1. WashWashRevoluti0n

      Some of my stocks are going to reach all time highs very soon, I’m going to put stop losses on them so if it crashes I can run with the profit gained thus far.

  2. Lindsay Moore

    Toms personal opinions are why I subscribed to this channel. Much appreciated Tom.

  3. Da Re

    Great work mate, it’s a daily watch for me

  4. Rob Sherlock

    should i pull my socks up or wear them down? that is the question! Doesn’t look well boris! that will send socks all over the place…i like you big fella the world could be falling down around our ears and you still give it in a steadied voice…rusian have invaded from the west but looking at the oil situation they only get to the pacific then it will fizzle out dollar down 2% keep up the good work!!!

  5. windows10suxalot

    Time to start buying call options, this is the biggest bull market in history and the people are all on the sidelines

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