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Global market seems to “nose-dive” by the COVID-19 fear | Coronavirus Outbreak


The longest-running US securities market bull in background is now over, with the coronavirus outbreak proving extreme by the end of 11 years of a nearly unmatched monetary crisis.

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18 Thoughts to “Global market seems to “nose-dive” by the COVID-19 fear | Coronavirus Outbreak”

  1. fairplayall

    It will get even worse when USA cases get worse than China’s

    1. FreeStyle

      They won’t

    2. fairplayall

      @FreeStyle it’s for certainty

  2. Rahul Gaikwad

    If whole world want to live lifestyle like USA, western countries, some Arab wealthy countries and some developed countries…
    We need 6 earth…..

    1. Sooraj

      Or reduce to 1/6 th population.

    2. Little Star

      No dude. We’ll settle for 4.

  3. Little Star

    Actually I bought lot of stocks in recent days. Markets will rebound after the virus is contained. At least that’s what I am hoping. Otherwise I am screwed.

    1. Cipher Crypto

      @Little Star: Long positions are going to take awhile to show returns considering we are nowhere near bottom. Shorts are killing it out to May contracts. Good luck.

    2. FreeStyle

      You are screwed

  4. Cipher Crypto

    China is planning a $10 trillion care package for the USA and other countries impacted by their irresponsible behavior that led to the economic devastation around the world. Xi to step down from power by end of March 2050.

    1. You cant see me


    2. FreeStyle

      Where did you get that info?
      He is going to be dead by then.

  5. Mansell Stella

    Don’t fear, invest.

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    2. Proclus Sirdorov

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    3. Steve S. Brown

      why won’t we?

    4. Jack Granville

      who is Kayla Palmer?

    5. Scott A. Magee

      Kayla Palmer is the best trading expert you can get to help you win maximum ROI. The broker makes the best on every investment.

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