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65 Thoughts to “Covid19, Stock Market, & Vancouver Condos – Vancouver Real Estate”

  1. Adam R

    Yes Jay people will fly, 🏠 🚗 🏭 and the whole real economy will be there
    Especially life in Asia will be magnificent
    But our ponzi financial economy will completely collapse to zero
    There will be no more bonds, currencies, stock , equity
    And yes I would not be surprised but you will be when you will be selling those condos for just few SILVER dimes

    1. ootoobin

      There is a tone to your comments that makes me feel bad for you Adam. You sound gleeful at the prospect that you called this. But the fact is, you never saw this coming pal and my bet is 6 months from now, your going to be curled up in a ball preying for that “ponzi” scheme to come back.

      Snap outta it dude, your acting like a total fool.

    2. Adam R

      The Coronavirus is just a pin that popped our financial ponzi economy
      I was living a very good life in the old ponzi system ( cars, big house, motorcycles, good money from ponzi economy everything I wanted)
      I did not want it to pop
      The prospect of the ponzi ending horrified me
      I just knew that all ponzi s collapse
      Knowing YES
      Wanting It HELL NO

  2. Tyler Peck

    You were just referring this pandemic as “zombie plague” in your last video. Your a joke and the recession is already here.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      I was using sarcasm…

    2. Tyler Peck

      Now your using B.S

    3. Vancouver Real Estate

      Please, please listen to the CDC and the provincial health authority!

    4. Hai Nguyen

      @Vancouver Real Estate Because of all of stupid persons like you to listen to them. That is why this virus is spreading everywhere to America. All of measures they done now should have been done in January. Just to do the tests, they failed two times and can’t get them to work correctly.

  3. Tyler Peck

    Also shows your not serious about this pandemic when you claim to have a showing. Most of you colleagues have shut that down due to social distancing. Again shows your hypocrisy.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      The Board has halted all open houses. Were doing private showings so we can still practice social distancing. I take it seriously, but im not in a panic. This will pass. There are some great buys in the stock market now as well as in real estate.

    2. Greg

      @Vancouver Real Estate somebody, report this idiot to health authorities and RCMP. “private showings”….

    3. Sean Ruudz

      You should avoid any talk about purchasing of stock in your videos you have no insight or experience. Leave it to the pros who actually understand the overall market

    4. Vancouver Real Estate

      Buy R.E and stock now. This is the greatest opportunity since 08

    5. Sean Ruudz

      Vancouver Real Estate lmao No. I don’t think you understand stocks. Temp bounce, this will all be sold into. You have no idea what you’re talking about. And houses are coming way WAY down. No amount of stimulus can stop the avalanche that’s coming

  4. James McAbee

    Agree with the buying opportunités but they still arnt close to botum but am also looking at Td bank anf Air Canada. The only reason they wont go broke is because of bail outs but they will still go back up. As far as real estate there will be a correction im just not sure hoe big. I think the fraser valley will be hit alot harder then vancouver.but a correction coming non the less. Stocks still have away to go aswell so would wait for better buying oppertunities

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      It could fall further but there is no way to know the bottom until its already in the rearview mirror. I would say at these levels things look attractive especially compared to bonds

    2. James McAbee

      @Vancouver Real Estate agree but there are some charts out there and if you break them down and look where things fell off old new highs it shows around 50% drop on the NYSE and TSX. But the TSX will also have to deal with the oil war going on.

    3. Rome Timed

      The main thing that’s going to get absolutely hammered is condo values. There’s thousands of B n B suites all over and they will be at almost no occupancy for a year or longer + Renters who can actually pay are going to have landlords fighting over them with discounts. Foreclosures will abound.

    4. Vancouver Real Estate

      Huh? Doesnt make sense.

  5. Mr. D

    Real estate is next to fall…

    1. Bill Ferguson

      @Vancouver Real Estate

      If the shoe fits, wear it, Bub. Teachers are “real people” too, you know.

    2. Bill Ferguson

      @Go Live If they took each other’s good advice to not buy inflated property…they won’t. You, on the other hand? Good luck!

    3. Adam R

      Vancouver Real Estate
      Jay, do you know that you are not living in a capitalistic country
      You are living in a socialistic “paradise “
      Look into your wallet, what do you see
      You can only see debt issued by your benevolent masters and owners central bankers

    4. Adam R

      Bill Ferguson
      “Teachers are real people too”
      Please Bill we have no teachers, what we have are government bureaucrats that steal money from house owners and kidnap our kids and indoctrinate them in communistic ideologies which were responsible for the murder of 200 mil people in just last century alone.
      Jay is a good young man who never stalled anyone money or force them to use his services

    5. Go Live

      @Bill Ferguson Hey Bill, price is relative. If I was a high school teacher, EVERYTHING is expensive and inflated

  6. Tazmir Hasanovic

    Congrats for closing on your million dollar listing Jay! It’s amazing that no one has picked up on the fact that people are still buying and selling in this market given the current environment of instability that we’re in. Stay safe out there everyone, we’ll get through this!

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Thanks Taz; a lot of people have been waiting for an opportunity like this. Now its here and people are in full on panic mode. Watch as the smart money loads up on stocks and real estate.

    2. sandyraymond lowewong

      Staying safe is one thing. JOB LOST is another if you listen to this video. Imagine you buy and then LOSE YOUR JOB. Would VRE pay for your mortgage? NOPE.

    3. Vancouver Real Estate

      My clients arent in that position.

    4. sandyraymond lowewong

      @Vancouver Real Estate If they lose their JOB, they would!

    5. Rome Timed

      @sandyraymond lowewong Not just that. If you have a tiny fraction of the pop going around buying everything they better keep their heads up with 30%+ of the pop unemployed for multiple months.

  7. Willsters

    I don’t understand markets and finance and I don’t pretend to. CEOs and business people are not epidemiologists or health care professionals. They are NOT qualified to make public health or medical science predictions. “Something good will come out,” shows that he has no idea how health science works.

  8. Willsters

    I don’t understand markets and finance and I don’t pretend to. CEOs and business people are not epidemiologists or health care professionals. They are NOT qualified to make public health or medical science predictions. “Something good will come out,” shows that he has no idea how health science works.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Im not a doctor and dont pretend to be.

      The point is, listen to successful people like jimmy pattison. Smart long term investors will be loading up on stocks and real estate in the coming month, and eventually there will be treatments and a vaccine.

  9. David Li

    congrats on your sale jay keep grinding!

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      One of the few positive people out there! Thanks David

    2. sandyraymond lowewong

      ​@Vancouver Real Estate It’s not about being positive. It’s about being REALISTIC.

    3. Vancouver Real Estate

      Your not being realistic, your being hysterical.

      Anyways, i have two jobs and multiple income streams, im not worried and i see lots of opportunity.

  10. one three

    Keep em coming Jay, I’ve been downloading your videos and making memes of you. Once this crashes, Vancouver related facebook groups will be filled with the memes. I will make sure you become famous. No one will do any business with you. You will be a laughingstock of the city. You will be the next crying Jordan. You dummy lol. I told you to never stop making videos. I’m glad you are not stopping.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Glad you have found a worthwhile use of your time!

    2. Vancouver Real Estate

      I will im looking forward to it!

  11. Stifftoshi Nakamoto

    This video won’t age well. DOMP EET.

  12. Red Rat

    vancouver Real Estate shill nothing has changed glad i left this city

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Good. Im happy for you. Lots of affordable markets in canada.

  13. Alston Fernandez

    BUy more scotch cause its going to ease the pain

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Not a bad idea! Im thinking Macallan or maybe Glenmorangie next time

  14. Paul Moore

    Congrats on the sale. Cool heads always prevail.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Good to know theres still some sanity out there

    2. Paul Moore

      Vancouver Real Estate

      “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffet

      Fortunes are made and lost in times of panic. Real estate is not going away, historically it’s the only thing people trust. Ignore the negative comments and keep doing your thing, I want a signed copy of your book in 5 years from now.

      Stay healthy and safe everyone. This will pass if we all work together.

    3. Vancouver Real Estate

      Agree. 5 years from now this will be seen as a blip on the radar.

  15. Equalizer

    Normally, I’d agree with your assessment but this is the great financial reset. Look for a new American crypto currency to be issued directly from the treasury. All debt will be wiped out. Credit will freeze soon and their will be a run on all the banks. The ponzi scheme of Keysian economics must be reset.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Okee dokee

    2. Adam R

      I just can’t understand why Jay can’t see what is going on. Either he is a lier or he is drunk on that illusion of success

    3. Rome Timed

      @Adam R It’s limited thinking and the non-stop bull market of 25+ years. Clearly it’s collapsing, real-estate just lags. Unemployment is about to hit record highs.

  16. Cuisin Art

    Stop exposing the secretes of becoming wealthy. Panic is good for smart people. I went to look at a place today and putting an offer tomorrow, great price, location etc, but you are going to ruin my plans. I might split my down payment and buy a place for myself plus an investment condo I will be able to rent to all doom and gloom sayers LOL

  17. Rome Timed

    So about that whole all countries on earth are in near total lockdown thing going on….

    What’s your timeline/frame?

    If people were buying into markets the last couple of years when you were saying to they’d now have both no job and be near totally wiped-out.

    We won’t even be starting to re-build economies until there’s a vaccine in 2021.

    It’s not a “zombie apocalypse” but many people are going to die in the next year, 15-30% unemployment within 6 months basically in all countries. Likely rioting and huge social issues as corporations, basically across the board, are going to need taxpayer bailouts while people can’t get jobs.

    I know most of our building of renters is on the way out. We are on the edge of leaving unless big discounts are coming or the BC government announces something useful tomorrow.

    My one tip: If you’re buying into anything best to wait until after this quarters results next month. They are going to be so much worse they anyone is predicting.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      Depends, stock markets forward-looking i think the worst is already baked in, some airline stocks are down 80%

      I think were going to see a few bad quarters and things will bounce back, not overly concerned. Just self isolating for the time being.

  18. Kevin Wong

    It’s Not a recession its going to be a Great Depression. The worst we’ve ever seen….

  19. Tiger Eye

    Greatest opportunity for the next 50 years or our lifetime.

    1. Vancouver Real Estate

      These events come around every decade or two. When they happen, you want to act on them. The last one was 2008.

    2. Tiger Eye

      @Vancouver Real Estate theirs downturns every decade or two but this is the first modern day pandemic in our lifetime. Great buying opportunities if you’re not affected by this wave of virus. 👍🏼 The last pandemic was in 1918 -1919. Yes I do agree the last downturn was 2008.

  20. ToastytheG

    Lmao 20% of the canadian GDP is real estate. Maybe if you’d voted for people who support real jobs and wealth creation this crisis could be spared. But no. Market corrections are healthy. Suck. It. Up. You get the government you deserve.

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