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19 Thoughts to “How to over come the covid 19 crisis in stock market.”

  1. wrightson gonsalvas


  2. Mohammed Mansoor Madathil,Kuruvambalam


  3. Sudheer Cholayil palliail


  4. Trade4Living

    സോണി സെർ

  5. Sony Joseph

    Thank you all

  6. Sivan Medayil

    hi sir..

  7. Tom_Dick_ Harry

    Impatient guys..Watch at 1.75x speed

  8. Askkarmon English communication askkar


  9. Askkarmon English communication askkar

    About smil cape

    1. Sony Joseph

      At big discount..but, suitable for high risk takers only

  10. Aladin Comadin

    Very relevant

  11. Aladin Comadin

    I am convinced, excellent advice.

    1. Sony Joseph

      Thanks Ji

  12. Joshy Philip

    Today sensex 4000 down

    1. Sony Joseph

      Once the covid 19 spread under control, market will bounce back

  13. Ashique Rafeeque

    How to purchase stock without a broker video cheyyamo?

    1. Sony Joseph

      Only broking system exist in stock market

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