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Stock Market Sell Off, COVID-19 Update: US-Canada Borders Closed – Mar. 18 2020


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19 Thoughts to “Stock Market Sell Off, COVID-19 Update: US-Canada Borders Closed – Mar. 18 2020”

  1. TheComicalCanadian

    great content dude

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      thanks buddy!

  2. TheComicalCanadian

    cool video dude

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      Thank you TheComicalCanadian!


    Nice video sir

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      Thank you RAMNANDAN!

  4. Infomaniac

    I am kind of scalper, If my max loss limit for the day is $100, How much I should aim for profit?

  5. Amol Chougule

    Great repcap Andrew. Extraordinary times !!

    1. Bear Bull Traders


  6. Marcel Perez

    if you can read momentum, you can scalp for great moves if you can get a good entry

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      true Marcel!

  7. Firas Kalaji

    welcome back Andrew, am so glad u r back, please keep doing these recap, u have no idea how helpful they r for us, specially during this period, keep it up brother.

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      Sure firas, did not know it is that useful! 🙂

  8. Super Invandrare

    will you guys uploade the video about thor talking about level 2 on Youtube? and welcome back Andrew

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      Thank you Super Invandrare! We will upload in our Education Center!

  9. Jaime Eee

    Thanks for the recap

    1. Bear Bull Traders

      You´re welcome Jaime Eee!

  10. Gera P

    Great recap thanks

  11. MikeGemi

    Very insightful video! Pretty interesting note about the ships being docked. Your microphone comes in very clear, at one point though I noticed one side of the audio got much lower then the other side. This might be a very easy fix, im not to sure what microphone you are using though.

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