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18 Thoughts to “CoVID-19 Drives The US Stock Market Back In The Red”

  1. Rayshawn Green

    White supremacy just increased their death rates.

    1. Anthony Bates

      All Praises to The Most High. Esau can continue. But remember, will need slaves. So some have to be here to rebuild our kingdom. Then The Most High will give us the honor of slaughtering what is left.

    2. Ann T.

      Let it, and they can take their swirlers and kewns with them straight to the pits of hell.

  2. John Blaze

    Are They Jumping Out Of 🏢Windows Yet ?

    1. Anthony Bates


    2. Eliana Yisra’el

      John Blaze 💯

  3. Makala Wright

    How lovely

    1. Ann T.


  4. Makala Wright

    Police wanted me to come join forces…I was like “Nann”

  5. trobolt1

    John Hopkins University is the same University that hosted the 201 pandemic exercise… very suspect . Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation involved.

  6. Christyah Yahsha

    Shalawam Sister Lisa Cabrera New York City is lying it’s a thousand cases here that lawyer that got sick travel through Grand Central Station he got on the Metro-North it’s a thousand people that they know came in contact with this lawyer but they can’t identify them you know how Grand Central is I’ll keep you updated on the NYC side shalawam

  7. ahxxx jones

    Where are the dead bodies…or crying families

    1. Ann T.

      Everywhere. There a tons of vids on youtube that you may have missed. It showed sick mongoloid women crying hysterically over their dead as a doornail husbands. Just look for them, they’re out there.

    2. Ann T. Here’s one from Iran, the coronavirus is over there as well.

  8. Ann T.

    You should watch the movie The Stand by Stephan King. It’s one of my favs and it mimics whats going on in today’s world. It was made in 94, but it’s a great movie.

  9. Angel Bennett

    Stock Market – BAD NEWS to ESAU’s family…
    GOOD NEWS to TMH YaH’s family!

  10. jeff mcclure


  11. Anthony Bates

    They worry more about their money than their souls. They will suffer for that. Bye Esau.

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