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Covid19 Stock Market Crash Democrat Nominees Call For Military Global Economic Collapse 2020


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Supply Futures Destroyed Bernie Sanders As Well As Joe Biden Call For Army Help To Covid or Martial Law 2020
The international economic climate is breaking down before our eyes. Is the Coronavirus – covid19 worldwide pandemic an economic conspiracy theory or a worldwide economic reset? Jason A Something Is Occurring Daboo77 Daboo777 released. Covid19 Sos Coronavirus sos x22 Record

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16 Thoughts to “Covid19 Stock Market Crash Democrat Nominees Call For Military Global Economic Collapse 2020”

  1. Gandhiji io

    First 😉

    1. CryptoSaint

      Hey bro 👌 Its a beautiful Sunny day 😎

    1. CryptoSaint

      Hey Don! Big bro what’s good? You staying safe my man?

    1. CryptoSaint

      Hey 👌

  2. EN Reefs

    we fine… i don’t see any dead people in front my house.

    1. CryptoSaint

      I see hungry people tho 😭😭😭😭 Everywhere

  3. Crypto Face

    been makin a killing in all markets shorting

  4. Wes B

    I’m so tired of Democrats and Republicans. All my life that’s all I hear.

    1. CryptoSaint

      Yup, I’m down for Americans period. 1 nation, 1 people.

  5. AngryCryptoGuy

    I’m down 130k🤮

    1. CryptoSaint

      Arrrghhh. We are about to open in a few bro. Hope to goes well.

  6. داوّد ديماريا

    Its pretty clear to me theres something really bad thats about to happen. The economy is already tanking. The American dollar is going to completely lose its value. This is going to be total mayhem. The only way to deal with this is martial law. Eventually there’ll be a war with China but first we are going to live under complete military control while the virus numbers continue to rise. All of us will be suffering but they’ll just tell us to wash our hands

  7. داوّد ديماريا

    Also the 1% wants a cashless world and for there to be one global currency and one global government. This will eliminate small businesses. The world will be dominated by large corporations

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