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18 Thoughts to “CoVID-19: South Korea and Italy Impacts The Stock Market”

  1. Lisa C

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  2. Ann T.

    Last night I was thinking about the coronavirus, and something tells me this is the most high at work here. Remember late last year when they were talking about putting that fake moon in the sky, now all of a sudden this coronavirus hits? This just doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me. They’re acting like this virus just “accidentally” got out somehow, I think it’s more than that.

  3. jeff mcclure

    Lisa is a great woman who looks out for her people!!👍

  4. jeff mcclure

    Just breaking.. over 1000 Hubei police officers caught the coronavirus..

    1. dawuda Israel

      Great news

    2. J T

      I saw the report last night. First, the doctors got infected. Now it’s the police. I expect some government officials will catch the virus soon.

    3. Ann T.

      1000? Wow, that’s insane.



  5. Christopher Clipper

    Transportation and distribution have ground to halt. The problem is no one get their products to market.


    I do a little investing myself my broker firm is Charles Schwab and I always learn Buy Low sell High so believe it or not this could be an opportunity for those who invest in stocks 🙂


      Brah; I already sold a great majority of my stock. Now; I’m setting myself up for this bear market to make profit on the back nine.
      I’m going to wait another week ; maybe when the Dow drops around 24k, then I’ll make my move on the sell offs.

      I’m already position for sell offs in the nasdaq market, making a decent amount of money. Just waiting on blue chips to go flip mode.


      @BLKCOBRA/NINJA 5 , when the market is like this is good to make sure you have some gold in your profolio which I have in mind, I hope you have it in yours?


      @DERRICK SHANNON For what’s coming; nothing matters of this world anymore. Only your faith in our FATHER YAHUAH, is what matters most.

      Even though I’m making money; it means nothing to me in the end, for my hope is in his NEW KINGDOM.


      @BLKCOBRA/NINJA 5 , Halleluyah!!!


    The way I see it; I know damn well white folks didn’t make this virus, because if they did, they would have already had a cure set up for them to make a profit off it.

    This lets you know, this is of TMH.


    I was thinking about all those influential people in the audience at the memorial of Kobe and GiGi’s passing. With all those cases of people in California having this virus; for which I don’t think they know where all these folks are, just imagining if some of them folks were in the audience surrounded by a multitude of those influential elites that doesn’t have it, as of yet.

    There’s no way in hell; you can put me in a sports arena full of folks, with that virus going HAM in Cali.

  9. Judah the Chosen !

    June 2019 , Ended our 400 year (slavery) Curse in Amerikkka , Afterwards, The Most High said, I will surely Judge the Nation’s whom harmed My People…..” I will Gather my people and put them back in Israel, (our Original Home) ! Count Down has Begun !!

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