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U.S Stock Market (Macro Trendline) Meets COVID-19. The Bull/Bear Battle Begins…


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7 Thoughts to “U.S Stock Market (Macro Trendline) Meets COVID-19. The Bull/Bear Battle Begins…”

  1. Rahul Chahal

    Thank you James

  2. Ashish Patel

    Wouldn’t be amazed if a cure comes out when the sp500 is around the 2700 mark.

  3. M & K Elmawardy

    Thank you James for your great analysis, you’ve been right on since I started following your channel for couple of years now, I hope you’re right this time as well and the trend line holds, please keep posting those videos on a short time frame as I’m sure a lot of your followers are desperately needing your guidance, thanks again, you’re awesome

  4. Josh P

    Technical analysis is good and all but on a different note will is this situation recoverable if the fed doesn’t have ammunition to turn thing around or companies can’t withstand the losses? If this really is a coronavirus selloff then isn’t it reasonable to think that the current rate of selloff if maintained throughout the disease impact means we are heading decades lower?

  5. Larry Cardenas

    Thank you James!

  6. Eric Nordheim

    Hi James,
    Well we broke right thru the trend line on all 3 indices! What are your thoughts? Fiscal stimulus doesn’t seem to be working. Is this bullish trend over?

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