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Covid 19 Impact on Indian Economy


The video covers the information of: –

1. Particular unknown realities concerning Covid-19
2. What is effect of Covid 19 on Indian Stock Market and also Economic Climate?
3. Extremely interesting truths of China Stock Market compared to stock exchange of other nations on the planet.
4. Information of Economic loss to china and expected economic loss to India due to Covid-19

We have our capitalist named Mr. Nivesh and with our capitalist we have actually illustrated the supply of covid-19 and Indian Economic situation throughout the Global Crisis.

Prepared by: – FIBOTA
Voice Credit Score: – Nirali Sejpal

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2 Thoughts to “Covid 19 Impact on Indian Economy”

  1. Amit Sonecha

    Nice summary of the current situation and impact on the economy

  2. Vallabh sonecha

    Superb analysis and insightful information 👌

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