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How Covid-19 Crashed Markets


Hi everyone,

Thank you for checking out my network and also my very first YouTube video clip. This video clip functions as my introduction on who I am as well as what my goal is for the channel. My very first topic of conversation is an extremely standard understanding of why the stock exchange collapsed as a result of Covid-19. Feel free to leave a discuss your ideas, advice, as well as what you 'd like me to go over next!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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22 Thoughts to “How Covid-19 Crashed Markets”

  1. Cool Cars For Sale

    Educate me 😎

    1. ayaan q

      Cool Cars For Sale stay tuned for more!!

  2. XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    This is so good. keep growing! Also, can we Be friends? O_O

    1. ayaan q

      XimerTracks – Sub To Me thank you! And of course!

  3. Cars and Camels

    Where’s the ferraris and Lamborghini’s which really show how you spend your wealth

    1. ayaan q

      Cars and Camels that is reserved for later episodes

  4. sahir quraeshi

    Where can I find your E book?

    1. ayaan q

      sahir quraeshi Like comment and subscribe to find out more

  5. TheSmartAnts

    Best of luck. What do you think of REITs e.g. IVR. The economy is shut. It’s having a bear rally where it went up 30% in two weeks. I don’t do options but it’s going down for sure. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. ayaan q

      TheSmartAnts considering they are down 80%-90% they are looking very interesting. If they can weather the storm, it’s a risky but great buy. As the law goes, “high risk, high reward”. I wouldn’t allocate a huge amount of your portfolio towards them, but having some exposure could show promise in the long run. Try to fine ones (like IVR) that have a solid history and backing from a megacorp. IVR is backed by Invesco which is great.

  6. Tom

    nice video keep it up bro

    1. ayaan q

      Tom thank you sir!!

  7. Volkan Turan

    I’d like to learn about stonks pls

    1. ayaan q

      Volkan Turan buy low, sell high! That strategy works 100% of the time

  8. Franco Daza-Jaller

    Congrats brother looking forward to more information. Definitely interested in hearing how to invest in the market with under 10k. Keep it up

    1. ayaan q

      Franco Daza-Jaller thank you Franco!

  9. zareen akbany

    Good stuff! Looking forward to more videos 👏

    1. ayaan q

      zareen akbany thank you for the support!!

  10. Farishta Bhojwani


  11. Nidal Tebawi

    Great to see you on YouTube! Congrats Ayaan and wishing you all the best!

    1. ayaan q

      Nidal Tebawi thank you!!

  12. Sal Muciño

    Congratulations Ayaan! Great information. Very proud of you!

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