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Is President Donald Trump Or Joe Biden Better For The Stock Market?


The result of the 2020 political election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will likely have a major influence on the equity market. Although the economic climate has actually traditionally performed far better under an Autonomous president, that doesn't always necessarily review market performance. Nevertheless, which party manages the White Residence can still be a crucial component for those wanting to make large in the market. So exactly how does the UNITED STATE political election influence the stock market and also just how should investors prepare?

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Is Head Of State Donald Trump Or Joe Biden Better For The Stock Exchange?

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77 Thoughts to “Is President Donald Trump Or Joe Biden Better For The Stock Market?”

  1. King Cazz

    CNBC: “Is Donald Trump or Joe Biden better for the stock market?”

    Fed: Yes

    1. bouf tv trump dance in campaign , watch 😁

    2. Connie P leonard

      @Lohe221 Stock markets affect’s everyone ,

    3. JS Burns

      Biden would be only for lower wages. Trump would dominate Joe though….Investor confidence.

    4. Mary Takahashi

      @Garth Goldbergregulations protect people and the environment and inform shareholders of the true value of those artificially inflated companies. The Stock market does not impact the vast majority of Americans enough to be the most important metric for this nation success. Maybe the things that do impact the majority of Americans should, like water quality of their community, in places like Flint Michigan cause poor regulations caused that problem. Or land and soil erosion in farming and agricultural communities with mega farms that feed cows things they can’t digest laced with a cocktail of tums and antibiotics so that they can drive down prices and falsely raise profits. While the cows fart methane gas into the air polluting the air and degrading the ozone. Regulations aren’t a bad thing, most companies just don’t want to have to be responsible to make a profit.

    5. Tommy Chau

      You’re clueless if you have to ask. Trump has elevated the economy and stock markets like never seen

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  3. David J

    Here for the comment wars.

  4. Susan Upham

    Volatility has nothing to do with Policies.
    Policies is what runs the Market and Wall Street.

    1. Adam Anderson

      @Ronald Winters “because the growing number of billionaires pay Americans less to live their American dream at the expense of my American dream”

      What’s the force in the labour market that you think is causing this affect you claim, the effect being that the labour market is reducing pay?

    2. Ronald Winters

      @Adam Anderson capitalism. Plain and simple. Not to be confused with democracy. In 1950 the average CEO made 13x the average employee. In 2020 the average CEO makes 300 times the average employee. Do the math

    3. Susan Upham

      @Ronald Winters
      Deuteronomy 8:18

    4. Susan Upham

      @Adam Anderson
      Deuteronomy 8:18

    5. bouf tv trump dance in campaign , watch 😁

  5. A E

    its all fake but ima still put some money into it

  6. Santiago Bron

    Why do we focus so much on the stock market

    instead of creating real productive jobs for Americans.

    1. Tina Schmidt

      You have to remember that alot of people have their retirements in the stock market. I guess it would effect older people more. It is important to some degree.

    2. CHBUKI

      @Tina Schmidt
      Well, they did mention that 52% of people are invested in stocks, I’m assuming that number includes 401k accounts, but the number of people actively involved in stocks is much smaller than that.

      Definitely would be more involved with older voters, but the majority of the working class and a lot of the middle class just aren’t that concerned about stocks.

    3. ant pal

      What percentage of American jobs are from listed companies? I would say there is a connection on the health of market.

    4. DHCETC

      Like Trump who created over 7 million FULLtime jobs in 3 years while Obummer created 2.5 in 8? (source TheHill)

    5. R V

      Because ANYONE can invest in the market and get rich if they hold on long enough. And it also reflects people’s 401k’s and IRAs. I recently started investing 3 years ago and it is great!

  7. Financial Shinanigan

    Regardless of who is in office, just invest and stay invested

    1. lRAYVNl

      @Justin Z It’s Forbes, it’s Right leaning, are you not entertained?

    2. Justin Z

      @lRAYVNl – Link?

    3. SY F

      @Justin Z interested in your responses to the Forbes article professor

    4. bouf tv trump dance in campaign , watch 😁

  8. Norman P

    “Probably one of the most stupid questions I’ve heard”?

    1. Harrio ASMR

      I do think it’s funny though how you target Fox News videos for your scam considering some of the most uneducated people in America watch Fox lol. Props…

    2. AthlonzTwentyTwenty

      @Mountain Torterra vice versa

    3. bouf tv trump dance in campaign , watch 😁

    4. Clark Davis

      @taxii, Fred gave Donald half a billion dollars, had he invested that money in blue chip stocks, he would be worth 50 billion dollars. Now you tell me what a great businessman man Trump is?

    5. Abhishek Sharma

      @Edwin brownIf you are making so much money why bother begging people to join your group lol 😂

  9. william joyce

    G edward Griffin The creature from jekyll Island, if you really want to know who controls Americas money supply

  10. 5 44

    The Orange Sociopath is going to win…

    … if we don’t vote.


    1. karlito dot

      I’ll vote for orange man 😉

  11. NoxZero

    Like him or hate him, if the orange man loses RIP DOW. It won’t crash or anything if Biden wins but it’s growth will be stunned. Then again they can just blame the Rona and Trump.

  12. blue sky

    Anything can happen.

    1. Sisyphus

      No, only one of two things can happen.

  13. Dave C

    “the stock market hates uncertainty” … booming during global pandemic

    1. Kyle I

      @DN Off Robinhood users love trump.

    2. K B

      I feel like it’s because everyone at home stock are cheap why not buy and double your money

    3. Serhan Kapucu

      I think that biden can win because his point is too high in america’s general furthermore democrats are running to the senate and the assembly certainly

    4. Beaumont Warrior

      *Say NO to China! Vote Trump 2020!*

    5. bouf tv trump dance in campaign , watch 😁

  14. Nachiket Bhagwat

    Stocks don’t care who is in power. There is always money to be made in the end. Ofcourse if you are trying to make quick bucks then ok. In longer terms it doesn’t matter.


      Very true. It’s a long term investment. But some use it like a poker machine. LOL

    2. Winnie tha flu

      Yes they do as long as the change in power means fundamental policy changes and that is true both in the short and the long run. If you think Bloomberg is spending hundreds of millions just to annoy Trump and if you think the media screamed orange man bad for the last 4 years just because of Trump’s personality then you better think again

    3. Philip J Fry

      Biden taxes big companies and the companies leave the united states the stock market is going to crash.

  15. George Anthony

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  16. Rebecca Trump

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  17. mettno

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  18. Gary Cock

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    1. Gary Cock

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    2. 王伟Wang Wei王伟Wang Wei

      Is this a commission base trade? If so what’s the commission and am from Thailand can I trade from here?

    3. Mendy Osman

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    4. Jeffrey Shane

      I’m 19 years investing in stock

    5. Sofia Lina

      As the saying goes the best time to plant a tree is 10years ago and the best time is now From some Chinese guy a long time ago , I should know being a Chinese but am not lol.

  19. Cool Videos

    “Hillary was the worst presidential candidate ever”
    Biden: Hold my … you know … the thing.

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