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How Will The Election Affect The Stock Market


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The 2020 election is around the corner as well as normally the stock market will certainly be impacted as a result of it – in this video clip we discuss exactly how the election will influence the stock exchange
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How Will The Election Affect The Stock Market
1:00 – Why our stock exchange is so unpredictable
2:13 – Why the political election should not influence the stock market in theory and comparing concept to truth in the stock exchange
3:25 – The stock market has rallied over the last years and how the long-term capital gains rate influences supply costs
5:33 – How getting rid of long-term resources gains rates will impact supply prices
7:02 – Just How Joe Biden as well as Donald Trump look at businesses
8:08 – Looking bigger, what will influence stock costs over the future
9:50 – Live you life based upon your objectives not who the head of state is

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This Video clip:

Video host: Jaspreet Singh

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DISCLAIMER CONT 'D: I'm just a random person on YouTube so do your very own study! Jaspreet Singh is not a licensed financial advisor. He is a certified attorney, however is he is not providing you with lawful suggestions in these video clips. This video clip, the subjects talked about, and ideas presented are Jaspreet's viewpoints as well as presented for entertainment objectives just. The info offered ought to not be taken as financial or lawful advice. Constantly do your own due diligence.

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83 Thoughts to “How Will The Election Affect The Stock Market”

  1. Rolla

    I’ve really warmed up to this dude.

    1. Derek and Lindsey Sparks

      Same! One of our faves!

    2. Chris Lam

      Best random guy on YouTube 😂

    3. Daniel Mc Lintock

      Plus he sends out market brief’s, an update on whats currently happening for FREEEEE

    4. Mutt Fitness

      Are you a jacket?

    5. reggiew87

      He’s been making great content for years!

  2. Shaky Leaky300

    I find myself pretty lucky and here I explain. I found Minority Mindset at my 18. Since then, I’m currently paying 300 a month for rent, 50 for phone bill and 100 of expenses. I have a 16$ job that pays weekly and a savings of my expenses of more than one year (10k). I’m building a index high yield dividend mixed up with reits and other monthly dividend stocks. If I keep doing this I believe by my 30 years I will be financially free. I don’t spend on useless things and only buy cheap shoes and quality good not brand clothes. I’m almost at my 20 years and I have to sincerely grateful for this person who has make my mindset, one from the minority. While other people’s spend on luxury and famous brands expensive stuff. I invest the rest of my money believing one day. I will not need to work anymore to get anything I want. Thank You kindly Sir for opening my eyes and my early stage. I’m glad I found this channel this soon in my life.

    1. D

      S&P 500 Index Fund. Don’t forget about this. Thank me in 30 years

    2. Mik Kim

      @User Me too. My scholarships couldn’t cover my total uni expenses so I decided to save up and go to community college next year.
      I don’t think majority of uni degrees are worth the debt. Plus online courses and community can really help.

    3. Misty Diablo

      Sounds like what I’m about to do
      I turn 18 next month, will be applying to amazon as minimal wage is 15.5 or more (night shift)
      But I won’t have any car expenses
      Basically invest 90% of my 💰

    4. adrianmxmx

      Terrific Job!! I wish I had started so young too with being way over the curve.

    5. Mik Kim

      @User Haha. Don’t wanna offend anybody.
      But you can listen to reddit stories on youtube and you’ll hear people share their experiences. Some degrees are really not worth the debt you get yourself into.
      Personally when I get the chance I ask strangers whether or not their degrees significantly impacted their lives positively. One advice I got is that whatever you’re doing, you should always go to extra mile and do something you colleagues aren’t doing. Like gaining more skills and reading and networking with people. College attending is so common today so having a degree doesn’t set you apart. Also, if you’re a male, don’t follow your 🥒 because it has no direction. Stay focused. Just sharing what I heard😹

  3. Schieff Financial

    “You shouldn’t be living your life based on who is in the White House.” Well said 🙏🏻

    1. super nerd

      but what if I live in the white house? food for thought.

    2. Renaissance Man

      What if Hitler was in the White House, or Stalin, or Pol Pot, Kim Jong-un… your life would be about trying to get out of the country wouldn’t it?

    3. Thanos Mighty

      @Renaissance Man stalin,Pol pot became defacto leader for life including hitler, something that will not be allowed in a democratic country

    4. Renaissance Man

      @Thanos Mighty … true, but then again we are not a democratic country… we are a constitutional republic. a pure democratic country is what Venezuela has. which is also bad. though our president isnt in there for life… consider that Senators and Congressman have no term limits. Many of them have been in Washington for decades, and the powerful companies and rich control them.

    5. Thanos Mighty

      @Renaissance Man they still.have to be elected, the major difference.
      Veneuzela is a dictatorship

  4. ZeroKarma921

    I appreciate keeping the politics out of this, and just stating the facts and presenting hypotheticals.

    1. Lopez Lisandro

      I’ll advise Everyone to invest in stuffs like penny stocks and Cryptos.. it can generate short term profits for you..

    2. Samuel Kingston

      I’m a huge fan of Crypto. I hold a few coins in my blockchain wallet

    3. ChangoBango

      Agreed. I’m at politics overload right now.

  5. Minority Mindset

    Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, you should watch – Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump Tax Plans:

    1. Brooks Walters

      @Courtney Forbes I was actually ignorant doing that but it left me chasing shadows.

    2. Blaise Dice

      I’m not here to converse for Mr Frederick but to testify for what I’ve witnessed and I’m sure he’s trustworthy and best option ever seen.

    3. Shannon Wilhelm

      I’m placing my trade with Mr Frederick ASAP super volatile and risky though… remember winter 2017?..

    4. John Jurmu

      I’m looking forward to not worrying that a tweet is going to wreck my porfolio.

    5. Thpmpson Trading

      @Jerry Bruce look at Mr Frederick contact

  6. brittany Clark

    This are really critical moments with investing

    1. James Morgan

      Trevor Holand

      I can’t overemphasized the latter enough, thank you !! because if a firm has poor customer service, it will be difficult to ensure the profitability of your trades and you’ll probably have a hard time asking them for assistance in case something goes wrong with your trades.

    2. OrdinaryHuman

      The investing part is secondary really. If people actually want Biden, then it’s just a strong signal that the American prosperity days are gone for good and people don’t want them to return. The reason the US stock market outperformed so much was due to the atypical “free market society” we had, but that has slowly been collapsing over the last 100 years thanks to expanding government and poor choices like the 19th amendment.

      Biden win means it will be time to stop trying, working, and paying taxes, and just kick back and enjoy the decline.

      Also, this is now a shill bot thread.

    3. Yvonne Ray

      And she can be reached easily on WhatsApp


      @Nichole Bishop I bet you spammer. Do you think people are that stupid!

    5. Anon Bahmani

      @PARANORMALaj Satish. A brown male name on a white female display picture. What does he think we are dumb?

  7. Evad 2020

    This man is a very great teacher. Minority Mindset is one of my best online classes. Keep it up boss 👍

  8. Sarah Oladokun

    One of the best channels on YouTube 🙌

    1. Retro Basement Gaming, Tech & Anime

      I agree.

    2. ariel manosca

      I agree also. I’m so glad he popped up on my YouTube.

  9. Allan Andersen

    This is a really entertaining and well produced show – with heart and purpose. 🙂
    Well done!

  10. Chris S

    Almost spit out my guac when he said or Kanye lol

    1. Justina Acorn

      Please no Ye!😅

  11. Moise

    Don’t watch the news if you want to have peace in mind

  12. Chris Lee

    It’s going down… We all know that. Regardless of politics

  13. M Safrons

    Jaspreet… the stock market always goes up in the long term. Under dems or repubs it always goes up. What goes on in your house is way more important that what goes on in the white house.

    1. Justina Acorn

      indeed! if you spend all your money on waste it’s your responsibility not the government.

  14. isisalles

    Love what you said about living your life on your goals and your dreams, morals, and passions and not basing your actions on who is in the White House.

  15. Isaiah Ruffin

    You forgot option 4. Never sell and live off of dividends. You will pay no taxes on dividend income up to 40,000

    1. Isaiah Ruffin

      Jeffon Spikes 0 in taxes on the dividend income up to 40,000. Meaning the first 40,000 of your income is yours to keep, tax free. After that it’s taxed at long term capital gains tax rate.


      @Isaiah Ruffin any good books or resources on dividend investing? I’m a swing trader, haven’t really thought about dividends.

      Are you having success with this or just suggestion another option?

    3. Isaiah Ruffin

      SITHAT CHAYANAM i would say definitely search Andrei jihk on YouTube. He talks a lot about investing and dividends. And yes it’s just a suggestion. I wouldn’t say I’ve had major success with it because I’m still young and I’m still building my portfolio. So nothing spectacular going on there. However, I do know what to do in order to meet my retirement goals. And lastly, I would recommend Dave Ramsey for some solid advice within the area of finance.


      @Isaiah Ruffin Thanks I’ll check out Andrei, but no thanks to Dave Ramsey. He’s an entrepreneur whom teaches an audience of poor mindset people to get out of debt and live in mediocrity while he living with that rich mindset making money. I got family that love him for his mediocre majority 9-5 mindset.

      I’ll just keep learning with Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Minervini and Minority mindset.

    5. Isaiah Ruffin

      SITHAT CHAYANAM Robert kiyosaki is another good one. But yeah Andrei has some great content. Definitely check him out! Best of luck to you.

  16. Fischer Meyer

    Good Video, I’m kinda motivated with it, I invested in bitcoin and it’s favourable to me

    1. Jean Marie

      I’m not here to converse for him but to testify just for what I’m sure of, he’s trust worthy and best option ever seen

    2. Daniel Mac

      I’ve never heard or seen any of he’s clients complain of lost….I think he’s just too perfect

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  19. Leo Connor

    Honestly i don’t think the election is relevant when it comes to the market, investors tend to make profits no matter how the shape of the market is, i discovered so many investors make up-to 80k in monthly profits, any strategies i can apply to make such profits will be much appreciated.

    1. Baldwin Chao

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