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Jim Cramer: Pres. Donald Trump’s tweet about delaying the election is bad for the stock market


CNBC's Jim Cramer said President Donald Trump's Thursday morning tweet that referenced postponing the November election is causing issues for the stock exchange due to the fact that it "sows disorder and disorder misbehaves for the securities market." Sign Up For CNBC PRO for access to financier as well as analyst insights:

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94 Thoughts to “Jim Cramer: Pres. Donald Trump’s tweet about delaying the election is bad for the stock market”

  1. kalbs89

    If it’s okay to send kids back to school isn’t it okay to vote?


      @Drew Nielson sorry you worded that weird you said “there arent none but there are a few”

    2. Drew Nielson

      CONSTANTLY WATCHING That isn’t a direct quote from me. But I get that it may have been confusing wording to some. Sorry about that.


      @Drew Nielson no problem happens to the best of us.


      @Stephanie Marie and hes factually incorrect

  2. Eduardo Smith

    96 day’s til JAIL.

    1. Godmirra

      @Suavage Yeah he still does that. What a clown.

    2. Eduardo Smith

      BUBBA waiting.

    3. Jakie Richter

      ​@Godmirra tic toc tic toc

    4. Godmirra

      @Jakie Richter CAN’T WAIT!!!

    5. Jakie Richter

      @Godmirra hang in there your wait is nearly over.

  3. Deeman

    Trump constitutionally CANNOT change the date of the election!

    1. Tomandtob

      @안 두선 – the HOUSE will not allow it!!

    2. AwesomeGaming

      @Chas Bronson if you keep believing that, that would actually happen

    3. Jess Tiss

      Tomandtob 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh you mean like how hard they’re working to help and protect the people in the midst of a freaking pandemic?! Please, explain how because all I see if gestures and toothless talk, while Trump extends his authoritarian cruelties. If you think the Dems are looking out for *the people,* you are unaware of a LOT of the facts. Bless your heart

    4. Rock Brentwood

      (1) The constitution has *nothing* to say on the “when” except this: “The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors…”
      (2) The relevant law mandated by that clause is 3 USC 1 … and also 3 USC 2 which happens to provide room for exceptions to 3 USC 1.
      (3) It has undergone numerous changes, the most recent being 2020 March 3, and some of these changes might be relevant to whatever situation arises in November.
      (4) The president didn’t say that *he* would change the time but, if it happens, that he would oversee it; it being understood that this law (like all laws) is by act of Congress … one of which may very well be the amendment passed in March … and that Congress, itself, may *already* find it necessary to do what needs to be done when the time comes.
      (5) Regardless of any of the other considerations, there *will* be some changes because the candidates are likely not going to see the time of election intact. One’s already at the life expectancy of males in the US and is showing more and more the damaging effects of the aneurysm suffered in 1988 and the other is becoming frail at an accelerating clip, showing all signs of being on the 5-year-countdown clock. We have a situation where changes are going to have to be made in the ballots … *after* the mail-in ballots are already sent, filled out and returned, but *before* the election is held, because one or both major party candidates is going to become incapacitated in the intervening time due to their advancing age and already-rapid decline.

  4. Tom Smith

    “Nobody Likes Me”
    “I don’t take responsibility at all”
    “We should delay the election”

    Conservatives Is this your king?!!!

    1. SirScrodoTBaggins

      @Dezso Nagy Let me guess, your favorite news source is the Daily Stormer?

    2. Jandie

      @Tim K – He is the chaos! Wake up!

    3. carmen Horn

      Tim K those are NOT Biden supporters. You are either really ignorant or really dishonest

    4. TheRealSammySan

      Tonie Basically the Westboro Baptist church on an international level. People can change.

    5. Tim K

      @obtsfan leave it to the propagandized radical leftist revisionist to claim 60% of America identifies with the Democratic Party.

      You guys are nuts!

  5. Steve Wilson

    Jim Cramer in the past year has made a 180 pivot in my eyes. Trump is a menace to our democracy

    1. dj kommode

      @El Sucio Federali covid is a hoax right?

    2. El Sucio Federali

      @John Jerabek No doubt – Trump could have done more – but you have NO high ground – you have hind sight. Regardless, the CCP will clean our clocks as you wallow in the joy of electing a man in a diaper –

    3. El Sucio Federali

      @John Jerabek No – the reason your kid is in a mask is because for the last 30 years – we trusted the CCP – Zoom out for fookseke man !

    4. Stephanie Drake

      @El Sucio Federali you think protecting a child is wrong?

    5. El Sucio Federali

      @Stephanie Drake Try to follow the thread Stef – We put masks on – because China was meddling with a virus that did NOT exist in Nature (human to human) until they made that happen. Like you, people are focused on a microcosm POV and fail to see the forest in the trees.

  6. Bmore Bob

    trump’s a clown

  7. Nino Tung

    He is such a joke!

  8. TheBioExplorer

    No delay… absolutely NOT! Throw the bum out!

  9. cameron burke

    Any minute now George Washington is going to bust out of his grave.

    1. cameron burke

      @comment he’s violating the constitution of the nation Washington helped create. Trump is the tyranny Washington warned us about.

    2. comment

      @cameron burke Hope you ARE joking, right? Because i am laughing

    3. cameron burke

      @comment beating protesters, deploying federal agents to cities that oppose him to “restore order”. Attempting to postpone the election indefinitely.

  10. Jeff Thompson

    If you think that living in the USA during a pandemic is painful – we are at the beginning of a crumbling economy. This is going to get ugly.

    1. Handsome Barber

      The economy was toast since the repo market crashed in 2019 bitcoin and gold!

    2. CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity

      The beginning was 40 years ago. Last 15 years we had not a single year of positive real GDP growth per capita using a non-contrived inflation rate. See: Real Economy. Don’t rely on the jokers who are giving out wrong information.

    3. WhatIfGod/ImagineInfinity

      @Eric Dorsey The evidence is the debt pilng up which reveals the American people have borrowed from the the future and are living in unsustainable fashion. You can keep bailing the economy out until the credibility of the dollar is no more. At which point you have to pay for the past indulgences. You obviously don’t recognise the trus horror of the coming situation.

    4. WhatIfGod/ImagineInfinity

      @Eric Dorsey You failed to mention banks in your comment. The banks might become a bit of a problem don’t you think? Or maybe the credibility of the dollar. Do you even think about what would happen if the dollar fell rom favor?

    5. WhatIfGod/ImagineInfinity

      @Tomandtob No, Truno plus every president who previously adopted similar policies to bail the economy out by printing money every time a threat of something bad happening arose. DURR DURRR ALL TRUNOA FAULT LOL. YOU IMBECILE.

  11. Diana D

    He won’t delay schools opening next month, but willing to delay the election? 🤔 Vote him OUT!

    1. Tomandtob

      @comment – of course they do!! If it is too dangerous to hold an election because of COVID-19 then it is OBVIOUSLY too dangerous to open the schools!!

    2. Sgtviper Gaming

      @Tomandtob we will

    3. Tomandtob

      @Sgtviper Gaming – I am not so sure.

    4. Sgtviper Gaming

      @Tomandtob oh really now?

    5. Tomandtob

      @Sgtviper Gaming – oh shut up!!! Your little ignorant snippets add NOTHING to the conversation!! Go play your games, little boy!!!

  12. Annie Oeth

    This is what a despot does.

  13. Timothy Cihal

    Can’t wait for the US Marine Corps to hall Trump out feet first, belly up!

    1. Lucas Ortiz

      Your a grown man and you got nothing better to do but hate on Trump. LMAO 🤣😂🤣 😂

    2. JC Wil

      @Lucas Ortiz the Country hates Trump as a President As the Apprenticed only mediocre

    3. JC Wil

      @Lucas Ortiz with only 1 subscriber I hope your opinion is real and not SPAM

    4. Timothy Cihal

      @Lucas Ortiz A grown man with a purple heart, 2 battle stars fighting to preserve democracy. I will not support a right wing banana republic like the one you are from!

  14. scotty B

    We voted during the Civil War and World War II.
    Nothing’s going to stop us now.

    1. LLT Collection

      Again silly rants upvoted by drunk lards 😂😂😂

    2. Brian DeVries

      ya, you didn’t mail it in

    3. nosuchthing8

      @Matthew Charles wow, are you jonesing for a position under employee Trump

    4. Matthew Charles

      @nosuchthing8 Nah, I’m good

    5. Matthew Charles

      @David Perez It’s absolutely gas lighting. You falsely insinuated that my response had anything to do with moving the election, when it never did.

  15. Dat Meme

    Translation: “I’m losing bigly. Please give me time to redeem myself for failing so hard.”

    1. Dat Meme

      @camjamsdad Yeah, because that’s what a president should be doing in the middle of multiple national crises.

  16. Big Paulie

    I can’t believe there are people who worship the orange god

    1. dj kommode

      @Kferler how many fake accounts do you have

    2. simon nomis

      T F more blacks inslaved to the imaginary boss then whites.

    3. T F

      @simon nomis What imaginary boss?

    4. Kferler

      @T F because only black people vote for Biden, he said himself, lol.

    5. Kferler

      @dj kommode none, how about you?

  17. Jing Chen

    Trump: every vote against me is fraud

    1. Karl Heven

      @Stephanie Drake Biden is obviously in the early stages of Dementia, it hasn’t always been that way.
      I’d say 3 years ago he was still mentally sound.
      But now it’s just getting worse and you can see it so easily because that isn’t even about politics.

    2. Tomandtob

      @Blitz World – so you support a man who is OBVIOUSLY making a move to become a dictator?? Would you be happy with a dictator who is clearly unstable??

    3. Tomandtob

      @Dakota Lyons – he also tried to attack a hurricane with a nuke!!

    4. Tomandtob

      @Karl Heven – do you really think that the tension with NK have been eased?? Have you listened to Lil Kim lately?? Of course tRump took a stand on masks when he refused to wear one for months. He actually made fun of a reporter who was wearing a mask.

      MORE PROACTIVE??? He didn’t do ANYTHING beneficial to the people! He did NOTHING but tell us lies!! The rest of the leaders in the modern world were able to deal with the virus. WHO else would you blame other than the LEADER who did nothing but downplay the seriousness of the crisis?? It was his job as president to prepare the nation for the pandemic but he DID NOTHING!! Of course he is responsible for every death, for the destruction of the economy and everything else.

    5. Karl Heven

      @Tomandtob you are taking it out of context.
      He made fun of the reporter because she is hypocritical, in othet words when the cameras went off she took the mask off!!
      Has been documented.
      Also many lives could have been saved if the media mafia would not have demonized hydroxychloroquine zink and zithromicyne.

  18. Frankie

    So he wants our kids back in school, but it’s not safe to vote??!!

    1. comment

      @randal gibbons No, he didn’t say it’s not safe. That’s what the dems are saying, the massive mail-in voting is THEIR idea, and it’s a bad one.

    2. WilMar

      @randal gibbons because the election is dangerous for Trump. He knew if he live WH, he with Barr, Pompeo and other crooks gonna be jailed for treason and missconduct in WH.

    3. randal gibbons

      @commenthe stated in his tweet delaying the election until it was safe for people to vote.

    4. randal gibbons

      @commentin Florida children testing positive is up 32% and children being hospitalized is up 24%. These numbers reflect just a change in the messaging. Talking about schools reopening let parents lower their guard assuming everything was ok. Imagine where those numbers will be when send kids to school.

      Leadership in America has a new motto:

      Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV + bonus points.

    5. Apache Trail

      @comment traitor better?

  19. Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    If it gets delayed…there will be riots EVERYWHERE.

    1. Roy Blekman

      In America*

    2. Nico55RS

      @Roy Blekman lol that’s implied in the comment

    3. Joe Soap

      which will lead to martial law and dictatorship

    4. dlo brown

      And then the denture losing false messiah trump will unleash his Gestapo which he has many loyalists. Sorry maryika you are finished. How’s those emails looking now. Hahah you deserve it Good luck

  20. Kahlan Elaine

    The rich gets richer by spending like the poor and investing without stopping while the poor stay poor by spending like the rich and yet not even making any investment

    1. Katie Rolphe

      you get it. I retire @27 & now, two years later everyone realizes that I had it right.

    2. Andre MacGregor

      Go make some money

    3. Brown Olympia

      Yeah I received my first profit 2days ago.

    4. Kim Kardashianwest

      He really changed my financial story and I also referred my beginners friends to him

    5. Krystine Cardona

      I love this Salvador love he’s strategies and methods, I was able to withdraw $14,500 there is more to the system than the eye sees sometimes, this videos don’t really help much as they end up confusing you more.

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