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Impact of US Presidential Election on Indian Share Market (Hindi)


In this Q&A video, we will be discussing the complying with important concerns for educational and also informative objective

1. Nifty is making higher highs whereas volume is low for the last 8 days … can we take into consideration a day as reversal day when clever make a significant red candle with quantity? Or it may be a trap?

2. When information points are offering the indicator for adjustment in the overall stock market, then exist any kind of actions taken by a company (or promoters) to secure their market capital or simply view it going down.

3. Last time before market accident FIII had actually developed massive index short setting …
Yet this time it need to be something else and i make sure you know it. kindly inform us just how to pick those signals. currently, future as well as choices data looks neutral … please toss some light.

4. earlier PED was Wednesday and also currently it has actually changed to Tuesday. Just how you reached this final thought?

5. Should we wait till the initial indications of weakness are visible on graphes before shorting the index or should we expect the step and keep holding the positions?

6. How to handle array bound markets as well as Stop loss searching. Tried taking trading steps post-confirmation using technical indicators like Bollinger, ADX, volume, OI, as well as MACD however caused a 3:1 ratio of loss and also gain in Nifty and Bank Nifty weekly choices.

7. Just recently, Nifty stayed at 12000+ for 4 months. For how much time did the everyday Turnover stay low, before Nifty started declining? Sir, understanding of these titbits' details can make a massive difference.

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