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How the 2020 Election Will Impact the Stock Market


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An additional ACCIDENT or an additional RALLY?

This is a technological analysis of the US securities market for 2020.
I evaluate the wide market and also provide potential circumstances for the future of the stock market. I go over whether an US stock exchange accident in 2020 is most likely. Will it be a modification or a full stock exchange collision? I use long-term charts and also the market cycle concept theme to highlight potential outcomes. I likewise use fibonnacci retracements to show targets for the following economic recession.
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Game of Trades Technical Analysis makes use of basic momentum indications like the MACD and also RSI to evaluate as well as predict patterns or pattern adjustments utilizing aberration and overbought/oversold readings.

I show the evaluation in an easy to understand method, also for beginner stock trading.
The videos assist with:.
– Learning basic technological Analysis.
– Efficient chart patterns.
– Determining profession targets.
– Determining good quits for trades.
As well as most importantly trying to give the right mindset to trade effectively.

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23 Thoughts to “How the 2020 Election Will Impact the Stock Market”

  1. Jason Burt

    Blockchain will soar if Biden puts the brakes on the stockmarket. The financial system could collapse.

  2. cheeseUout

    so basically the moral of the story is, money talks way more than actually fixing things

  3. moogs15

    GS came out saying that a Biden win is neutral to bullish for the market. Thoughts?

  4. Kai Gogolin

    I own Stocks but don’t vote for Trump! Depending on your strategy a Biden win doesn’t need to be a negative for your portfolio. Be careful with index funds/ETF’s. Be selective, many stocks will do ok with either candidate elected.

    1. Admiral troll

      won’t matter either way we will all be taxed into submission

  5. W 1

    manigga your videos just crashed the market XD

  6. JWA-Global Market Trading

    Work Harder

  7. Ethan Rosenthal

    Have you taken any short positions since March?

  8. Pierce Jordan - Personal Finance

    Was waiting for a video like this. Things will certainly start heating up in October. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Brandon Reed

    Sounds like a lot of theories but not much data or analysis to backup those theories.

  10. JWA-Global Market Trading

    Coronavirus has a built in suicide mechanism which will activate when it realises it cannot win. JESUS Christ is in Melbourne Australia and He requires all humans to start trading on the NYSE and ASX immediately. I complete all knowledge as Emperor of Pneumatology. Destroy the UN immediately

  11. Robert Kuhn

    Disappointing, all you stock guys seem to have the same limited and selfish outlook.

  12. DUC HUY

    does not matter who is president, tax will get higher since Growth is slow. Too much debt will eventually cause credit downgrade, then reserve status at risk. Basicly the poor will riot then wall street cant hide anymore.

  13. McMatthew99

    On the flip side, Trump’s trade war policies made many investors nervous throughout 2018, so I imagine many may turn bullish if Biden is elected in anticipation of the stability his presidency could bring

    1. Bubba Blackmon

      No way his “stability” will offset raising corporate taxes to 28% and capital gains taxes to 39.6% as he has proposed. And that would include taxing dividends at the higher rate also.

  14. crownglory56

    Small drop continued by massive ride up. Matters more whether the senate is a republican or a democrat.

  15. zxJoe7r

    Thanks for the analysis.

  16. Jon Thor

    Lets crash it and burn it

  17. Ignatius Cartwright

    I dont have to contemplate on what the market outcome will be like although I stalk news headlines and stay abreast but consulting and using professional services of individual brokers is key, I just began earning from my investment account managed by Mrs Meghan Paige V. I had coffee at her office in MN and we discussed what the nearest future holds. She currently manages my investment account of a good six figure sum and I am seeing improvements in my all round portfolio. I did my due diligence before getting invested under her network she is registered under regulatory bodies by her full name ” Meghan Paige Villanueva ” you can look her up if you need help with your portfolio. I struggled with inefficiency investing on my own, I guess there are people out there experience same hence the recommendation. Happy Investing Yall.

    1. Johnson Lyndon

      oh wow😮… This is incredible. I listen to her on a CNBC market interview sometimes and I never really made out time to contact her, never knew she offered these services. Outstanding Broker indeed!

    2. Teslas Are Rare

      thanks for sharing, I am currently in conversations w/ her. Have you been consulting her for a while?

  18. Humiady Enzi

    So , trump 2020 ,,

  19. Greg Etchason

    “Most people own stocks and like the market to go up.” Nice try, 80% of shares are held by less than 10 % of shareholders. Your economics is less than astute, even for a “casino capitalist.”🙄

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