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  1. Emil North,Jr,

    This country needs GOD, OUR GOVERNMENT NEEDS GOD..

    1. Keith

      @silverbladeTE and I’m pretty sure it is pagan since it was a description of the moonless nights and also the eclipses that they couldn’t explain at the time. It was a sense of connection between the living world (sun) and the dead world which was night.

    2. Scott Cupples

      Keith you will play with these demons for a short season but your soul will be cast into a lake of fire along with your father the devil.he is the father of lies,murder and deceit.he has you spiritually blinded from the truth of the One and only God that can save you which is JESUS CHRIST lord of lords king of kings…don’t be fooled these false gods are many and none better than the next.God however probably turned you over to the devil…remember Gods word says every mans tongue will confess He is Lord..then he will judge you….

    3. Keith

      @Scott Cupples I would rather be killed than to acknowledge your faith as anything other than trash.

    4. Scott Cupples

      Keith wow that’s how I feel to

    5. Robert T Smith

      @FrikinTastik Don’t confuse separation of Church and State with separation of God and State. God established the State (Nations), not man. What you’re talking about is forbidden by the establishment clause. Not to mention, there hasn’t been a “Church-State” since the Church of England. And yes, Scott is correct. God raises up rulers and Nations and puts them down.

  2. Christopher Riley

    Given the amount of turmoil leading to this election, and the Clear Division of the people, how likely do you think it will be for the riots to turn into something more?

    1. Von Vomit

      It will be very likely. The ability of the opposition to organize, train and equip rivals that of our military.

    2. Christopher Riley

      Von Vomit that was my thought too. I’m also wondering what the cascading effects would be. Given that we have a fiat currency that backs the currencies of the world…

    3. strattuner

      those with common sense and use force or violence for defense only will survive,those who are quick to harm will not last long,don’t forget we have militias in every state,if they tell you to stay home,do so,they work hand in hand with the sheriffs of the land and the law will be upheld,no matter what,live by the law,or not,criminals won’t last long,those who ask will be answered,simple huh?

    4. strattuner

      @Christopher Riley whatever you were planning to do,do it quickly,if it was survival equip do it faster,chaos will rule the next 2 years without a doubt

    5. doug godfrey

      When Pres Trump wins in Nov – civil war
      When Pres Trump loses in Nov – civil war

  3. InnerFire- Graham

    Winter is coming. Stay safe folks

    1. Silly Sausage

      So is Bidan lol

    2. Jensen One

      That’s good news for me. Glad summer’s over and cooler weather is on the way 🙂

    3. Jensen One

      @VA TO AK Amen!

    4. Travis N.

      Stock up on heating essentials as well as clothing socks boots etc

    5. silverbladeTE

      @Travis N. yup! as I’ve noted several times on here, boots area MUST as they are one thing you cannot make good yourself during SHTF, very very few cobblers nowadays, and while a tyre can be used to make a sole, it’s nowhere near as good as a well made hiking boot

  4. Jay Coates

    Get your vegetable seeds now!!, they may not be available in the spring!!!

    1. Midsouth Homestead

      @Sarge You can barter with them. Last month I paid $7.00 for 35 cucumber seeds on Amazon.

    2. Sarge

      @Midsouth Homestead If things go really bad i may meet some other preppers and give the seed for a spot in there group..But i also have ammo food weapons night vision systems meds clothing shelter water purification systems i have been prepping for a long time..Now i want to put it to use..

    3. Midsouth Homestead

      @Sarge ABSOLUTELY

    4. Kitty Webb

      can get seeds from the food eat atm also at least you know they reproduce allot seeds buy now dont

    5. Jesus Slushies

      If the fruits/vegs are GMO, they will only yield 1 crop

  5. Arte Della Vita

    Water filters, food, meds, ammo, seeds. Whether this happens or not be ready! It won’t hurt🙂

    1. Roni Taylor

      Unfortunately, people are going to steal crops and “gardens” especially if you live in neighborhoods,

    2. Arte Della Vita

      Roni Taylor that’s why you have something to greet them with

    3. Southern Gunslinger

      Absolutely !

  6. altha 2014

    A lot of people does not but I have an extra pair of shoes and socks in my bug out bag,,, just in case the others gets wet, or torn

    1. Dave Phoenix Music

      Don’t forget the camp sandals!

    2. doug godfrey

      Don’t have bugout bag . I live in a small town & if we don’t survive here ,nobody will suvive anywhere . Get out of Big Cities if possible .

  7. Sean M

    Day by day things are getting worse..

  8. ChillinDave 1

    Remember, it’s the Electoral College that votes who the President is, not the people

    1. Robert Potter

      @Marquita Martin Well, the point I’m trying to make is that it really doesn’t matter how the electoral college votes because the outcome of every election is pre-determined by the evil powers that shouldn’t be. They just allow people to participate in the voting process as a way of patronizing them. If people realized their votes don’t count they would rise up and protest. Or at least one would assume they would. These days, people are so conditioned to accept whatever the government says, they don’t know how to react to most events.

    2. Southern Gunslinger

      Tracie Smith : Exactly! The Biden signs are ridiculous !

    3. passinthru

      @Robert Potter LOL, I was told by a government official once in my county, that the reason for voting is so the jury seats are filled at the courthouses, because it one votes, they are dumped in the jury selection! No $hit! That’s what I was told, and for the official to say that shocked me! Guess the official didn’t have much confidence in the election process either! I can’t say whether it is true or not, but I sure was “shell shocked”!

    4. Michael Taylor

      The people do, through the electoral college. It’s been that way since Washington and it’s the best system.

    5. Chris Mullins

      That is an outdated system, just like daylight savings.

  9. Franchesca ONeal

    This is rediculous. I can’t believe it’s come down to this. And there’s really nothing we can do about it beyond making sure we ourselves aren’t homeless and starving.

    1. larin o

      If you live in rural area, get ready to have waves of seriously traumatized refugees including children and decide now how to deal with it. Some desperate people act in desperate ways. The commies will not use American rules of engagement in regards to children. It’s gonna get ugly.

    2. D. F.

      You can develop a network and make sure your neighbors are on your side if shtf.

  10. Tracy Jung

    This is common. I am the only prepper in my family. They want to hear happy positive talk. You have to understand they are protecting their mental state. You have a special mindset not everyone has. You should keep prepping and use different methods other than convincing others hard times are coming. Example. I garden for survival purpose but present it as a hobby and encourage others to do it because it is fun. Target shooting is a fun sport, canning saves money, land in the mountains is a great vacation place. Frame the prepping in positive ways.

    1. passinthru

      @Roni Taylor I was told that taxes and insurance would go up because of business closures and all the fires and hurricane damages; Also, many have gotten behind on their mort/auto payments which has dinged their credit score which will also cause insurance rates to increase; either way, if what I was told is true, it is going to get more stressful and difficult in the months ahead. Gov says we are in “low inflation” but I disagree with that; we are in deceptive inflation because the products are smaller and although interest rates are low, the price of goods and service is HIGH, along with housing and auto purchases, all very HIGH!

    2. passinthru

      @doug godfrey Which makes sense what the Word of God says about preparing our hearts and minds for what lies ahead. You are 100% correct! it is hard though.

    3. Hummingwind

      @silverbladeTE hi there my friend, haven’t talked to you in awhile. Yes, I understand the dog love, they don’t deny what is right in front of them. For me my kids are a state away and are NOT prepping, unbelievable no matter how much I tell them what’s coming. Standard comment, “I know, I know, it will be okay mom.” Ugh! Recently took a social media break, it refreshed the mind. Take care, hugs to the pup.

    4. silverbladeTE

      @Hummingwind yeah it gets a bit much at time sand we need a break, sigh, take care 🙂

    5. Kitty Webb

      Dont forget Prayer God hears

  11. wally m

    My kids are now being home schooled I’m not risking them going back to school theres parents that dont care and will send their kids to school even if there sick

    1. Angel _

      D. F. Best friend is a teacher and you are absolutely right. Schools directly lying to the parents

    2. ozarkprepper1

      @D. F. covids a harmless little bug designed to track an outbreak. A dry run for a future real deal. They want to test kids at school so when they show up positive (like everyone does) ,they will quarrantine your kids away from you. And God knows what they will do to them.

    3. D. F.

      ozarkprepper1 I think you’re partly right. The virus does seem like a dry run.

    4. Southern Gunslinger

      D. F. : The schools are not reporting covid cases in their school to parents. Fact!

    5. D. F.

      Southern Gunslinger – my district reported the first confirmed case and told parents that they’re taking precautions, blah blah blah. Schools are giant Petri dishes. Some schools have conscientious custodians who are working very hard but some have Union parasites who watch TV in their breakeoom all evening. —and you don’t know which kind your school has. Most of the disinfecting is done by teachers using parent donated supplies. So if you’re sending your kids, send them to school with a package of wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer, whatever you can share.

  12. Seekthetreasure

    My take. Be prepared for China to take full advantage by contributing to the chaos as well as making a move against Taiwan and an attack on the US Dollar..

    1. Bobsblues

      A researcher has just a few days ago released info that he found that the Chinese Progressive Party of America is funding BLM .

    2. Seekthetreasure

      @Bobsblues I passed by something about on Twitter the other day. I believe it. I have followed the Chinese rise since the 90’s. I’m also convinced since February the pandemic is a result of them War Gaming us

    3. passinthru

      CHINA’S coarse of action has already been calculated and planned for: CHINA won’t be able to do $hit, UNLESS someone in power in government ALLOWS them to: I think China is going to be sunk; she has gotten TOOO big for her panda britches and CHINA NEVER HAS done well in the GSM. She has NOTHING to fall back on: she destroyed her farm land for industry and has no energy to depend on: she is TOTALLY at the mercy of other nations: SHE IS THE ONE who will launch an attack because the CCP is desperate to keep all her people feed and warm during this COOOOOOLD climate that is coming her way!!!

    4. passinthru

      @Bobsblues China is using CIA and NGO playbook against USA.

    5. Seekthetreasure

      @passinthru Took us long enough to calculate it. Obama was asleep at the wheel on that one.

  13. Shane Sanders

    I love how you just give facts on this channel. Allowing people to make up their own mind.

  14. T K

    Awesome video as usual. This is the calm before the storm.

    1. Wendee Shannon

      yes it is.

  15. D. F.

    I already scheduled a day off for November 4th. You might want to do so as well. If your kids attend public school, keep them home that day. Screw “perfect attendance” awards.

    1. mikeh065

      Your obligation as a citizen is to vote. Most polling places have police right there. Unless your trump supporter who happens to live in a Obama area I might be slightly concerned buy only if I was being loud and hanging outside socializing after I voted. Most states have laws campaign and protesting has to take place certain a distance away from polling spots. It is not going to be that bad at all. Your going in given them your name etc they tell you how to use voting booth and then you leave

    2. D. F.

      mikeh065 -the election is the 3rd. I’m most certainly going to vote. I’m talking about the next day when there is potential for a tantrum by those who don’t lose well.

    3. Modesta Cuevas

      D. F. Tantrums happening now.

    4. Mike Moore

      I have vowed for the first time ever to not watch the election. I’ll do my part, pull the lever but it really isn’t worth my time to know who wins. I need to stay focused and not be lulled into complacency.

    5. Ava Renee

      I did too. Great idea, it will be bad.

  16. ShadowDancer

    My extended family does not believe anything bad will happen. I can’t get through to them.

    1. silverbladeTE

      @Nancy paws stay well! 🙂

    2. darren DeHart

      It happens, just keep doing what your doing. Hang tough

    3. Hummingwind

      Yes, and it makes me feel helpless when they are so far away and I can’t do anything when it hits the fan. Very frustrating, I feel your pain!

    4. Hummingwind

      @Car Nissan the herb Feverfew is a natural pain reliever. It is bitter but can be made into a tea or tincture. Add a sweetener to help with the bitterness. It is very effective. You can buy it online, possibly on Amazon.

    5. Hummingwind

      @silverbladeTE hi, I would try Feverfew and Catnip. These herbs work great for pain and headaches. Can use them as a tea or tincture. Tea is probably easiest and works quickly. They do not interfere with meds. They can be easily obtained online and they work very very well. Hope it helps.

  17. Edward Ashby

    We need a new party. The Republicans and Democrats do not care about the people. Our government works for the corporations . Wake up my fellow citizens

    1. Tracie Smith

      We need to wake up and see there is no two parties. Just a bullshit illusion.

    2. Dawn Hundley

      @Tracie Smith spot on! The media has most people brainwashed, they will never realize the two party system is just different sides of the same coin.

    3. passinthru

      WE already have a “new” party; the INDEPENDANTS, which is what the people and this nation was found upon! INDEPENANCE!!! LEAVE Republicons and Demonrats and become INDEPENDANT!!

  18. GP

    I remember in 2008 when the housing market crashed. I got a divorce shortly before that and lost a good paying job. I lost almost everything. And I had two girls to raise on top of it. I was in major depression. It seemed like God wasn’t hearing me when I prayed. But I kept pushing forward. I told myself no matter what I was going to make it. That was almost 13 years ago. My kids r doing great and I’ve got a decent job but most of all the Lord never left me. I just had to hit rock bottom. Kids r tuffer than what we give them credit for. God is still in control not Man. He’s not walking around heaven wondering what to do. Try to mentally stay positive and don’t give up on the Lord because he won’t give up on us. We’ve all made it this far. God has a plan. Thank u for the info.

    1. mike conley

      I’m glad you pulled through.
      My daughter just started her first year of college.
      Not getting a real graduation from high school was hard for her but she just keeps moving forward. It’s the best thing anyone can do.

    2. Cat

      God is so good! I hit my rock bottom in 2016. $95k in consumer debt, marriage in shambles, in chronic pain and I was deeply depressed. I remember praying “if the next 30 years are going to be like the last 30, please just kill me”. He heard me and He saved me.
      Our debt is paid off, our marriage flourishing, my body is largely healed and my hope restored. God is so good!

  19. s johnson

    What most don’t understand is both party’s are private organizations and our founding fathers never meant those so called public servants to have life time positions . Look at all the perks , retirement and pay raises they give them selves and they don’t Even really work , vacation after vacation. We don’t get , they just laugh at us , we don’t act like we are the employer .

    1. passinthru

      the political elite stripped the power from the people LONG AGO; they don’t feel they SERVE US, but that WE SERVE THEM!

  20. Warwolf1966 Manimal

    Look people their is NO TWO PARTY. SYSTEM!! Its all a charade all the governments of the world are in on this wake up

    1. Robert Potter

      I agree with you. The Two party system is a sham that was set up to deceive the public into having only ONE choice, while pretending to give us TWO. But they’re 2 different wings of the same bird. Most people don’t want to believe they’ve been fooled so easily for such a long time. But they have been.

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