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How the Stock Market Will React to the Presidential Elections


The Presidential Cycle is nonsense! Or is it?

The concept behind the Presidential Cycle is that supplies often tend to do well in years 3 & 4 of a head of state's term, however

improperly in years 1 & 2. Why? That is among thing you'll discover in this video clip. But a lot more notably, you'll learn

whether the whole point holds true– or simply a number of "rubbish.".

What's more, we did some initial research here at TradingTips. As opposed to looking only at all years 3 & 4 and also 1 &.

2, we look particularly at years 3 and also 4 of presidential terms where the head of state is looking for reelection. After.

all, the suggestion behind the cycle is that a president seeking workplace pulls out all the stops to juice the economy, however.

an outgoing head of state would have no reason to.

In this episode, you will certainly discover:.

– The Federal Book's duty in the Presidential Cycle– as well as business cycle!

– What are some usual criticisms of the Presidential Cycle theory– and also simply exactly how legitimate they truly are.

– Exactly how the Bush management contrasted in years 3 & 4 of term 1, versus years 1 & 2 of term 2.

– What this might all indicate for supplies and other financial investments in 2012 and past.

We additionally did some considerable research study in checking out exactly how stocks fared throughout the last 2 years of the Bush Sr.

management, versus the initial two years of the Clinton administration. Then years 3 & 4 of Clinton's initial term,.

versus years 1 & 2 of his 2nd term– the results were shocking!

Is the Presidential Cycle "nonsense"? Watch this video and after that choose on your own!

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  1. Conor.V. Egan

    Oh so we’ve been in the boom years the last two years? I don’t think so! AnalysisParalysis!

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