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Stock Market Astrology – Oct 2020 Flash Crash Before US Presidential Election


Stock Market Astrology – Oct 2020 Flash Collision Prior To US Presidential Political Election
Created by Kathir Subbiah (KT Astrologist).

Hey there Everyone, this is Kathir from!
Today Sep 30, 2020, I am giving my 3rd as well as last update for the stock market predictions video I uploaded in the month of Aug 2020. We had numerous good selloffs in the month of September 2020, however market jumped off immediately. Nifty closed today at 11,247.55. S&P 500 shut today at 3363.
Jupiter and Saturn went direct station recently. Both are increasing the speed in the month of Oct 2020. Mercury is going retrograde on Oct 13, 2020. Mars will certainly be in retrograde on for the entire month of Oct 2020.
So, Still I think a significant stock exchange flash collision is likely to take place prior to United States Presidential Election. I anticipate Dow Jones to trade below 22500, SP500 to trade listed below 2800, Nasdaq to trade listed below 9200 and also Nifty to trade listed below 9200 a minimum of as soon as prior to Oct 28, 2020.
If the collision has actually not taken place before Oct 28, 2020, after that I agree it is an imperfection in my forecast this moment. However I will not expand the day better. As well as I do not plan to release an additional video regarding this.
1. I produced this video clip for informative and academic purpose just.
2. You are in charge of your trades. To comprehend how much danger you are taking, please consult your economic advisor or danger monitoring specialist or refer to your broker agent account disclosure.
3. If you want to make benefit from trading, it depends upon your birth chart and present running maha dasa. You can make use of astrology as one of the aspects while deciding yet not the only aspect. Please check out my website for your monthly predictions based on Janma Rasi that is moon sign.
Thank you very much for viewing this video clip. If you have not subscribed to my channel, please do so. Please let me recognize your remarks as well as tips.
@ktastro tv.

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26 Thoughts to “Stock Market Astrology – Oct 2020 Flash Crash Before US Presidential Election”

  1. MakeMyStock

    Sir , some more upside till 12200 level till 15/Oct upside is pending after that fall down will resume one sided.

  2. MV MAN

    What May Happen After This Event.. MKT May Hit Low? Or More Lows Seen for End Of Year Period?

    TY Great Videos!!

  3. KTAstro TV

    Refer to to access monthly predictions for the last 9 years

    1. KTAstro TV

      Karthik Elumalai only one date oct 28. Since so many people believe crash is not possible before nov 3 election, I mentioned the words β€œbefore election” along with oct 28.

      I also mentioned I will not extend the date further and I agree to flaw in my predictions if no crash.

    2. KTAstro TV

      Sudeshna Paul Market is common for everyone. But if you want to make money through trade, you should be running good time.

    3. Karthik Elumalai

      @KTAstro TV I will be much happier if your predictions goes right sir because belief we have in your predictions and the money I have invested in market will become more stronger, Nevertheless astrologer may be wrong sometime but astrology cannot be wrong. Thanks.

    4. Dashrath Dube

      Please send me your email no

    5. Trippy Nerve

      @Karthik Elumalai You need to understand that the predictions for a individual rashi is very generic for all the individuals who are born on that rashi. our individual horoscope determines the absolute experiences of the individual. if my understanding is right, you lack basic understanding of astrology. I’d suggest you get that understanding first. When astrologers predict for the rashi, they will give predictions that most of the individuals born in that rashi. Not everyone will experience all of the predictions….. It is similar to students in a class. Even tho they are taught by same teacher, each student will attain a different level of marks and career success based on their individual hardwork and understanding of the subject

  4. reloadedxp

    Hi Kathir – When do you think cruise and airlines stocks will start climbing? Seems like they’ve been stagnant without much growth. Thoughts?

  5. Prashanth V

    Dear Kathir,
    This video was much required and at the right time. With all the blessings of god…may your predictions come true. If it does not happen in Oct , it will happen a little later. Unless we accept our mistakes we can never grow. Thank you very much and please continue to upload your views on markets, global tensions and economy…May god bless you.

  6. Jerrel Ajoeb

    Indeed, the trader is responsible for his/her trading decisions.

  7. PR

    Good confidence, all the best.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…

  8. stock4 me

    Leave about others dasha, I believe you are having good dasha going on… Else everyone will blame your prediction

  9. K S

    Nothing to say ,Nifty daily going up by more than one percentage 😭😭😭.

  10. Sekar V

    550 point upmove so far after the viedo..
    Happening exactly opposite..
    Still do you think flash crash will happen ?

    1. Everything Entertainment

      Now 12k

  11. Y M

    Sir your previous prediction went wrong… you said market will CRASH between september 23 to october 7,, but i did not see any was just a correction and profit booking…

  12. Chidananda Kandikunnta

    I think your predictions are not coming to truth. I don’t know how you are predicting and on what basis. Please check.
    Thank you.

  13. Everything Entertainment

    Now again one more percentage

  14. Sekar V

    Mkt fastly moved after your post..
    Only direction was wrong..

  15. Rohit Jain

    I m disappointed with ur 1st prediction , but m waiting for a crash let’s see

  16. K S

    Need to fall 23 percentage in 13 trading days to reach 9200…..

  17. Abhinav Sharma

    You will be right this time, Kathir. I will give u a logical explanation for this:

    Highest short position in US long bond in history ever can be seen right now. This will play beautifully now. FED will come for QE and all these shorts on long bonds will get badly squeezed, so, what will they do then? Very simple, cover their shorts! How? They need dollars, WOWZY! There will be a huge demand for dollar immediately and they will hv 2 sell equities to get those dollars, BINGO! It is very near by….n i am telling u, all the smart money (commercial banks) r long bonds! They will sell it all to the dumb money to make huge profits like they did in 2008, BANG! A FLASH CRASH IS COMING πŸ’₯

  18. Nirav Patel

    Always remember 2009 sensex/nifty move after congress got majority!!! It’s a market where surprises are nothing new!!! Research time taken by Dow/Nasdaq to move down in 2008!!! As for possibilities, markets can drop by 30% in 5 trading sessions. In my opinion, wait till 28 October. Who knows, higher the climb, more significant the fall.

  19. Riticka P Jalan

    lT stocks at all time high , will this bubble burst? And when?

  20. RD PD

    23% crash in next 12 trading days.. I hope this is your last prediction, if such prediction come turn then you should be hire by billionaire instead of asking people for signing up your services

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