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2020 Election: How Should You Invest?


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With the 2020 governmental election turning up, a lot of individuals are wondering just how the result of the political election might impact the economy AND ALSO the stock market.

Motley Fool Chief Executive Officer Tom Gardner took a seat with contributor Morgan Housel to discuss:

– Investing in 2020
– The record of making investing decisions based upon who wins in November
– One place everybody can conveniently place their cash

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22 Thoughts to “2020 Election: How Should You Invest?”

  1. Stock Market Investing

    As long as the fed keeps pumping money into the markets there isn’t really anything to think about

    1. LenNay

      Another bubble will pop

  2. Sebastian Petrak

    How should you invest? Keep investing in high quality stocks and don’t pay attention to the media.

    1. White Crane

      Wise and always true, back to the basics.

    2. Lorenz Müller

      And use the dips to buy more defense, health care and ech stocks and so on… Be in the market long term.

  3. im trying to break out the matrix

    You have a choice hold for 10% for 5 to 10 years or pump and dumb for 10% in couple of hours 😂😂

  4. Rory S-B

    Basically you said nothing in this video. Completely completely worthless.

  5. LenNay

    China killed renewable energy? That is completely false, America isnt going to invest in renewable and they still havent. Only the manufacturing of China can America invest since solar energy cell and panels have declined 90% from the 70s.

  6. asmpparker

    Tom I greatly respect your stock pics and business acumen, but what is with your ADD like “hmm” noises? Let your guest talk and respectfully sit there and listen to him answer your question. Thank you.

  7. Markus Stopperich

    Mmm. Mmm, Imm, Imm, Umm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm I couldn’t focus

    1. Brian Stancavage

      They needed to turn his mic off


    Great video, and perfect for the time period we are in. My thought is prepare either way, I am going to focus my investments on what’s happening in the market currently. 😀💲

  9. Craig Buckley

    Or buy us steel when trump win now down over 50%

  10. freakk21

    so tom’s friend is 100% out of stocks, because china is going to destroy everyone’s currency, but you should stay invested anyway???? … MAKES TOTAL FOOLISH SENSE!!! BUY MORE!!! BUYBUBYBUY!!!! NOT A BUBBLE I PROMISE YOU, HELP ME, HELP YOU, NOT A PONZI I PROMISE YOU

  11. Michael Spratley

    What is the symbol for the Vanguard fund you mentioned? I found VTSMX, but it is closed to new investors.

  12. hsingho lee

    Yeah but I’m close to sixty, don’t have thirty years. I’m pulling out some of my stock investment right before the election and dollar average back into it afterwards.

  13. Betsy Bird

    Well I guess the rebuplicans are really scrambling to figure thier new Stadigies. Hmm is that’s what’s going on in the stock market? Info think the stock market will fall back down however I do believe in yrs to come it will pick back up. I do believe the rebuplicans should adjust thier beliefs.

  14. Redhouse 100

    Your camera angle hides his mouth behind the mic and people who read lips….cannot. Couldn’t your producer/cameraman notice this?

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