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Ken Fisher on What the 2020 Presidential Election Means for the Stock Market


The United States will most likely to the surveys in November to pick its following president. This leads capitalist to wonder who will win and what it will imply for stock exchange. In our most recent video clip, Ken Fisher, investor as well as creator of Fisher Investments, looks at just how markets respond to freshly chosen Republican as well as Democrat presidents.

Investors often see Democrat candidates as even more unfriendly to organizations and also markets. Ken explains that when a Democrat wins the Oval Office, those fears have a tendency to get priced into election year returns. But when the newly chosen president takes office, markets typically grab. Ken says this is since investors recognize that the a lot more extreme parts of the president's agenda will likely get reduced by our natural political processes.

Conversely, when a Republican is elected to the presidency, returns are often better in the election year and also deviate for the worse in the inaugural year. In this situation, Ken states capitalists understand that every one of the pro-business components of the Republican candidate's system may not come to pass.
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18 Thoughts to “Ken Fisher on What the 2020 Presidential Election Means for the Stock Market”

  1. mark dixon

    Great informative vid! Thanks

  2. Srini Koganti

    Not sure if any of these theories apply anymore. Even fundamentals doesn’t matter any more because we are in a rigged market…Trump has ruined “Free markets” by forcing Fed to spend Trillions to buy stocks & bonds. I wish I followed Money Supply using technical signals and ignore all company fundamentals and macro conditions. Good chance that market will be let loose after election resulting in crash.

    1. John Taylor

      That maybe a more likely scenario than Fisher’s perpetually rosy view of the stock market. That rosy view can be upended by the U.S. becoming less democratic and more autocratic. Remember what autocracy did to the Soviet Union.


    Very insightful, Thank you as always!

  4. farmerinchico

    Nice tie, Ken!

  5. martin129627


  6. Kaykayron

    the tie is distracting … but I like it!

    1. Hard Sound Guy

      It’s almost as wide as the video itself

  7. Freeman Fly

    Thank you Sir !!

  8. Loanword Eggcorn

    Trump was unusual in that his fairly radical tax reforms did very significantly improve the economy. So there wasn’t the negative surprise of a Republican not being able to improve the economy as much as expected. That plus an accommodative Fed additionally caused markets to rise.

    1. Leann Meixner

      I dont think anything Trump did was a plus. First off, we have pissed off our world trading partners, and have lost many markets (recycled paper, metal, etc to China, for instance) as well as Canada and Mexico. The economy was recovering nicely during the Obama years from the Bush crash of 2008 (Obama inherited the crash remember). The benefits only went to the upper 1% really, no “trickle down” effect has ever been documented as a reality.

    2. John Taylor

      The tax cuts didn’t improve the economy, the stock market is not the economy. The tax cuts very significantly continued redistribution of wealth from the bottom tiers of the economy to the top tiers. Eventually this redistribution will mean fewer cars, refrigerators being sold and dinners out at restaurants, bringing the real economy down and eventually reaching the stock market.

  9. Akash Chopra

    Man.. Don’t point your finger at your audience.


      Talk to Bernie Sanders first

  10. ryan363

    Very informative. Good information I think a lot of investors need to see.

  11. Margarita Martinez


  12. Emily Bjorklund

    thank you Mr. Fisher.

  13. yookoke112

    sorry i’m dumb. what is inaugural year

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